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Sally’s True Love Spell

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A spell I wrote inspired from the film Practical Magic

This is a fire free spell used to draw in your ideal lover.

This is NOT a spell to make a specific individual fall in love with you.

This spell can also be altered to search for the ideal platonic partner. See the notes section at the end of this post!

Items needed:

- Pick any of the following flower petals and dry them* if you have the time. But fresh petals are also okay. (you don’t need the whole flower just a a couple of petals) You don’t need all of them, I’m just providing as many options as possible:  White Carnation (pure love), Dark Red Carnation (Deep Love),  white Chrysanthemum (truth and loyal love), Red Chrysanthemum (love), Red Rose (deep love), Yellow rose (friendship/ caring), Orange/Coral rose (passion/energy/desire), Lavender Rose (love at first sight),  Tulip (declaration of love/ perfect love) - Any other flower you can think of that symbolizes love + companionship. You don’t need a lot. Maximum 2 petals for each flower of your choosing.

- Hot water (like just barely hot enough for tea. As long as there’s steam, you’re golden)

- water soluble paper (get rice/wafer paper OR look for the brand print-stitch-dissolve in a local craft store. I’ve found it in Michael’s and staples for around $10) IF you can’t fine the paper, just write on your flower petals, provided they are large enough.

- pen(s)/ pencil(s) in any color(s) of your choosing

- mug or bowl

- an open window/ outdoor space

What to do:

- Start boiling your water. Feel free to put it on low heat, this may take some time.

- Take your pen and paper, list the qualities you seek in a love (be they physical or personality related). If you do wish to use a visual element you can print out images/ draw the qualities you seek. There is no need whatsoever to glue items together

- As you write each quality, rip it up from the page so it’s on it’s own strip, place it in your mug/bowl

- when you are finished writing, take your dried petals and crumble them/ tear them up, toss them into the mug/bowl as well

-take the mug/bowl into your hands and speak/whisper this chant

“Lover hear me. Lover know my name. Lover come find me. Lover follow my heart’s flame.“

- put the bowl down, by now your water should be hot. Slowly pour in the hot water, repeating the chant if you wish. Let the steam send your wishes out into the world. Feel free to chant until you no longer see steam/ until the water cools.

- When the bowl/contents have cooled, pour out the mug/bowl. Be sure to wash it when you are done if it’s one you consume from.

Additional Notes: If you’d like, keep a copy of your list should you choose to keep an eye out for your person. Or if you’d like to perform the spell again. Feel free to copy any imagery as well and hold onto it if you wish.

* To press + dry flowers you can either iron the flowers between sheets of parchment paper OR press them under some heavy books (this can take several days. But since it’s petals you’ll probably need a week max.). If you use the iron method, make sure the iron is on the lowest possible setting and there is no water in it. Don’t iron across the paper like you would clothes, just dab for 10-15 seconds in each spot. Let it cool . Maybe go over with the iron 1 more time, you don’t want to scorch/ burn the petals.

PLATONIC PARTNER ALTERATIONS: change the the word “lover“ to “partner“ in the chant. Look for flowers that have friendship/ familial/ unconditional love related meanings such as yellow rose, Jasmine, pear blossom, primrose, yellow chrysanthemum, forget-me-not, blue violets, ect. Obviously make more changes as you see fit <3

❀ Floral Expressions ❀

Send my muse some flowers to convey your muse’s feelings towards them!

Acacia Blossom– Concealed Love
Alstroemeria– Friendship
Ambrosia– Your Love is Reciprocated
Amaryllis– Splendid Beauty
Anemone– Forsaken, Fading Hope
Azalea– Take Care of Yourself for Me
Bird of Paradise– Joyfulness
Begonia– Beware
Bells of Ireland– Good Luck
Bouquet of Withered Flowers– Rejected Love
Camellia General– Admiration
Camellia Pink– Longing for You
Camellia White– You’re Adorable
Candy Tuft– Indifference
Carnation Pink– I’ll Never Forget You
Carnation Red– My Heart Aches for You
Carnation Yellow– Disdain, Rejection or Dissapointment
Chrysanthemum General– You’re a Wonderful Friend
Chrysanthemum White– Loyal Love
Chrysanthemum Yellow– Slighted Love
Cyclamen– Resignation, Good-bye
Daffodil– Rebirth, New Beginnings
Daisy– Innocence, Purity
Dandelion– Faithfulness
Dead Leaves– Sadness
Fern Maidenhair– Secret Bond of Love
Forget-Me-Not– Memories, Remember Me Always
Gardenia– Secret Love
Geranium– Stupidity, Folly
Gladiolus– Strength of Character, Honor
Gloxinia– Love at First Sight
Grass– Submission
Hyacinth Purple– I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Sorrow
Hyacinth Yellow– Jealousy
Iris Yellow– Passion
Iris Blue– Faith, Hope
Jonquil– Love Me, Desire for Affection Returned
Lilly Calla– Beauty
Lilly Orange– Hatred
Lilly-Of-The-Valley– Sweetness, Return to Happiness, You’ve Made My Life Complete
Marigold– Cruelty
Mistletoe– Kiss Me, Affection
Morning Glory Red– Attachment
Nightshade (Deadly) Belladonna– Silence, Falsehood, 

Orange Mock– Deciet
Orchid– Exotic Beauty, Proud and Glorious Femininity
Peony– Bashfulness, Compassion, Shame
Petunia– Resentment, Anger
Pine– Pity
Primrose– I Can’t Live Without You
Rose Dark Crimson– Mourning
Rose Dark Pink– Thankfulness
Rose Orange– Fascination
Rose Red– Love, Respect
Rose Yellow– Joy, Friendship
Spider Flower– Elope With Me
Sunflower– Pure Thoughts, Adoration, Warmth
Sweet-Pea– Departure, Good-bye, Thank You for A Lovely Time
Tulip Red– Declaration of Love
Tulip Variegated– Beautiful Eyes
Tulip Yellow– There’s Sunshine in Your Smile
Violet Blue– Watchfulness, Faithfulness, I’ll Always Be True
Violet White– Let’s Take a Chance on Happiness
Viscaria– Will You Dance With Me?

I got the chance to do a drawing of @ask-chimchim‘s flower shop AU Jimin ♡ He was super fun to draw, thank you so much for letting me! :D

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Hi hi~ I know I'm asking a random question but do you know any kaisoo fanfics that are a good read that you still have it in your mind? Anything but AT lol

Hey anon~

Sure I do!! :D you can check out some of my other fave kaisoo fics here too (x) & (x

Graceless Heart (Dystopia!au, romance, smuttt. Love has been prohibited, so instead you get assigned a partner. Naturally, Soo and Nini gets paired together but this whole “no love” thing ends up being difficult for them. Really beautiful fic!) 

The Guardian (Fluff, romance. Love love love love this fic. Kyungsoo is an asthmatic and Jongin takes really good care of him ;;;;;;;;;;) 

In Time (+ Sequel Perks) (Abo/wolf!au, arranged “marriage”!au, alpha!jongin, omega!soo, romance, smuttt, mpreg. So, Soo and Nini have been arranged as mates. But kyungsoo is reluctant to let jongin in, since he’s been hurt before..)

Carnation Pink (Prince!jongin, prostitute!soo, smuttt. Nini secretly visiting a brothel and becoming captivated by Soo, I know it’s basically pwp but it’s so beautiful!) 

Cosmic Love (Tribal!au, romance, smuttt. Kyungsoo travels to another planet and meets Jongin, who’s a native of the planet and they fall in love ;; another fic that’s so beautiful, and nini’s character is everything with his pink long hair!!!<3)

As You Wish (Royal!au, arranged marriage, angst. Soo and Nini are in an arranged marriage, and Soo has been treated bad his entire life, so when he moves to Nini’s castle it’s difficult for him to adjust to a lot of things. Warning: the fic has not been updated since march.. *sobs*)

With You (Single father!soo, babysitter!jongin, domestic!au, fluff, romance. So, Kyungsoo has a son and jongin offers to help baby sit him :—–) very heart warming and cute fic. same author as above, and below, she’s a fave of mine)

Christmas Wishes (Lil angst, family!au. Soo and Nini are divorced, and their sons biggest wish for christmas is for them to get together again :’)) 

Someone Else (Angst, romance. Soo is in a relationship with Yeol that’s about to end, but jongin is there to pick up all the pieces of Soo who’s broken..)

Yellow Chrysanthemum (Wedding planner!au, mute!soo, lil angst. Soo gets hired to plan the wedding of a past boyfriend..)

Hold My Hand, Let Me Know You’re Still There (+ Sequel: Now Guide Me) (Blind!soo, fluff, smutttt. Nini is a new kid at school and immediately falls for Soo, who’s blind)

Get To Know Me (Enemies to lovers!au, “friends” with benefits!au, smuttt, romance. So Soo is really smart and gets asked to tutor jongin, who’s got a bad reputation, but they don’t do much tutoring..) 

Shklance fic thing

Just I quick warning major character death

Ok so kill me later but I read about Hanahaki Disease and I kinda want to see this with shklance.  Also I wanted to make it into a flower shop au but I thought that was to much for even me to handle.

(for anyone who doesn’t know Hanahaki Disease is  an illness born from one-sided love. The person throws and coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. It can be removed through surgery, unfortunately the feelings disappear along with the petals. It can be cured when the feelings are returned.)

Lance loves both Keith and Shiro, watching them from a distance wanting to be part of the relationship they have.

It starts off as an itch in his throat, then a scratch causing him to cough and gag till he coughs up yellow chrysanthemum petals into his hands. The sudden realisation of what’s happening to him hurts, his chest feels tight as tears slip down his cheeks, Hanahaki Disease. Nobody sees him for the rest of the day, they don’t question his disappearance only believing it to be his homesickness.

For the first few weeks he manages to hide the petals that were slowly becoming more and more as he coughed them up. Hunk finds him in his room after he coughed up a pile of yellow petals some flecked with blood. Pailing instantly he goes to lance’s side and demands who, the look of terror on his face. He doesn’t tell hunk who in the beginning but eventually he cracks and tells him. Even if they could give him the operation to remove it he would rather die than forget them and go through the same thing again.

They all find out eventually and try their best to help him everyone but shiro and Keith know who he has feelings for. Pidge, hunk and allura try their best to get them to return his feelings but they don’t.

When Keith and shiro finally find out about lance having Hanahaki Disease there shocked. They searched everywhere for lance, rawrs could be heard from the Lions hanger and a feeling of sorrow flooded everyone. When everyone got there all the Lions were curled around blue. Black looking up to the paladins nudges blue, she looks up and opens her mouth allowing them to enter.

Lance sat limp in the pilot seat, blood stained yellow chrysanthemum petals surrounding him. That how they found him a soft smile on his face and clothes spattered with blood and petals.

A video pops up on blues dash and began to play. Lance tells them how sorry he is and that he should have told Keith and shiro he loved them and that they were so perfect for each other before beginning to cough up a chrysanthemum and the video quickly cuts.

Tears streem down their cheeks, shiro is the first to move and picks up lances limp body and holds him close and cry into his shoulder. Keith collapses to the floor, sobs wrecking his body calling lance an idiot for not telling them and that they loved him to.

Ok so I wrote this while I was feeling really shitty so I’m sorry lance.
I was originally going to write it as he thinks he’s only loves one of them and when Keith or shiro goes to lance they’re confused as to why he’s still ill but then realised that he loves both of them. (yadda yadda they live happily ever after) I can’t even deal with character death fics but I did it anyway. Also don’t look up the meaning of a yellow chrysanthemum.
No its not amazing but I’m happy with it.

Chrysanthemums // Moon Taeil


the prompt: could I maybe get a taeil one where he’s the gardener of her kingdom and he’s always thought the princess was the prettiest in the land but he knows she’ll never like him back but he’s come to terms with it but he still likes to make her smile so he gives her a flower every week with a fact about the flower and the meaning of the flower?

words: 1655

category: fluff(!!!)

author note: haha jokes on you anon, she likes him back. also pls give love to my eldest son taeil, he’s so precious and deserves the stars.

- destinee

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Things I know to be True (Kim Yugyeom)

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Word Count: 1,428

Genre: Fluff


Hi, so I was watching a TED talk and this woman was talking about making a list of ten things you know to be true without thinking about and I decided to write about it, also at the request of a friend^^ I’m sorry if this was cheesy but I am a generally cheesy person so I apologize lol  also I’m shit at ending things sorry, I’m also not good at poetry and I wrote the poem at the end. Anywho, hope you enjoy it!

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