yellow bug of happiness

Yellow=Happy Ending?

So I’ve been thinking about the color yellow and its significance in the show, and I was wondering if maybe the color yellow is supposed to signal to us who Emma’s happy ending is.

The meaning of the color yellow has historically been associated with happiness and optimism. 

Neal and Emma first meet in the yellow bug, and we all know that was her first true love/happy ending.

During the first season we had Henry riding in the yellow bug with Emma all the time, and then that season ended with Henry being her true love.

Have Snow White and Prince Charming ever been in Emma’s yellow bug?

I don’t think Hook has been in the bug (but I could be wrong)

Regardless, Henry and Regina are by FAR the two other characters who have been shown to ride in this car most often and have significant scenes in the car.

And now we have Regina riding around in Emma’s yellow bug all the time. And then Regina with this big, conspicuous yellow umbrella. 

I’m just SO confident that a true love kiss is happening between these two. It might not be this season, but it’s definitely coming. All the signs keep pointing to Regina being Emma’s happy ending.

I feel like the last shot of the show will be Emma, Regina and Henry riding off into the sunset in the yellow bug.


The first gif is where the camera pans to Emma and Nealfire, while Rumpel is talking with Belle, right after he says “You make me want to go back to being the best version of myself and that’s never happened before.”  At this point Emma has been trying to give him some privacy, by having her back turned but when he says that, she seems to be fighting to look over her shoulder at Nealfire.  Nealfire, looks like he’s wants to say something and has to try so hard to not look over at Emma.

The second gif is Emma’s reaction to Rumpel and Nealfire’s talk about making the wrong choices and still being angy.  In this moment we saw that there is still hope between Rumpel and Nealfire.  Nealfie regrets his decision to let Emma go and he gets that’s she’s still angry.  But at that same moment Emma realizes that maybe all is not lost for them.

Another compare and contrast for fun.

Remember when “In the Name of the Brother”, after Rumpel cashed in on his deal with Emma, when Charming went to rub her back for comfort?  I love this scene don’t get me wrong, but at first she was all “wtf?  oh, reassurance…okay…nice.”

I just noticed in “The Queen is Dead” that when Neal rubs her shoulder as he’s walking by, she doesn’t react like that, like it’s something completely natural for her after 11 fucking years.

Even after, they had been apart all this time, had never seen nor spoken to each other, with all the shit that’s going on, she still accepts the physical comfort as if only hours had passed, since it last happened.

The only reason it would be like that is if you have an honest connection with somebody.

I don’t even need to list off all the glances or the repertoire that went on between the two during the past couple of episodes.

Neal is a real man and Emma will realize that (because I hate this bullshit about winning her) sooner or later.  I hope for sooner but I will live with whatever.  


Day 3 Favorite Swan Thief symbol

It had been five years since that little trip to Manhattan.  Emma hadn’t thought at the time that she would be as happy as she was now.  She gazed down at her left hand and the understated diamond ring glinting in the rays of the sun that were shining through the tiny back window.

Neal and Henry were up front, with Henry in the driver’s seat.  It was his first driving lesson and Emma was trying to not be a nervous wreck.  

Neal had assured her it would be fine but Emma had insisted in coming along.  It had been a couple of years since they finally tied the knot and Neal had to struggle to remember a debate he had actually won in that time.  He didn’t care though.  He finally got to call the girl he had loved for so many years his wife.

Henry had finished adjusting the mirrors and he gazed up at his mother’s reflection.  He could tell she was getting misty eyed.  His father may not have realized it but he knew.  Emma had missed out on so much big stuff with him, that she didn’t want to miss another one.

“I’m proud of you Mom,” Henry said teasingly.  "You could have hid and just popped up in the back when I started.“

Emma acted grumpy, but Henry and Neal saw through it.  "I didn’t want you ruining the car for your little sister.  This is the family car.”

How the "Lacey Curse" might be broken

I’m pretty sure I had heard some where that true love’s kiss wouldn’t bring Belle back so that got me thinking. (I will try to find the source tomorrow…it’s really late here and I need to get to bed)

If true love’s kiss doesn’t work (which I can appreciate in a way because it would become more of a crutch/plot device than it already has), what will?

I was struck by the emphasis of the power of tears in tonight’s episode. They were strong enough to make Regina and Snow have a connection, enough that she could save her.

Well, Rumpel is in for some very bad news in the next episode. This may be totally cheesy but what if while he’s mourning for his son, regretting everything that’s happened since he was reunited with Neal, he sobs and one of those tears falls on Lacey? What if that tear can “wake up” Belle? He would be hating his dark side and wishing more than anything that he had Belle by him to help him through. She’s always been the one who’s helped him through his pain, so what would call to her more than one of his tears?

Maybe I’m being idiotic. While I do find the Lacey story and how it affects the dynamics of her relationship with Rumpel mildly intriguing…I want Belle back and the sooner the better (like in the next episode please!)