yellow daal

took my mom to a indian restaurant

and omg the food was sooooo good

like, my mom was in love with the naan and tore up her goat dish

and i had this yellow daal, which was curried lentils

it was soooo good

then i got her drunk on tamarind and mango margaritas

and we talked about life and love and she shared about her childhood and about how things were so good with my dad before they got bad and how i’m just like him but i told her that i get my mind from my dad but my heart from her

and then i told my mom that we should give the whole online dating thing a try for her. i explained that it’s not because i think she’s alone and desperate; i would never tell my mom to date in that kind of state. but she’s so happy and joyous now and i think she has so much love to give and it’s time for her to feel appreciated. i told her that i think she’s a catch because she’s so smart and pretty

and she stopped me and said “you think i’m pretty?”

and that killed me. my mom is more than pretty. she’s beautiful. 

^^^^^^^ that’s my mommy on the left :)

she’s amazing and she doesn’t even realize it, you know?

anyway tonight was a fun night with my mom. i know a lot of people want to end up best friends with their mom. but i’m ok. i don’t need a best friend in my mom. i just need my mommy, where no matter how grown i am, she’s always my mom. but not that i’m older we can talk about these things, and she advises me as my mom, and i love and support her as her daughter