yellow bread



I thought wouldn’t it be funny if I painted my nails, right? ‘Cause that’s kind of funny. Obviously, I don’t wear colour. I literally don’t own anything yellow. I don’t think I have since I was about sixteen and I bought a size XS banana-coloured hoodie from Topman that I took a mirror selfie in, which I’m sure many of you have seen. It’s terrible. But I thought, you know, I’d go all the way, so I thought I’d paint my nails but then I thought, no, you know what? I don’t want to do a really terrible job, so you know what I did? I asked Phil to paint my nails! So you want to see? You want to see? This is what happens when two - two proper, you know, gender role laddies, ('cause that’s me and Phil) - attempt to do something. Oh, Jesus Christ. That… look at that. Look at that. What I absolute disaster. See, I was… Stop laughing! *starts laughing himself* I thought I’m not going to do it myself 'cause I have no idea what I’m doing and it’s going to go horrible wrong. Jesus Christ. Phil, there’s no excuse. I mean look. Look around my fingers. Look at like the underside of my… it’s like I’m a child that’s been doing, like, finger painting. “Two different shades,” said Tyler. Yes, Tyler, look at this. Two different shades. One’s like coconut yellow and the other one’s like sunflower sunshine. I really, my heart was in the right place. What a flop. Honestly.

@danielhowell during his live show on the 10th of October 2017 (x)

Quotes from Dan (91/?)

Dan getting Phil to paint his nails two different shades of yellow for #WorldMentalHealthDay

I really need to stop doing this thing when I find something different I get obsessive about it ;;v;;

Yes, right after Hamilton it was DHMIS, god I need help.
Oh, and I didn’t draw the fridge cause he’s hell to draw.

me: wants a white and yellow kitten to call lemon or some shit
nintendogs & cats wiki: pure white orientals are rare
me: guess i’m getting a white one

I Promise

Prompt: Cassian and mom bonding times.

A/N: It has to start sad, I’m sorry. 

- - - - - - -

He closely watched the woman work around the kitchen, he was drawn to her wings. They laid differently than the other females’ wings in the camp.

His curiosity go the better of him as she handed him a plate of yellow blobs and bread, “You’re wings, they are different.”

She smiled sweetly at him, there was a sadness to her voice, “I’m lucky, my mate arrived just before they clipped my wings. I’m still able to fly, but the full story is for another time.”

He knew that she did not want to talk about it and he did not blame her. Instead he dug into his warm breakfast and almost cried when he picked up the bread and realized it was soft. He had never had fresh bread. He didn’t know how she felt the wave of emotion coursing through him, but she did.

She looked at him with piercing hazel eyes, it felt like she could see past the worthless bastard everyone told him that he was, “It will take some getting used to, I know. I grew up as a seamstress and we had hard times, but I can’t imagine how hard of a time you have had.”

“What are the yellow blobs? They taste fantastic.” He was not sure how to read her face, “scrambled eggs.”

He had had boiled eggs and if he was not lucky enough to start a fire he would eat them raw. He had no idea that eggs could taste this good.

They sat there silent for a while, their silence broke with her voice just above a whisper, “I know I cannot ask it of you to be his friend, but could you help him? I know to you it seems like his life has been easy and really it has been, but it will not always stay that way. There will be a day that his court will want to kill him even if he was not a half-breed. Our people will never fully accept him. The courts outside ours will eventually sense the power growing in him and send assassins before the threat comes of age. He will fight, there will be a day that he will have to fight, just as you have had too.”

He knew nothing of the court outside this camp, and he did not doubt the threats that Rhysand would face. For her, for this woman that has shown him  a night of kindness, he would do anything. “I promise, I will help him anyway I can.”

She smiled at him before she returned to the kitchen.

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