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Detox just to retox

Not really a "Fuck Customers", More just a ???

Backstory: I woke up this morning to the sounds of my boyfriend and his mom screaming. Apparently they saw a mouse make its way to my bathroom, so they were freaking out together. I decided to stop by Home Depot to buy some mouse traps, just so they could have some peace in mind. Keep in mind, I just got off work, so I’m still in full uniform (which is a grey T-shirt with my company logo, black slacks, black non-slips, and a black apron with a yellow buffalo on it.)

The instant I walk in, I start looking at the signs to see where I could possibly find mouse traps. I’m immediately stopped by a lady with a thick Chinese accent. She’s asking me about the location of something, but I can’t understand her. I just shake my head and say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand you.”

I turn away to continue searching, but I’m, again, immediately stopped by a tall man, who walked into the store almost the same time I did. Which means, while this whole situation with this lady was going on, he was just standing there waiting… for me. Once I make eye contact, he goes, “Hey, where’s the restroom?”. I must’ve made a face when I responded, “No”, because he immediately retorted with, “I don’t like your attitude. Let me talk to your manager.“ 

I’m slightly annoyed and irritated at this point, so I decide to just ask for help from a sales associate. While the SA is explaining directions to me, another lady decides to come up to us and goes, "When you guys are done gossiping, can you show me where the screws are?” and crosses her arms at us. The SA explained to the lady that 1) I didn’t work there, 2) I was a paying customer like she was, and 3) The SA would help her after she’s done helping me.

tl;dr: Go to Home Depot after work. People saw that I was wearing an apron so they assume I work there(?). Had to explain to multiple people that I didn’t. I wasn’t even wearing anything remotely orange???

Why every team in the NHL has a shitty terrible name and color scheme (A-C)

D-M, N-S, T-W

anaheim ducks - fucking ducks where are the ducks in anaheim oh your named after a kids movie, maybe you should actually play better than them then. also orange and black?? what is this?? fucking halloween. and is that golden shield supposed to mean anything besides “we have nothing to do with ducks anymore.”

arizona coyotes - coyotes are everywhere you couldn’t pick one thing that was specific to you guys? like how about the arizona empty arenas or the arizona they keep moving us because we have no fans. and have you seen the coyote the teeth re the same color as the fur. it has furry teeth. nothing scary about a coyote with fur teeth.

boston bruins - fucking there are no brown bears in the eastern US what the fuck are you doing. and have you ever seen a bear wandering around boston? well i have and his name was Ron. fucking there is no coherency in boston sports why is one team green, two teams red and blue and this goddamn team is a fucking bee. don’t poke the bear? well the bear shouldn’t be here in the first goddamn place

buffalo sabres - very clever your logo is a buffalo with sabres crossed. when was the last time you’ve seen a buffalo try to fence? or sword fight at all? plus do you guys even still have buffalos? like ones that aren’t statues. and what part of buffalo screams yellow and blue. land like why with the red eye? you wanted to pay homage to the worst thing your oganization has ever done? yeah the sabres were RED at one point. horrible.

calgary flames - this one is also clever. name the team the flames, stick a tacky canadian flag on the side so people take you seriously as canada’s team, make the colors red and orange and then SUCK. the calgary flames more like the calgary damp wood. you’re not sparking shit especially with that logo and color scheme.

carolina hurricanes - god forbid we don’t have ENOUGh red teams. and ha ha great point out one of the worst thigns about living on the east coast. you might as well say “hey if you play here you may drown.” great carolina, doesn’t even have anything GOOD to highlight so it highlights the bad stuff. and thanks for the totally intimidating logo of a hurricane what is it a category -6

Chicago Blackhawks - like yeah maybe you were one of the first original teams with the color red but does that really give you the right to have a racist logo? and like it’s not actually named after the native american’s so can we stop pretending we’re honoring anyone with this shit. 

Colorado Avalanche - like i’ll give them a little bit of a break because their city has some bullllshiiiiit team names and color schemes. but i looked it up and colorado has not suffered any avalanches this year? that’s fucking false advertisements. if i wanted to bury myself in snow i’d go here and be out of luck. and let’s not pretend the logo doesn’t look like a goddamn frogs tongue and don’t think i forgot about the sasquatch footprint thing wtf

Columbus Blue Jackets - yaya the civil war said no one ever. Oh and make sure your colors are red white and blue because people may forget that columbus is like smack dab in the middle of the goddamn country. like if you’re going to name yourself after the side of war that won, at least plan on winning too !! and fix the goddamn proportions on that star. for real columbus.

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