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thoughts on trimberly?

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Can you imagine that being the silly boys they are, they just didn’t tell Rosie to call Sherlock ‘papa’? And time pases, and just they don’t. They evelope, they stay together, they start a really healthy -finally- relationship and Rosie gets bigger under their care but they just don’t tell Rosie that Sherlock is her dad too (1/16)

(because he does everything John does, even a bit more like doing her piggy tails perfectly -with those blue hair bands with tiny ballons pressed on them and yellow bee hair clips “she doesn’t need to combine them, she’s perfect even when she got your fashion sense”- and knowing which stories are her favorites one when she is two “come on, John, she stays 2 point 42 seconds longer up with you read to her that silly story about pigglets and the animal that blows their houses and not that one about the girl and the shoe! That’s quite smart actually, well done my dearest Watson”-). 

John is just scared that if he ask Sherlock to take this task, he’ll flee away and John just can’t live without him (no when he knows that Sherlock’s toes are twice as long than his or the warmth he feels in his chest when he catchs him wearing his sweaters when he’s sick “just because they’re warm”. John never tells him that he saw all of Sherlock’s sweaters in the back of the bottom drawer since John pointed this out). So no, he doesn’t. 

Sherlock doesn’t ask because he’s scared too. He’s lived alone and barely survived. He can’t live without John and Rosie (no when he knows that John uses this chamomile cream for his callused hands when he thinks that Sherlock can’t see him and make fun of him -he never sees, he smells but choose to never point this out. Sherlock guesses that must be some old child trauma, maybe his father, telling him not to be a “girl”- or how much honey Rosie needs in her tea when her throat is a bit hoarse). So no, he doesn’t ask. 

The three of them live in 221B, happily, I gotta say. Until Rosie is four and they can’t shut her off her pairs, so they inscribe her in this daycare near their house after Sherlock checked every single one of the kid’s parents. It’s easier than they think to tell her and it’s a bit more difficult for them, quieter definitely. But it is needed. They believe so. They both say “bye” to her (her favorite pink with yellow flowers dress, warm black leggings, shiny white shoes, cream sweater, and her favorite hairstyle), alongside with another parents crying. Sherlock doesn’t have time to deduce them until they see their -yes, their- baby -not so much little now- girl dissapear in a sea of kids, her yellow polka dot jacket and bees’ backpack into her new classroom.

Rosie never saw so many kids together in her life! I mean, her dad and Sherlock took her to the park almost everyday but they just never left her to her own devices. It was scary but a good scary -specially because Sherlock told her that they would come after her and fear not and there was also this girl, Amanda, a tan and all smiles girl, kept talking to her about her cats and her moms-. She knew that there were all kinds of families but never talked about it with a kid like her. Almost everyone had a dad and a mom, but Amanda had two moms and seemed a little confused about her dad and Sherlock. When she explained her day to day schedule (“do they hold each other’s hands?” “duh, of course they do!” “and they kiss each other?” “of course! Specially when Sherlock eats” “then you have two dads! That must be cool but I’ve to moms so I can tell you that having two moms is awesome–!”) there was no “Sherlock”, she must have looked so silly! Maybe so silly that it must be the reason why Sherlock looked at her funny sometimes -like that time he catched her trying to see how his violin worked or when she played doctor with her dad’s robe-, probably he wanted her to dedutce? Which one was the word?

Rosie was a Smart girl and in no time decided Sherlock’s new name, so when the class was over, with a little bit of help, she got all of her colors back in her tiny Hello Kitty case (she hoped her drawing was cool enough to get a place in the refrigerator) and her clothes while Mrs. Kleint explained them what they were going to do tomorrow. With the new drawing in her hand, she screamt as high and she could “PAPAAAAAAAAAAA” when she saw them standing in the middle -Sherlock height always helped- in her happy way, running with her chubby legs. John felt relieved, she missed him as much as he missed her but even when he opened his arms, he saw how she hugged Sherlock’s legs tight. 

Later that night, after long conversations and dinner, Rosie’s new drawing was the only thing in their refrigerator: Sherlock, John, Rosie and the ducks they fed on Saturdays with the tiny shaky scribble on top (help from Mrs. Kleint): -papa, dad, Rosie-. (16/16) Fin.

WOW!  That was so long and beautiful!  I signed online and was like “omg I have like seventeen asks, what did I do?  But it turned out it was only this lovely thing!  Thank you so much!!!  It’s precious!  <3


The woman who sings this song is the same woman who voices Yellow Diamond from Steven Universe.

So, could someone in the SU fandom please please put this song over the clip of Yellow Diamond singing What’s the Use of Feeling Blue?


So I’ve gotten lots of questions on how I did my Lusamine wig so I figured I’d write up a tutorial for anyone who wants to hate themselves and make this beast. It took me about 5 days to make, but the long process is worth it.
What you’ll need:
A long blonde wig (I used a Delilah from Arda in Platinum Blonde)
A blonde ponytail clip
Blonde wefts in the same color as the wig and clip
Light yellow paint
Tacky Glue
Two large rolls of white 2mm craft foam
Gardening wire
Hot glue
Step 1: make a pattern for the wig
I modified a Butterick ballgown pattern to make the cocoon like shape of her hair then cut out the additional chunks she has missing from her hair. For the bangs, I held up a scrap of foam to my forehead and cut it into shape, then glued the darts together to make the bangs stick to my forehead better. I then transferred all of the patterns onto foam and glued them into shape for her hair, then tried it on. If you like the fit, you can cut out a square in the back of the foam for the ponytail clip and begin the next step.
Step 2: painting
Glue the gardening wires on the inside of the wig to parts that need to curve inward with hot glue. Then paint both the inside and outside of the wig with the yellow paint. This will create the illusion of having wefts glued onto the inside while cutting down on the weight of the wig
Step 3: weft glueing
Before you break out your pack of wefts, start cutting the wefts off of the wig in chunks so you still have the elastic and base of the wefts left over. This will be used to help secure the wig onto your head. Once the wig is de-wefted, it’s time to start glueing. Using your tacky glue, place a glob of glue at the tip of the strands of hair and smooth it out so the tip is secure. Then lay a line of glue down along the foam and gently lay the strands on top, smoothing it out while holding the tacky glued end. Repeat this process until the entire outside of the wig is covered. If you run out of wig hairs from the original wig, break open your pack of wefts and use those. This is a long, tedious process, but it is extremely satisfying for the final result
Step 4: securing the wig onto your head
Glue the wig base into the inside of the crown of the wig with hot glue and hold it in place until it is secure. When putting the wig on, thread the ponytail clip through the hole in the back and secure it to the wig base for extra strength.
With that, your Lusamine wig if finished! Hope this tutorial was helpful!

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I know you have a million prompts, but- Meiham? Not romantically, just junkrat, roadhog, and mei caught in a sticky situation.

“Hm,” Junkrat looked at counting down numbers on the detonator, “Well this is a pickle.”

“Can you disarm it?” said Mei.

“Oh of course, snow plum, who do you think you’re talking to?” said Junkrat, thumping his chest, “I am the IUD expert after all!” 

“IED,” said Roadhog.

“Pardon?” said Junkrat.

“It’s IED, not IUD,” said Roadhog, he glanced around at the bricks of C4 lining the large room and down the hall, “Not improvised either.”

“Well explosives expert,” said Junkrat, turning his attention back to the detonator, “Hm,” he leaned close to it again, “Hm. Hm. Hm.” He furrowed his brow as the detonator continued beeping and counting down.

“You don’t know what you’re doing,” said Roadhog.

“I know very well what I’m doing!” said Junkrat, glancing away from the detonator, “I’d welcome you to try but we both know you’d blow us all to kingdom come! So let the expert,”  Junkrat made a flourishing motion at himself, “Handle this.” Junkrat bent over the detonator once more. His brow furrowed. “Gotta give whoever did this credit though. This, this is art.” He glanced up at both Mei and Roadhog, “All right—I can take it from here. No reason for you two to be here. Roadie, please see Miss Zhou makes it safely back to the Orca. I’ll meet up with you as soon as I get this done.”

Mei’s brow furrowed a bit, “Are you scared you won’t be able to disarm it?”

“Yeesh! What is with you two!? All ‘You don’t know what you’re doing,’ and ‘What if you can’t disarm it?’ A vote of bloody confidence would be nice!”

“Just disarm it,” said Roadhog.

Junkrat made a frustrated grunting noise and pulled out a pair of pliers from his pocket, “Almost seems a shame,” he said to himself, “Must’ve worked real hard on this, our artist,” a chuckle escaped him, “Unfortunately they didn’t account for my genius and the fact that I have been easily able to deduce that our disarming wire is this naughty little fella right here!” 

He clipped a yellow wire and the countdown on the detonator dropped to 30 seconds.

“Ah,” Junkrat said, raising his eyebrows at the new countdown, “Welp. No time to get out of blast range. Guess this is it. Roadie?”

Roadhog glanced up.

“I’ve always loved you, mate,” said Junkrat.

“Don’t make this weird,” said Roadhog.

“Mei?” Junkrat turned to Mei, who was feverishly dialing something into Snowball and desperately unscrewing the cartridge from her cryo-gun, “Snow blossom, Frostee Freeze, Light of my life, I think you should know that I—”

Mei threw a cryo-cartridge against the ground and all three of them were encased in a massive block of ice as the explosives detonated. It was a terrifying several seconds as Mei watched through a sheet of ice, the smoke and rubble pouring down on them. Large fissures ran through the ice in the heat of the explosion and the downpour of rubble, but suspended in the ice, they remained unharmed. Of course, since it wasn’t Mei’s usual cryo-freeze it ended up lasting much longer than usual and Mei ended up having to rely on the compromised integrity of the ice from the explosion to wiggle and finally burst herself out of it. Roadhog easily burst himself out as well and gave her a thumbs up, then both looked back at Junkrat, still encased in ice.

“Oh dear…” Mei said, walking around the frozen Junkrat, “If he’s lost consciousness in there, we’ll have to proceed very delicatel–” Mei was cut off by Roadhog slamming a fist into the ice, successfully cracking it. The ice crumbled around Junkrat and Junkrat fell to the ground, gripping himself and shivering violently. “N-n-nice m-m-move S-snow p-p-p-pea,” said Junkrat, his teeth chattering. His eyes widened in horror. “I c-c-can’t feel m-my arm and leg,” he said, “Izzit f-f-frostbite?! Do–” He glanced at his prosthetic arm, then down at his peg leg, “Oh…r-right,” he said, continuing to shiver. 

“I think you have hypothermia,” said Mei.

“Why d-d-doesn’t he have hypothermia?” said Junkrat, pointing at Roadhog, then desperately breathing on his knuckles, then putting his hands in his armpits for warmth only to flinch from the shock of the cold of his own prosthetic.

Roadhog just patted his stomach, “Insulated,” he said simply. He looked around, “We should get out of here,” he said, hauling Junkrat to his feet.

“Right,” said Junkrat, continuing to shiver hard.

“Ugh,” Mei undid her belt and pack and pulled off her coat and held it out to him. Junkrat looked at the coat confusedly.

“What’s this?”

“Take it so you can try and regain some body heat,” said Mei.

Your coat?” said Junkrat, incredulously.

“Just be sure to clean it when you’re done,” said Mei with a furrowed brow.

“Gotcha,” said Junkrat, taking the coat and pulling it on. Of course, since Junkrat was much taller and thinner than her, it fit him a bit ridiculously, only going down about as far as his stomach, with the sleeves only going just a little ways past his elbows. He pressed the coat against himself “Ooh–That is soft–that is–it’s like a hug–thank you, Snowflake!”

“Don’t mention it,” said Mei.

“You’re a real lifesaver, you know tha–”

“I said don’t mention it,” said Mei, “Ever.