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Twister (M)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 3,009

Summary: You’d be lying if you said that you hadn’t expected a game of Twister with your boyfriend Jungkook to turn into something much less innocent.

Requested by @0bluewater2

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Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 3 ♡

A/N: FINALLY! Part 3 is here, y'all. This is the second to last part. ): but there will be a part 4 and possibly an epilogue! Please excuse any misspelling, I got too excited when writing. This chapter is inspired by this song if you wanna hear while you read ENJOY! ❤❤ -Delilah 

Warnings: Sex, Swearing, Pornography, NSFW. 

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australiaThere’s nothing quite like breakfast in bed on a chilly winter’s morning ☕ Tilly the baby yellow-footed rock wallaby certainly agrees! Tilly lives at the @australianreptilepark in @visitnsw, and at five months old she weighs in at just 430 grams. The team here is providing Tilly with round-the-clock care, feeding her with bottles of specially formulated milk every five hours and ensuring she is kept toasty warm in her knitted pouch. Video: The Australian Reptile Park

September 2, 2017 - Yellow-footed Green-pigeon, Yellow-legged Green-pigeon, or Yellow-footed Pigeon (Treron phoenicopterus)

These pigeons are found through much of South Asia into parts of Southeast Asia and southern China. Their diet is predominately figs, but includes a wide variety of fruits and berries. Flying in large flocks, they are seldom seen near the ground and spend the majority of their time in large fruiting trees. Between March and June they build flimsy nests from sticks, grasses, and leaves concealed in foliage. Both parents incubate the eggs and feed the chicks.

Family Game Night

summary: The four sides decide to play a game of Twister. Roman plays to win, no matter what.

characters: roman, logan, patton, virgil

a/n: this was written during a writing stream; it was a lot of fun! Written because @thatsthat24 ‘s videos are just so cute.

“Left hand, green.”

“My left hand is on green!”

“Well then, move it to a different green, Princey.”

There was a bit of grumbling from Roman before there was a sound slap of his hand resting on a new green circle slightly farther away from the last. Logan and Patton followed his lead, all three perched in increasingly precarious positions on the Twister mat.

Virgil sat next to the mat, legs crossed, holding the spinner and dictating what went where.

“Right foot, yellow.”

“‘Scuse me, kiddo!” Patton said as he maneuvered his leg beneath Logan’s back. It had been Patton’s idea to have a family game night in the first place; he had argued that while yes, they did have a movie night, it was much more intimate to play with and against each other to find out each other’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, to grow closer.

Intimate was very correct, Roman thought to himself, seeing how he, Patton, and Logan were currently contorted together like a human pretzel.

“Right hand, yellow.”

Well, whatever game it was, Roman’s only goal was to win. He glanced up at Patton, who was bent over backwards in a bridge pose, upside-down with his glasses dangling from his head. His shirt had ridden up as well, and hadn’t been pulled down since the game started, as per the rules.


Virgil flicked the spinner again, letting it whir before it stopped. “Right hand-”

He was cut off by a loud squeal from Patton; the parental facet snorted and let out a loud laugh before he crumbled to the floor, ears and cheeks slightly pink as he curled in on himself.

“Uh,” Virgil said, “I guess you’re out, Pat.”

Patton sat up. “Aw, Roman, tickling’s not fair!”

Virgil raised an eyebrow. “Sounds like cheating to me, Roman.”

“I did not cheat!” Roman gasped, keeping his hands and feet planted on their respectful circles. “And even if I did, there’s no rule against touching other players, is there?”

“The rules themselves never specifically state any restrictions against touching other players, or doing anything to hinder their ability to win,” Logan stated from his place on the mat. “So, technically, Roman cheating is not cheating according to the rules of the game.”

Roman grinned over at Virgil, who rolled his eyes. “Ugh. Alright. Sorry, Patton, looks like you’re out.”

Patton pouted as he crawled over to sit next to Virgil, but returned to his usual peppy grin when Virgil nudged him gently and handed him the spinner to flick.

“Left foot, blue!”

Roman stamped his foot down on one blue circle. Logan took a little more time, obviously planning out some sort of strategy in his head, before moving his own leg beneath Roman’s to place his foot on his own circle.

Roman smirked; he had a good opportunity to win, now, with one hand out of view of the judges and close to Logan’s ribs. He could easily have his last opponent on the floor if he could just-

Logan’s knee jerked up quickly, into the back of Roman’s own knee. The prince gasped as his leg was suddenly thrust forward, and, in his haste to steady himself, let his sock slip off the mat. The rest of him followed.

“Logan wins!” Patton cheered.

Roman groaned from his place on the floor, covering his eyes with his arm in a dramatic pose. “Wounded!” he insisted. “I’ve been wounded!”

“I believe the only thing that is hurt is your pride, Roman,” Logan said, having stood from his winning position.

“Yeah,” Patton added. “Didn’t you know it’s legal to cheat in Twister?”

After rewatching some random Voltron episodes, I noticed something interesting. 

This is the comet ship that Lotor made…

That looks like no ordinary ship to me. It seems to have eyes, a mouth with the centre piece being the head and wings on the back. The ship is the head of a mecha. Historically speaking, there is some evidence that could be Lotor’s end goal. 

In Voltron the Third Dimension, Lotor did have his own version of Voltron called “Dracotron”. 

Since I never watched this series out of far of…

Originally posted by unbrindelecture

I looked up the summery of this episode on a few different sites. From what I can gather, Lotor, in that universe, summon up five dragons in order to create a mecha to destroy Voltron, but fails. 

I looked up a picture of the actual toys, which looked like this…

Obvious Draco Malfoy jokes because of the name aside, Lotor’s mecha was set up the same way as Voltron. There are some key differences. 

For one,  this mecha has dragons making it up, hence the name. The head is a lizard with a red thing that looks like a bow on it (although that could be something strange with the toy design). Each individual dragon has wings and there is a much bigger set on Black that function much the same way as Voltron. 

Second, the weapon on this mecha is completely different then the sword on Voltron. It almost looks like some sort of scythe ax thing.  (If anyone knows what that thing is called, please reblog this post with the response). 

Third, the arrangement of the parts are completely different then Voltron. Yellow is still the foot and Green is still the arm, but Red and Blue are switched around with Red being a foot and Blue being the arm.

Looking at this mecha and the comet ship Lotor made in VLD, they look eerily alike, having the same exact head of the mecha with the strange bit on top of the head and wings jetting out just behind the head piece. 

Right now, I think Lotor is not only making a mecha, but making Dracotron.  

Twister with a twist // Simon Minter

Summary: Y/N and Simon play Twister but Simon gets Y/N hurt.

A/n: Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long but I’M BACK! Here is my first Sidemen imagine so I hope you like it! Xoxo

Btw I’ve changed the P.O.V. for this one. Please let me know what you prefer because I’m not sure if I like it like this.



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“Hey guys! What is up? Today I’m gonna be doing something a little bit different from what I usually do. So what we’re doing today is Twister!”, Simon yelled the last bit. “Oh Y/N and Callux are here too by the way”. “Hi everyone!”, she laughed whilst Cal just waved.

“Are you flexible Y/N?”. “I used to do gymnastics so I’d like to believe so”, Y/N answered. “Well that makes one of us”, he awkwardly scratched his neck.

“Anyway, let’s begin! Okay first it’ll be me against Cal, then me against Y/N and then Y/N against Cal”. “Hit me up, Harry”, Cal smirked.

“Cal left hand green. Simon left foot yellow”. Cal started groaning. “Nooo you always do that!”. “What do you mean?”, Simon asked with a knowing smirk. “You will put yourself in the most awkward position so that I fall! That’s cheating you know”. “I have no idea what you mean”, Simon laughed.

The game went on for a while. It even got to the point where Simon hat his bum right in Callux’ face. “For fucks sake, Simon! Get your bum out of my face!”, Cal yelled. Simon just laughed. Even Y/N and Harry were constantly laughing.

“Okay Simon, right hand red”, Harry said. Simon placed his hand right between Cals legs, which caused Cal to fall over.

“Oh goddammit! I hope that prick boyfriend of yours will be nicer to you”, Callum groaned to Y/N. Simon smirked at that.

“Y/N you go first”, her boyfriend said whilst giving her a kiss on the check. “Y/N left foot blue”. And so the game went on. And just like with Callum, Simon certainly didn’t make it easy for her.

Y/N was struggling with not falling, as her boyfriend was completely wrapped around her. “Simon, left hand red”, Harry spoke. By doing that, Y/Ns foot got pulled out from under her and she lost her balance.

Suddenly it all went black. Y/Ns head had smashed against the floor. “Oh god Y/N! Are you okay? Y/N? Y/N!”, Simon yelled. “Shit shit shit shit! She’s unconscious. Simon can you take her to the couch? I’ll get some ice because her head is gonna hurt like hell when she wakes up”, Callum helped.

Simon carefully picked her up and carried her to the sofa. “It’s okay love. You’ll be fine. It’s not that bad”, he tried to assure himself. He heard his friends voice:” Maybe try to shake her a bit”. So Simon did.

“Wait! I think she’s waking up!”, he yelled, seeing his girlfriend’s eyes flutter open. “Hi love. Welcome back”, he whispered.

“Oh god, what happened?”, Y/N groaned. Callum and Harry, who was holding the icepack to her head, chuckled. “Euhm this might be my fault”, Simon stuttered.

Her eyes suddenly widened. “Weren’t we playing twister?”. At that point Cal and Harry just started full on laughing. “Yeeaaah about that”, Simon mumbled.  

“Let me guess: you cheated?”, she asked. “I did not! You just slipped”, he interrupted.

“Simon, I love you but I’m NEVER playing twister again with you”.


Is this already an idea? Because I think it’s a terrible one at Black Hat Incorporation…

“Black Hat! Black Hat!” Demencia’s voice carried loudly through the halls.

How was Flug supposed to catch even an hour of sleep with her screaming and yelling like some crazy fangirl…?!

“Ugh. What is it, Demencia?!”

“Look what I found in Flug’s room!”

“Demencia, I’m busy.” The demon eldritch hissed, glancing for a split second to see a Twister mat, “What is that abomination?”

“I think it’s a thing humans like to play with.”

Black Hat stood, teleporting to Flug’s room and grabbing the scientist. He flinched in his grasp, “S-Sir?”

Demencia burst in just as he placed his goggles over his uncovered face. He winced as she squinted to see anything. With satisfaction that she couldn’t see, he stared at his boss’ quizzical glare.

“What is Twister, Doctor?”

Dr. Flug blinked in confusion, rubbing his cheek softly to wake himself up more. “You mean the game?”

“Is that what it is? A game?” Demencia asked, holding up the spinner.

“Let’s try this game, shall we Flug?”



The twister mat was placed in the large dining room hall. 5.0.5. holding the spinner with a grin. He was told to spin when told and to stand there quietly, to him it was easier than making breakfast for Black Hat.

“So how exactly do we play?” Demencia grinned.

“W-well… When 5.0.5. spins the arrow, i-it lands on a color a-and a limb. Left foot on red, right hand on yellow, er…right foot on blue, …something like that.”

Black Hat nodded, “Spin it.”

With a swipe of his soft, plushy paws, the arrow swirled fast. It didn’t come to a slowed stop until a minute passed. “Try not t-to spin i-it so hard…”

The color and limb it landed on popped up on a floating screen above 5.0.5., the color on one side while the limb’s name was on the other side. (It’s a magic screen. .-. I think…)

“Right foot red!” Demencia grinned, hopping on her foot immediately.

Flug sighed and watched BlackHat move. “Coming, Doctor? You ARE playing with us, correct?” His sinister grin sent  Flug moving.

“Y-Yes, sir…”

5.0.5. grinned and swiped his paw again when the command came. Within moments, the poor human was pressed against Black Hat, who simply shrugged off the burning sensations of the Doctor’s body heat.

Demencia created a very odd pretzel of herself, her eyes squeezed shut as she groaned. “THIS REALLY TESTS… YOUR… FLEXI…BILI….TYYYY!”

Flug tried his best not to giggle for fear of his boss over hearing him. He sucked in a deep breath and moved to red, his right hand landing softly on the mat while Black Hat twisted around and underneath Flug’s legs to reach the spot he desired.

“This is too easy…” Black Hat narrowed his eyes, watching Flug strain as he reached another spot with his foot.

“My muscles hurt…” Flug’s murmur was barely noted.

Black Hat smirked and strategized a way to get Flug into more pain. He moved his right hand over to yellow, the next desired spot. Flug’s let leg was now wrapped with Black Hat’s right hand, his other leg literally pinned beneath Black Hat lower regions and legs while his arms were the only free limbs.

As he moved to green with his right foot, he felt Flug flinch beneath him. “S-Sir….” Flug groaned, his body heat becoming intoxicating for Black Hat.

Demencia let out a huff of annoyance as she plopped over off the mat. She stalked off to her room, grumbling about losing and hating the game.

Flug swore up and down internally that he could feel something.. weird… pressed against his thigh and backside. He felt it wiggle against him and freaked, plopping to the matt with a yelp.

Black Hat smirked and stood tall, “I win.”