yellow bug of happiness

Yellow=Happy Ending?

So I’ve been thinking about the color yellow and its significance in the show, and I was wondering if maybe the color yellow is supposed to signal to us who Emma’s happy ending is.

The meaning of the color yellow has historically been associated with happiness and optimism. 

Neal and Emma first meet in the yellow bug, and we all know that was her first true love/happy ending.

During the first season we had Henry riding in the yellow bug with Emma all the time, and then that season ended with Henry being her true love.

Have Snow White and Prince Charming ever been in Emma’s yellow bug?

I don’t think Hook has been in the bug (but I could be wrong)

Regardless, Henry and Regina are by FAR the two other characters who have been shown to ride in this car most often and have significant scenes in the car.

And now we have Regina riding around in Emma’s yellow bug all the time. And then Regina with this big, conspicuous yellow umbrella. 

I’m just SO confident that a true love kiss is happening between these two. It might not be this season, but it’s definitely coming. All the signs keep pointing to Regina being Emma’s happy ending.

I feel like the last shot of the show will be Emma, Regina and Henry riding off into the sunset in the yellow bug.