yellow crochet

I’ve just started with this hand dyed alpaca-merino, but I love it already! Not a huge amount of yarn to work with as it’s so thick, so I’ll likely have to frog and start again with a different stitch (or just not make it as wide), but I’m hoping to get a cowl out of this!

I can’t decide if these colours remind me of bright late spring days with an abundance of flowers, or if it’s an extraordinarily beautiful sunset.

This is Tremella mesenterica (top photos is my crochet version, of course!) also known as the yellow brain fungus or golden jelly fungus. This species is very interesting because it is capable of asexual and sexual reproduction- it uses basidiospores as well as conidiospores. While it can be found on many types of wood, this fungus is particularly found of birch. 


fresh off the hook! I wonder what is my problem.. i dont really have any problem with russian,japanese,chinese or spanish crochet patterns but once its in my own language i cant  understand or crochet that perfect .___. there are so many wrong parts in this slipper it makes me angry.. i hate firsts.. i can’t believe i spend my fave color on this TT__TT

patik challenge<<


Oh, look! A friendly nudibranch has appeared! Soon I will add some black speckles so it becomes a species I often see scuba diving near Seattle- the Pacific Sea Lemon nudibranch.