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Summary: Genos gets a minor upgrade, and Saitama is intrigued.

Words: ~1300

Rating/pairing: General. Saitama/Genos fluff, pre-relationship

Note: I wrote this mostly to try and get something written. It’s silly with just a touch of feels.

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Home (Alex Gaskarth; Soulmate AU)

A/N: FUCK STUDYING HAVE A SOULMATE IMAGINE. I think I’m gonna do all the ATL guys. 

  • Prompt: Everyone has  a soulmate timer on their wrist. But this new “soulmate dyes hair and your hair changes too” thing was out of hand. 

Everyone had their soulmate clock on their wrist; the timer to countdown how long you had to meet your ultimate match. But this new hair changing deal was something you were totally not down with.

Your hair had been pink, brown, teal, back to brown, and now, on the day before probably the biggest job interview of your life, your soulmate had dyed their hair fucking blue.

Blue; who did that?

You’d tried everything this morning; pulling it back into a bun, to make it less noticeable, to stuffing it under a huge sun hat which just made you look bald. It also didn’t really go with the nice, sunny yellow pinskirt and white blouse you had on, and as your let out a groan and pulled your now blue hair, you flopped onto the bed and closed your eyes in frustration.

You didn’t even know if this soulmate business was even worth it anymore. Raising your hand, you looked at the clock on your wrist, ticking away. It was one of the strangest the doctors had seen; it took huge leaps for time, either increasing or decreasing viciously but it had never fully ran out. Sure, most people’s did that, but you’d been informed only for about a day or two. Yours could sometimes jump up in years, but they swore nothing was wrong with it. Almost all of your friends had found their own soulmates already anyway; to be the last one was so disheartening.

You felt lost; staring at your clock wasn’t helping either.

So you had eventually just stopped looking at it. But this new, bright blue hair, this could not be ignored. You couldn’t even remember what color hair yours was originally, but you knew you’d never dyed it.

Your phone beeped and you jumped up, realizing that you’d be late if you didn’t leave now. You headed to the office building of the prestigious firm you had applied at, and there, in the lobby, was the CEO waiting to interview you. You saw his eyes linger on your hair.

“Soulmate problems?” He asked cheerily, shaking your hand.

“You have no idea,” you laughed, feeling some of your anxiety rush away. This man obviously had experience.

“I met mine before all this hair business, but some scientists are saying now that these particular soulmates are deeper connected than others,” he mused, leading you upstairs. “Well, come on; let’s get started.”

And you felt the interview went well; the gentleman had given you a start date and cheerily waved you off as you left. You hummed, delighted; this was your first big girl job, and you were so excited!

But the blue hair was still a problem.

Sighing, you meandered down the street, trying not to mind the looks of curious passerby. You ducked around a corner onto an artesian street, looking for a bistro or something to get lunch, when you heard it; soft guitar chords resonating through the air, and you couldn’t help this pull to follow it. You weaved through the crowd in your high heels and pushed past a group of teenages only to spot a shock of bright blue navy hair.

The same shade yours was currently.

He was leaning against the arm of a metal bench, eyes closed as he hummed chords and strummed the guitar. At once, you felt your heart rate speed up, and you felt what you had been waiting for your entire life;

Your wrist timer hitting 00:00, and a soft, gentle buzzing hitting your wrist.

Fascinated, you watched as the man was startled out of his playing, looking down at his wrist as it must have vibrated too. He looked up with a sparkle in his eyes, and you supposed it wasn’t hard to miss, what with you and your blue hair. He set his guitar aside and stood up cautiously, eyes never leaving you.

Oh man, he was attractive, even with that blue hair.

He approached you slowly, almost like it was a dream.

“I thought…I thought I’d never meet you,” he breathed, peering at you.

“Yes well,” you said awkwardly, twisting your hands together. “Here I am. I’m (Y/N).”

He stilled your hands and grabbed your wrist, comparing timers, which glowed a brief yellow before vanishing; the sign that yes, this was indeed your soulmate. Your breathing hitched.

“I’m Alex,” he murmured, before a crooked smile overtook his face. “Blue’s a good look for you.”

And like that, the awkwardness was broken, replaced with a sense of odd comfort and familiarity, like you’d known him your whole life. “You should see my senior year picture. Pink… it had to be pink, huh?”

He laughed, slipping his hand into yours. It fit perfectly. “It couldn’t have been that bad.”

You rolled your eyes playfully, liking the warmth from his hand. “My mother thought so. You’ve changed my hair color so many times, I don’t even remember my original color.”

He turned you gently to look at your reflection in the glass, and to your astonishment, there was your original hair color. “It reverts back to normal once we meet each other.”

You studied yourself, not used to having such a bland hair color. You touched it cautiously, before shaking your head and hauling Alex off in a different direction.

“Woah, woah!” he cried, managing to snatch his guitar before you dragged him. “Where are we going?”

“There’s a store around the corner,” you chimed, looking back at him with such mirth and joy in your eyes that he found his breath had been snatched from him for a minute. “What do you think about me being a redhead?”

He smirked and stopped you, spinning you close to his body and splaying his free hand across your back, looking down at you with this complete look of comfort and adoration it made your head spin.

“I think we’d make a damn fine shade of purple,” he murmured, pressing a soft kiss against your cheek. “Let’s get started then. I’m pretty good at dying hair.”

“I’d hope so!” you laughed, looping your hands in his belt and tugging him closer, smiling serenely. His arm looped around you again and you rested your forehead on his shoulder.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time,” he whispered into your ear, his breath stirring little hairs on your neck. Your eyes slid shut and you turned your head to listen to his heartbeat. “I’m so happy you found me.”

You placed a hand on his heart and murmured, “I’ve finally found my home.” 

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The yellow thong reminded me of the yellow smiley face and now I can't help but picture Victor in bright yellow briefs with a smiley face printed over the ass

Oh god, yes, please someone with more art skills than me, please draw this


A sudden, very loud noise interrupted rather ordinary and peaceful day. It was something that could be described as cross between thunder and earthquake, coming from all directions so tracking the source would be very hard or plain impossible. Even stranger, buzzing sound follow and sky turned golden-yellow for a brief while before everything returned to normal.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of town someone could notice a very particular view. A big crater that suddenly appeared out of nowhere which was source of these strange noises from before. Inside that was a rather big, metallic sphere made of bronze and iron, full of pipes and strange gears. It slowly opened with whizzing sound, revealing rather comfortable room inside with pilot-like cockpit and man sitting on chair. He was wearing rather old-fashioned clothes like top hat and black, very prim and proper looking coat. 

Milten slowly left his vehicle before climbing out from crater and looking around, satisfied smile appearing on his face. He followed that strange trace of these weird, fascinating creatures and it should be location of their new attack. He really wanted to study them, so he backed away a little to his vehicle and waited patiently, hoping that his calculation would prove correct. Then, a roar and crashing noise of destroyed buildings combined with suddenly spike of his detectors made his smile even bigger. “They are here. Now, let’s watch this spectacle”. He muttered to himself before getting outside yet again, to get as close to these monsters as possible.