yellow dolphins


So me and my friends have decided to make something called the “Yellow Dolphin” it’s to spread positivity around the world! (We are doing this counteract the hate of the blue whale) We are doing the 50 days of positivity… So we were wondering if you could give us any ideas..Thank you! (I will be tagging as much fandoms and hashtags to spread this cause I believe everyone should revive this)


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name: Kahala

nicknames: Kay  

zodiac sign: Leo

height: 5′3″

orientation: lesbian 

ethnicity: white -my mom’s french and my dad’s canadian 

fruit: i’m really loving watermelon this summer, and also mangoes and green apples

season: spring

flower: lavender

smell: the forest after it rains

colour: light blue and warm yellow

animal: dogs and dolphins

coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Mocha iced cap is supreme

average hours of sleep: between 7 and 9 since it’s summer

cats or dogs: dogs but I’m really fond of cats too

fav fictional characters: luke skywalker, finn, rey, poe, amy dyer, ginny weasley, and captain kirk

ideal trip: I really want to do a backpacking trip around europe!! Would also love to go to Morocco again one day

blog created: in fall 2013 :o

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Name: Janeen
Nicknames: Janeenbean
Zodiac sign: leo 
Height: 5′2 ft (157 cm) 
Orientation: straight
Ethnicity: Filipina 
Favourite fruit: plums
Favourite season: summer
Favourite book: i have so many i dont know what to name
Favourite flower: Queen Anne’s Lace 
Favourite scent: matcha, grass, coconuts, lemon 
Favourite colour: pale blue, peach, mustard yellow 
Favourite animal: Dolphins and giraffes 
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: all of the above 
Sleep hours: 2-7 hours it really depends on if i have school or not                       Cat or dog: both

Favourite fictional character: Rey from Star Wars 

When did I make this blog: April 24, 2015 
Number of followers: 2,173 

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Name: Sarah
Nickname: Sharks by my close friends
Nationality + ethnicity: American, white
Favorite fruit: blueberries and strawberries
Favorite season: fall, I love the trees up here that time of year
Favorite book: Always Harry Potter but also I just read Red Queen and that was wicked good
Favorite flowers: Hydrangeas or Rose of Sharon
Favorite scent: either the ocean or chlorinated pool
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite animal: Dolphin
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate
Average hours of sleep: around 6-9 hours Cats or dogs: dogs but only big dogs
Number of blankets you sleep with: one in the summer and three in the winter
Dream trip: Ireland and Vatican City
Blog created: 2014???
Number of followers: 350

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