yellow cards for everyone!

One thing I want to see on Haikyuu!! is someone getting a yellow or red card. Like, they are teenagers, they get fired up. Someone might start a fight, let it be verbal or physical. 

This is a part of volleyball and I want to see it happen so bad.

Though i have no idea who would get a yellow or red card because everyone is a saint. 

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More Nathaniel/Neil headcannons??

thanks for this i am always ready to talk about neil vs nathaniel (but these headcanons are just random musings so i apologize that they aren’t completely fleshed out sorry)

  • nathaniel, surprisingly, doesn’t come out often when he plays exy. sometimes when he has to play backliner (rare), nathaniel will make a slight appearance, but for the most part exy is entirely neil’s
  • until one day when they’re playing a particularly vicious team and yellow/red cards are being thrown out left and right. everyone has been checked hard at least once and neil is already angry. insults are flying and that makes the team even rougher
  • someone takes it too far and fouls on andrew
  • obviously they get a red card immediately but neil still sees red and nathan’s crooked smile fixes itself in place. andrew tells neil he’s fine, yanks him back to the present, to neil, and the smile almost drops completely, but andrew can still see the ghost of it on neil’s face all night
  • he checks harder, plays rougher, and his insults hit home more often than not. honestly andrew is surprised the kid that checked him didn’t end up dead after
  • nathaniel doesn’t disappear entirely until after the game when neil sees that andrew is fine and andrew coaxes him entirely back
  • if the next time they play that particular team, neil (legally) checks that particular player a little too hard with a murderous glint in his blue eyes and a terrifying smile on his face, well, what did they expect? he is the butcher’s son, after all
  • ALSO, neil has a real issue with the mirror, as we’ve all seen
  • his eyes are his dad’s and his hair is his dad’s and even with all of the neil touches he’s added to his appearance, he still sees nathaniel
  • he doesn’t want to see nathaniel
  • neil doesn’t dye his hair or get contacts, if only because he promised andrew he was done running and somehow that seemed like running away
  • he gets a haircut, something modern and new and as un-nathanlike as he can imagine (i am a particular fan of neil with an undercut, but that’s just me)
  • he also goes and gets a tattoo (i am also a particular fan of neil getting the outline of the key from columbia in his palm, do with that what you will)
  • when neil looks in the mirror then, he runs his fingers through his hair and traces the outline marked on his palm and nathaniel goes away
  • (sometimes andrew will come and run his hands through neil’s hair when he stands in front of the mirror and he’ll kiss the burn scar from lola’s cigarette lighter and neil can almost convince himself that nathaniel really did die in baltimore)

Summary of my WC2014 experience : day 4

Switzerland 2 vs Ecuador 1

Both teams played so well but Switzerland took it for the win.

You know when you are playing fifa and you slide tackle but its not exactly like you see the players do it? well this is your lucky day.

and yes this goal clearly meant a lot 23 seconds of added time remaining and he put it in.

But basically Switzerland is the king of substitution… Both goals were scored by substitutes Admir Mehmedi and Haris Seferovic as they joined the game.

France 3 vs Honduras 0

They did not play the national anthem… If they did? I did not hear it!

Nasty unnecessary tackles everywhere in this game. A total of 27 Fouls, 7 yellow cards and 1 red card.

Yellow card for you,

yellow for you too

Yellow for everyone

Honduras players: “is that a foot, an ankle, a leg?… I want to match and kick it” the game was distracted by the whistle always going off

meanwhile Goal Line Technology finally makes a breakthrough and somewhere FIFA is gloating like a bread dipped in water. First goal awarded by goal line technology

France broke the yoke of “score first goal by penalty you loose the match”, With Karim Benzema hitting the target after a frustrating first half

Argentina 2 vs Bosnia 1

Bosina stole the heart of the majority and got this massive… support wow!

Before the game could even start… Majority: DIE ARGENTINA DIE CRASH AND BURN

Bosnia did a Marcello so early in the game 


but they scored again and it was good. even if you don’t support them you acknowledge that its a big thing for them, first ever goal in the world cup and their first time.

Then Messi revived himself from the dead in the second half…because first half messi (no comment)

Meanwhile look who came down from the mountain… “Christ the Redeemer Statue” has a day off.

quick credit to all owners of gifs and photos i use. Bring on Day 5

in womens football you see a player telling the ref not to give another player a yellow or red card and in mens football almost everyones fucking diving y llorando como pinche bebes para convencer el arbitro de darle tarjeta a orto jugador

El Clasico; A Summary

- Pique doing Gods work
- Neymar missed almost 40 shots/ potential assists
- No fight. NO FIGHT
- Ramos leaving the pitch BY THE COACHES CHOICE. (No red)
- Camp Nou whistling Ronaldo down
- MESSI being M. E. S. S. I
- A yellow card went to everyone