yellow clownfish


My largest pond piece so far is finally finished!

This was a commissioned piece for a coral reef themed pond. I had free reign over the placement and fish, as long as I made it colorful. Well, I certainly think it came out really colorful. :)

This pond contains: an eel, a stingray, regal tangs, yellow tangs, clownfish, starfish, dottybacks, anemones, corals, and (real!) tiny seashells.

All pieces (minus the rocks on the outside, the sand bottom, and the seashells) were handmade with polymer clay. The water is resin which was applied in a total of 9 layers.

The pond itself is roughly 5.5″ in length. It took around 23 hours to complete.

This was a very fun commission, and I think it’s my favorite one to date. I love playing with colors. :D

anonymous asked:

what does each member's room look like

This is so interesting! I really like this ask omgomg okay!
I had /so/ much fun writing this tbh.

                                              Pein/Pain’s Bedroom

• Is actually pretty simplistic, like those all white ones you see on Tumblr from time to time and wonder if they’re just boring or if that’s a room they never use or..?

• His desk is his room though is another story. It’s a huge mess and has clothes hanging from the chair. old coffee mugs lying all around it, pins, papers, pens and pencils all around. It’s a huge mess and he does clean it! It just never stays clean for long.

• He actually has a lot of windows in his bedroom and prefers the foot of the bed to face towards a window that way, when he wakes up he can see outside. The base is somewhere nice and sunny and bright, much different from his home at the base now so it’s nice scenery to wake up to. 

                                                 Konan’s Bedroom

• Her room is actually the opposite of Pein’s. She has stuff everywhere, posters littering her walls, a makeup vanity littered in lipsticks and makeup stains, clothes draped on a chair, figurines on every surface and books piled up on a bookshelf. She has wayyy too many books and she doesn’t want to get rid of a single one of them.

• She has her own drawer dedicated to snacks because she doesn’t want to leave her room and get a headache from dealing with the /boys/ (aka Deidara, Kisame and Hidan misbehaving as usual). Some haven’t seen her leave her room for days on end. 

• Her room gets the most spiders and silverfish, which pisses her off to no end. You’ll know when a silverfish is in her room when you hear her curse worse than Hidan and then the girliest scream ever comes from it moments later. 

                                                 Itachi’s Bedroom

• Has a few plants he takes care of, a nightstand, a bed, a dresser.. It looks kinda simplistic yet put together and have a homey feel. Konan may or may not have gotten her book addiction from him though, he has three bookshelves in his room filled to the brim with books, encyclopedias, textbooks, research books, history books, etc.

• He never gets any spider or any unwanted creature in his room. Nobody knows how he does it, but they just never seem to go to his room.

• His room smells kinda like cinnamon apple, sandalwood, and vanilla all mixed together. It’s a very nice, spicy smell and it helps him relax. 

• He burns incense often, so when someone goes into his room their face just gets slammed with an array of smoke and Dragon’s Blood incense.

                                               Kisame’s Bedrooom

• Has a medium aquarium next to his bed, a big one incorporated inside of the wall and a small one on his desk. The one in the wall is a tropical saltwater aquarium with seahorses, yellow eel gobies, clownfish, sorpion dragonettes, purple firefish and some sunrise dottybacks. The small tank on his desk is actually a handmade tank with three small moon jellyfish that he watches while he sleeps. The medium tank next to his bed is a tropical freshwater tank with some red fire guppies, neon tetras, glass fish, mollies, two black mystery snails and a ghost shrimp. He treats them all like his own children.

• His room always has this kinda beachy smell, probably because of the constant saltwater he changes and filters and such. He always winds up spilling it but it never bothers him. Let’s just hope his s/o doesn’t mind it too much. 

• Because he’s such a big guy, his bed takes up the rest of his room for the most part, but he’s content with it. He has his tanks, a desk, a closet, a space for Samehada, and a bed, it’s all he really needs.

                                                 Sasori’s Bedroom 

• Once he became a full puppet, he got rid of his bed for some extra desk space. His room has a desk from one end of a wall to the other on two different walls. It’s more than enough desk space, you would think, but it’s never enough for him. 

• His room looks like a nightmare kinda. Puppet parts all over. Poison bottles, antidotes, wooden limbs, an extra head for his own body, multiple different puppet bodies hanging from the ceiling. Don’t go in alone or at night, you’ll regret it or just get the worst scare of your life.

• If he knows his s/o is coming in and is kinda scared of his room, he’ll clean it up but other than that, his room stays the way it’s always been. If he needs a rest, he actually lies on the floor since he can’t feel the discomfort anyway. 

                                                Deidara’s Bedroom

• The most aesthetically pleasing bedroom of all the Akatsuki. All the colours have a matching palette, red, black, grey and white. Black curtains, all red walls, white ceiling, dark wooden floors, white, grey and black bed, small red rug right near his bed and his furniture is all black and white too. 

• Mostly art supplies in his room aside from the necessities and a few snack bags he has lying around. Clay all over the place in its own designated bag. He has multiple colours and he even has a draw board on his desk that he uses to draw out new plans for new pieces of art. 

• He actually has a few piece of clay art hanging around in his room, despite his view on art being a short lasting life, the first few pieces of art he made with his Kekkei Genkai were the few he could see as everlasting. This always sparks a heated argument with Sasori when he goes to Deidara’s room to grab him for a mission or if leader calls him. 

                                                Kakuzu’s Bedroom

• The blandest looking room you could ever imagine. Basic looking walls, a basic floor, his bed has black comforter with white sheets, dark cherry wood furniture. There’s a ceiling fan and if it’s really hot, a fan for his bedside dresser to be on him at night. He can’t have an a/c because he gets air conditioning congestion very easily. It’s kinda boring but it feels really homey at the same time, which is weird for Kakuzu.

• One of his weird ticks is that he always has to have a candle lit, even when he’s not around. He’ll light one and leave it lit until it burns out, then light another and another. He has to have a scent in his room, but he prefers more down to earth tones like sandy beaches, burning wood, pumpkins and apples (but not the fruity or spicy scented ones), etc. 

• He has a few jars on a shelf with coins in them, organised by certain coins in each jar as he saves up.

• He has a special collection of money that is discontinued that he has in a small pouch under his bed where nobody can find it. He hopes he’ll land big with it one day but he realistically knows he wont. 

                                                  Hidan’s Bedroom

• Unlike Kakauzu, Hidan has his room so cold that there’s actually frost on the windows in the summer! Hell, he even has the a/c on in the Winter. He loves it cold. 

• Because he’s restricted to carry out his rituals in his room, he has the floors a polished and waxed over wood so that the blood doesn’t stick. He’s becoming the king of removing blood from wood because of it. He has the walls red so that if there is any blood he missed after cleaning, it just kinda blends in. 

• Has a shelf with books he has written in about Jashinism and the prayers he has learned and made along the way to Lord Jashin. He actually has really good handwriting!

• He actually has a plant he takes meticulous care of, a Venus Flytrap. He had Zetsu get it for him when he learned about it on a mission one day. The plant’s so big that he actually has the pot resting on the floor now. Of course, in Hidan fashion, the pot has a Jashinism symbol painted on it. 

• He stole money from Kakuzu to get a coffee maker for his room, so his room actually smells of coffee most of the time. He has a hard time sleeping so he constantly drinks the stuff.

                                                 Zetsu’s Bedroom

• Plants and small underwater aquariums everywhere. A lot of the aquariums actually have plant tops that incorporate into them, like betta fish tanks with plants growing from the top into the water to feed the fish. Marimo moss balls in their own aquarium and he has an aquarium of just coral and a few fish. 

• His room has a light latte brown walls and the floor is a light brown wood. it gives it a grounded feel to it. He has a bed, closet, and a dresser, but every other piece of furniture is used to hold up his plants and aquariums. 

• He does have one or two books on the human body and such, for when he helps “Madara” and such. It’s kind of a hobby to read them now though. 

• Doesn’t spend all too much time in his room, he only really goes to it to take care of his plants and fish. 

                                              Tobi/Obito’s Bedroom

• Has a photo of Rin inside of his bedside dresser. It’s just a photo of his team, but with her and him cut out. It reminds him daily of his goal and he looks at it every morning when he wakes up with the sunrise, Rin’s favourite. 

• Does have a few hobby items that he was able to keep with him from his younger days, like his trading cards and such. He still really loves trading cards and actually collects them in binders. He has the binders stacked in the corner of his room next to a box with a bookshelf. He’s gonna build the bookshelf one day, he swears.

• A desk with a few notebooks. He writes down his plans and actually has a planner to stay organised. He’s bad at staying organised day by day so he carries it around with him. He has little doodles in the notebooks and in the planner.

• Has a guitar and actually can play really well! He only does when he knows everyone in the base is gone so he isn’t interrupted or listened to. On occasions he’ll sing too, and he has a great singing voice, he remembers Rin complimenting him on it and he gets confident when he does sing, even now, because of that compliment.