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The woman who sings this song is the same woman who voices Yellow Diamond from Steven Universe.

So, could someone in the SU fandom please please put this song over the clip of Yellow Diamond singing What’s the Use of Feeling Blue?


So I’ve gotten lots of questions on how I did my Lusamine wig so I figured I’d write up a tutorial for anyone who wants to hate themselves and make this beast. It took me about 5 days to make, but the long process is worth it.
What you’ll need:
A long blonde wig (I used a Delilah from Arda in Platinum Blonde)
A blonde ponytail clip
Blonde wefts in the same color as the wig and clip
Light yellow paint
Tacky Glue
Two large rolls of white 2mm craft foam
Gardening wire
Hot glue
Step 1: make a pattern for the wig
I modified a Butterick ballgown pattern to make the cocoon like shape of her hair then cut out the additional chunks she has missing from her hair. For the bangs, I held up a scrap of foam to my forehead and cut it into shape, then glued the darts together to make the bangs stick to my forehead better. I then transferred all of the patterns onto foam and glued them into shape for her hair, then tried it on. If you like the fit, you can cut out a square in the back of the foam for the ponytail clip and begin the next step.
Step 2: painting
Glue the gardening wires on the inside of the wig to parts that need to curve inward with hot glue. Then paint both the inside and outside of the wig with the yellow paint. This will create the illusion of having wefts glued onto the inside while cutting down on the weight of the wig
Step 3: weft glueing
Before you break out your pack of wefts, start cutting the wefts off of the wig in chunks so you still have the elastic and base of the wefts left over. This will be used to help secure the wig onto your head. Once the wig is de-wefted, it’s time to start glueing. Using your tacky glue, place a glob of glue at the tip of the strands of hair and smooth it out so the tip is secure. Then lay a line of glue down along the foam and gently lay the strands on top, smoothing it out while holding the tacky glued end. Repeat this process until the entire outside of the wig is covered. If you run out of wig hairs from the original wig, break open your pack of wefts and use those. This is a long, tedious process, but it is extremely satisfying for the final result
Step 4: securing the wig onto your head
Glue the wig base into the inside of the crown of the wig with hot glue and hold it in place until it is secure. When putting the wig on, thread the ponytail clip through the hole in the back and secure it to the wig base for extra strength.
With that, your Lusamine wig if finished! Hope this tutorial was helpful!

Happy Birthday @shanthedragon! I hope you had a great one and enjoy the book I got you 💙💕 

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You should post a pic of your super long snake!

Sadly, anon, because I don’t have a smaller snake to compare it to (I gave my others away in a stim kit I made) the impact isn’t quite the same. But I have taken a photo nonetheless! This snake (alternate link to an image that hasn’t been horribly blurred by Tumblr) includes the bodies from two yellow and two red snakes, the pieces taken apart and alternated:

[image description: a yellow and red plastic jointed snake lying in the chipbark mulch covering a garden bed. The snake has alternating yellow and red clip sections held together by plastic pegs. Each section has a yellow oval sticker on the top, the yellow oval holding a black spit and a red circle inside, giving it an eye-like look.]

However, if you really want to see a super snake, @cutearose commented on the snake review post, alerting me to Vi Hart’s How to Snakes video. (Short video, no background music. Transitions are quite quick, though!) Boxes and packets of snakes. Super snakes. Mini snakes. All the snakes. Snakes as scarves. Snake mathematics. I cannot possibly hope to compete with the snake awesomeness in this video and I don’t believe anyone should even try! Thank you so much for the link, @cutearose!

3 in 100 : Ushijima Wakatoshi

justagirlwholovesanime: 086: “I knew it was a mistake to get the twins matching clothes.” with Ushijima

All the fluffy parenting requests are killing me.

“Hoshi,” Ushijima said to his daughter, picking her up by the armpits to look her in the eyes. “Put your hat on and get your bag.”

“No!” The girl demanded, kicking her fee indignantly. “And I’m Sora, Papa! Put me down or I’m telling Mama you got me and Hoshi-nee mixed up again.”

Ushijima’s deadpanned. Even at the tender age of four his daughters knew how to bargain their way out of trouble effectively. 

He placed her down with a sigh and she skipped to the kitchen before turning back with a smile. “I’m just kidding, Papa, I am Hoshi. Sora-nee wears the cloud hair clip, I wear the star one.”

The small girl with his eyes tapped the bright yellow hair clip in the shape of a star that pushed back her bangs before she smiled and headed into the kitchen for breakfast. Ushijima sighed. “Still, get your shoes and bag on.”

“No!” Came Hoshi’s indignant reply.

“What’s happen with Hoshi, Toshi-kun?” You asked as you stepped into the hallway, Sora cuddled into your arms.

He smiled. “She won’t get her shoes and bag on,” He pushed the bangs from Sora’s face and kissed her bare forehead, and she giggled and reached out for him. “Hey, sweetheart, ready for school?”

“Yes! Mama did my hair in braids, look Papa!” Sora exclaimed, tilting her head so that her father could see the intricate braids of her brown hair, before she turned back and blinked up at him with your eyes. 

“You haven’t got your cloud clip,” He stated, and Sora thrust it out for him. he chuckled and took it, sitting on the steps with Sora on his lap as he fastened part of her bangs out of her face with the clip.

Sora squealed and jumped up. “Thank you, Papa!” 

“Go into the kitchen and sit next to your sister.” You told Sora and she nodded before turning and heading into the kitchen with a loud ‘Hoshi-nee!’.

Ushijima watched his daughter go before standing up with a huff and turning to you. “I knew it was a mistake to get the twins matching clothes.” He mumbled as he wrapped you in a hug, his forehead pressed against yours. 

“Did you get Hoshi and Sora confused again?” You asked, chuckling when he nodded. “You’ll get used to it, and even I get them confused sometimes.”

He pressed a tender kiss to your forehead.

“Mama and Papa are kissing!” Sora giggled, her head poking around the kitchen entrance.

“Sora-nee, shh!” Hoshi whispered loudly, before dragging her sister back into the kitchen.

Ushijima chuckled and kissed your lips as he smiled. For even though he got the twins mixed up more often than not, and you did too, he had his family that he loved very much.

More than the sky and the stars.

Little space supplies -

🌸Monster high bandaids
💜My little pony bottle
🍼Bumble bee bottle
🌸A whole box full of stickers and temporary tattoos
💜A fake gummy bear necklace
🍼Blue glitter pen
🌸Blue heart necklace that has little beads inside that kinda sound like a rattle
💜Candy bracelet that I yet to eat 😏
🍼Little yellow bow hair clip
🌸Bottle full of paper wish stars
💜A fake pastel oreo charm
🍼Four pacifiers
🌸Pacifier clip with fursona
💜Dessert phone case

The estate was vast; sprawling endlessly in any direction, with twisting pathways and secret hideaways. There were trees with empty swings delicately hanging, and quaint, perfectly positioned ponds to rest beside. In the centre, surrounded by meticulously trimmed, lush green grass and the reds and yellows of flowers clipped to perfection, stood the main home of the Arryn family. 

She did not concern herself with those pretty things in that moment. A half mile from the large house was where the small crowd had gathered, dressed in greys and black and soot and coal. Few had made the journey, to pay their respects. because few were left to make the trip at all. And as to her own siblings, well, it was believed a clean break would be best. 

She wore long skirt, plain and dark, to match a buttoned blouse and cloche hat borrowed from her aunt’s vast wardrobe; she had nothing of her own there, having been refused time to gather her personal belongings in the frantic scuffle. In front of her, a beautifully designed coffin was being lowered, lowered into the ground. Inside the ornate, swirling patterns atop wood rested her mother, cold and still and rotting. 

She did not cry; the last time she thought to shed a tear her aunt had gripped her hand, coldly, in warning. Lysa Arryn was not a patient woman, nor was she a friendly or kind or pleasant woman. She sat next to her then, stoic and uncaring; her perfectly plastered makeup was not marred by signs of grief, but it also did not conceal her shrewd, rodent-like face or cruel eyes. 

Behind her, she heard a man whispering to another, “who’s that?” And so the girl turned, in the sort of apathetic, idly curiosity manner gifted to someone who had just known great loss, until she saw the figure in question. 

He was more shadow than person; the sun seemed to miss him entirely, favouring instead the shrubs and plants on either side. It was a he, she was certain by his posture and lack of curves, and he was simply watching from afar. Her own brows furrowed, mentally ticking off every friend or foe of her mother’s, coming up decidedly short. 

Who was he?

The evening proved to be exactly what she had expected; almost-strangers offering almost-sincere condolences, and she lost count of how many times she was called, “poor girl,” or someone praised her aunt’s selfless act of taking the orphaned child in. She had learned, even in such a short time, that her aunt might be many things, but selfless was not one of them. 

She found herself searching for the man from earlier, the intrigue providing a suitable distraction from all other less favourable emotions. She surveyed the large dining hall, walked some of the hallways, and even stole into the kitchens in an attempt to discover that enigmatic, shadowed form. And eventually, her efforts provided results. 

Leaning against the wall, hiding in plain sight, it was him. The greying temples struck her first, he must be older then, a contrast to his youthfully thin body. He found it hard to determine what colour his eyes were, exactly, as she made her way to stand in front of him.

“I saw you earlier. At the funeral.” Was it an accusation? Her tone might have suggested as much. “Who are you?”