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I haven’t felt this personally pissed off in a while. BS like this is why I will always be critical of non-asian (but specifically white) “koreaboos”.

Anyone is allowed to be a fan of kpop. Anyone is allowed to appreciate East Asian fashion and media. Liking BTS and Got7 is fine but you have to respect who that media is made for.

Korean idols are for Korean people. Korean icons of beauty are there for Korean people. Korean fashion and makeup trends are for Korean people. As a Korean-American, do you think I see representation of people who look like me in American media? When I lived in a predominantly white neighborhood I always felt alien for my puffy eyes and rounded nose. My first label was always “Asian”. It didn’t matter the accomplishments I achieved I was always Asian first, the rest secondary. I hated my face and language because of the way it tinted everything as ‘exotic’ and ‘other’ to the people I knew. It was only by embracing Korean music and culture as well as Korean standards of beauty and makeup that I learned to love my distinctly Asian features.

Liking our music is fine. Having crushes on our celebrities is fine. I even think your broken Korean is cute as long as you’ll let me laugh with you and correct your pronunciation. But makeup is crossing a line. Trying to make yourself look like another race is absolutely offensive and it ignores all the people who are born with those features and their experiences with them. There are other (better) ways of showing your love for your favorite celebrities without stepping out of your place as an international fan.

I won’t even touch on the blatant white supremacy coming from the twitter user themself because I’m crossing my fingers and praying that this account is a troll. But I wanted to make a psa that making yourself up to be a “white ulzzang” is contributive of white supremacy. Stealing our features with no regard to our upbringing and history is white supremacy. 

(This twitter also does touch on Japanese cultural appropriation as well but I don’t feel like it’s my place to comment on that)


Historic Diamonds~ War Flag Complete~

‘Do you hear the Diamonds sing? Singing the songs of angry gems!’

The first part of our Historic Diamonds cosplay is complete! Yay! All we need to do is just give the flag pole a lick of paint and make it con-acceptable but that can be done at a much later date!

There has been much Les Mis flag waving and singing since we completed it this afternoon!

Now we’re just spurned on to actually start making Yellow Diamond’s costume with material’s arriving soon! ^^

Artwork belongs to @romans-art
Yellow Diamond belongs to Rebecca Sugar

After receiving an (now not so anon anymore *waves at Jane*) ask about “Matsuhana FF8″ :3 Them COSPLAYS!

(i seriously considered leaving the dick across their faces as watermark…)
(also considering prints of this because i love…)

The full team of Boom Studios Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Pink from MegaCon 2017. Had a blast being a part of this amazing team, a first for me. I look forward to wearing the suit again! (I’m the Blue!)

Morphenomenal Photo Credit goes to @victorieuxphotography 

We were too tired to find a courthouse for the shoot, so we made out in a hotel room instead 👀🤥

Have some Human/Law School AU Zircons !!! Yellow Zircon is done wonderfully by my girlfriend @faeriecosplay, and Blue is all me !

Photography is done by @kittyraecosplay on Instagram


Got some more of our photos from the Boom Studios Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Pink Cosplay we all did for MegaCon this year. Had so much fun. I need to start getting ready to wear this again in November!!

(I’m the Blue Ranger)


Okay .. Still haven’t been productive At all, So i’m gonna bullshit You guys with some more tomco and Bill i Guess.
On saturday i may have some more Bill pics… Maybe even with hat lul.
Next planned cosplay will probably be handsome Jack