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TAZ Lady Week, Day 2: Favorite Romantic Relationship between Women

SURPRISE its 2/3 of our favorite fucking Enforcers. They’re married. Killian’s bowtie is yellow because ducks, Carey has at LEAST three knives hidden somewhere in that dress, it’s fuckin rogue magic, and everyone wear’s street fashion forever because FUCK if I’m gonna pull up armor references. Eat me. 

Under You [a E2!Barry Allen Smut]

Request: waddd up!!!! I has idea for you!!! You could honestly use this for any au really. Barry Allen Smut where the reader is wearing their only piece of lingerie because the rest of their stuff is dirty and they go over to Barry’s and he gets a glimpse of it and you can take it from there ;)

a/n: NERDY E2 BARRY!!!


Barry had a long day at the CCPD. He had been going non stop since five in the morning and it felt like he was doing case after case. So, when the day finally comes to an end, he rushes back home. Frustration starts bubbling up inside him as he tries to shove the tiny key in the doorknob, glasses falling down the bridge of his nose.

An angry huff dangles off his tongue; he jams the key in, twisting the knob. His brown dress shoes scratch against the hardwood floor and he drops his leather briefcase with a sigh. He’s about to call out for you, until he sees you pass through the kitchen. In nothing but your seethrough black lace babydoll lingerie.

His jaw almost smacks the floor. Keeping calm, he shrugs his green windbreaker off his shoulders, tossing it over his forearm. “Sweetheart,” he squeaks, scurrying towards the kitchen at a slow pace. “I…I’m home…” he gulps, pulling at his white button down collar. His bowtie feels like it’s strangling him.

Coming around the corner, you smile, cupping his flushed cheeks. His eyelids flutter down for just a moment, peeking at your exposed breasts. You picked a great day to do laundry…”How was work?” you ask sweetly, taking note of the growing tent in his tan dress pants. Hmm… Discretely, you allow your hand to travel towards his groin, cupping him in your palm.

“F-fine?” he breathes, thick brown eyebrows scrunching together while you start rubbing your palm up and down. Somehow, you have trapped him against the wall connected to the staircase; he whimpers, throwing his head back, thick melted chocolate locks bouncing. “Y-you…ah…please. I…I can’t-” he cuts himself off, shaking his head.

Batting your eyelashes, you crouch down, dripping your hands down his entire body; his breath hitches, glasses slipping to the upturned dip of his nose. “What do you need, baby? Tell me.” you whisper seductively, toying with his pants zipper. The lingerie leaves absolutely nothing to his imagination, showing off your perfect body.

Barry blushes like a madman, tugging at his bright yellow and silver bowtie, attempting to give him a little more breathing room. He doesn’t even get to answer before your fingers pop the button on his pants and unzip his dick from its clothed cage. A low whine passes his pink parted lips as he screws his eyes shut in a pained expression. This is killing him. “Y/N, p-please - I…I need - ah…”

In one fluid motion, you manage to collect both his dress pants and gray boxer briefs in your fists, yanking them down, causing his dick to slap his clean button up. Smirking, you lean forward, peppering kisses here and there; first on the inside of his thighs, ending at the head of his dick. He withers underneath your touch, hands desperate to grab a hold of something. When you take him in your mouth, he comes undone; pulling his bowtie off his neck as the lens’ of his glasses fog his vision.

Your tongue swirls around his head, bobbing up and down, hands neatly placed on both of his hips, fingers digging into his skin. A deep moan rips out of his throat, encouraging for you to keep going. And, oh, do you keep going. His nimble fingers tangle in your hair while you hollow your cheeks, sucking even harder.

Panting and whimpering, Barry glances down, enjoying watching your breasts jiggle. A cry leaves him and his head slams back against the wall forcefully. “I…oh god…pull…I-I’m close…” he warns, waiting for you to pull away.

Except, you don’t. You keep going; head bobbing, leading him to cumming. In just a few seconds, and a few sucks, he unloads himself, calling out your name like a holy prayer. His hands tug on the strands of your hair, yanking you off him; a long line of spit connecting his dick to your lips. With a limp hand, he pushes his glasses up his nose, smiling lazily. “Thanks, love.” he says in a daze.

You swallow, standing up and kissing his lips, making him taste himself. “Hmm…maybe I should do this more often. I love seeing you come undone under me.” you tease, pulling on the collar of his dress shirt.

He cracks a sideways grin, “I love coming undone under you.”

Bill Cipher x Reader Oneshot XD

Gravity Falls One-Shot????

AUTHOR’S BABBLES: HEY THERE! The reason I put the question marks behind the title is because I WILL continue this story if you want me to, so, it technically wouldn’t be a one-shot. I don’t know where I would go with this story after this “chapter” though, so if you want me to continue it, you dudes will have to give me some ideas. PM me some ideas for new chapters if you want me to continue this. Of course, I might just make this into a book of one-shots. So, I hope you enjoy this chapter I put together. Also, Bill’s personality is sweeter than it is usually in most fanfics. He’s still cocky, though. LOL Now, without further a due, Human!Bill Cipher x Reader x Dipper (theres a little bit of x Dipper in here) and enjoy the “Love Triangles” in this story (AHAHAHA see what i did there? I AM HILARIOUSSS!) NOTE: This was just for fun  and it was inspired by other fanfics, so don’t accuse me of stealing ideas. Also, this story is only for girls to read. Sorry..

((….)) = Author’s In-Story Babbles

Italics = you thinking

Bold Italics = Bill’s voice in your mind

(….) = Extra Thought

(Y/N) = Your Name

(F/F) = Favorite Food

(E/C) = Eye Color

(H/C) = Hair Color

(H/L) = Hair Length

POV = Point Of View

*Bold* = Transition

*Third Person POV*

You stepped out of the car and inhaled the crisp autumn air of Gravity Falls. It had been two years since you had been here, and you were thrilled to have come back. You ran up the porch steps and to the front door with your suitcase in tow behind you. Before you could knock, the door opened and you were tackled by a boy and girl about your age. “(Y/N)!” Mabel screamed excitedly. Mabel was hugging you tightly around the waist and Dipper was hugging around your shoulders.

You made you way inside and up to the attic, greeting and hugging Stan, Wendy and Soos as you passed. Up in the attic, you found that a little cot had been set up for you against the wall on Dipper’s side of the attic. You dumped your suitcase onto your cot and unpacked the clothes you wanted to wear the rest of the day. You unpacked a yellow tank top with black lace trimming the bottom edge, dark gray skinny jeans, a black cardigan with elbow-length sleeves, and black flats.

“Ooh…why all the fancy clothes, (Y/N)?” Mabel smirked raising an eyebrow.

“Well, I have a little, uh, date later.” You admitted, smirking a little yourself. It wasn’t a planned date, but you knew he was going to show up.

“Oh, gotcha,” Mabel grinned and gave a double wink.

Dipper sat on his bed and watched you. You admittedly felt a little guilty for confessing you had a date in front of him, because you know he used to have a crush on you. A sad look flashed across his face before he noticed you were watching him. He turned away and blushed a bit.

You retreated to the bathroom to change your clothes. You headed back up into the attic. “How do I look?” You said doing a little spin. Mabel gasped, and ran up to hug you excitedly. “You look AMAZING!” She exclaimed, jumping up and down with excitement. “Now we gotta do your hair and makeup,” She said, putting her hands on her hips. You laughed and turned around to face Dipper, deciding you needed a guy’s opinion on your apparel.

“Hey, Dipper, how do I look?” You said reenacting your small spin. His eyes went wide as he looked at you. A light dusting of pink pricked his cheeks as he said, “Y-you look beautiful, (Y/N),” You giggled at the heartfelt, if not somewhat forced compliment. An awkward silence crept into the room.

“KIDS! Time for dinner!” You heard Stan yell from downstairs. You glanced at Dipper who looked relieved.

*Le Wild Time Skip Appears*

After dinner you went back up to the attic and let Mabel do you up for your date. She put your hair in a styled up-do and put light brown eyeshadow on your eyelids. She put a light dusting of tan foundation on your face and neck and dusted your cheeks with pinkish-orange blush. She put on the finishing touches by putting a small amount of mascara on you and touching up your lips with natural color lipstick. You looked in the mirror. Her work was flawless.

By the time you got done with your makeover, it was 7:45. You figured you should probably get going. You grabbed some dangly golden earrings from your suitcase and hastily put them on. You started down the stairs and out the front door. Mabel stopped you and put a delicate gold chain around your neck. The silver heart pendant rested just above your collarbone. It was beautiful. You thanked Mabel as she hugged you and gave you a wink. “Be careful with that guy.” she said smirking from the doorway.

Butterflies fluttered around in your stomach as you made your way to a clearing in the woods that you had claimed as your own a few years ago.

You hadn’t seen him in two years. Was this going to end up awkwardly? You carefully twisted around roots and trees and eventually walked into the clearing. You checked your phone to see the time and the screen flashed 8:02. The sun had already gone down and the moon above you shone down brightly, making the necklace Mabel had given you glint with every movement you made. You stared up at the stars in wonder. In the city there weren’t nearly as many visible as there were tonight.

You crossed over to the opposite end of the clearing and sat down beside a small stream. You laid back on a rock and listened to the sounds of the water rushing over the stones and small logs that made up the stream bed.

*Your POV*

Suddenly, I felt a warm presence beside me. I looked over to see the same golden blonde hair, yellow suit, bowtie, top hat and black slacks that he had had two years ago. He hadn’t changed at all. He looked over at me with a smirk. “Missed me, did ya (Y/N)?” He moved his hand down to grab mine. He intertwined our fingers and said sweetly, “I missed you.”

He sat up pulling me along with him. He picked me up bridal style and sat down on a nearby log. He positioned me so I was sitting on his lap with my legs wrapped around his waist. He looked at my face, studying it. “You haven’t changed at all,” he said with a cute grin. “Really?” I asked, puzzled. “I thought I would have changed so much. I was actually worried what seeing you again would be like because of how much I thought I had changed.” I said quickly and blushed. “Nope,” He chuckled and planted a kiss on my forehead. “You’re still my favorite little (Y/N). Everything’s the same. I mean, your body’s developed a bit more,” he said with a wide smirk. I blushed even harder. “But other than that you’re still the same.”

He brushed some stray hair out of my eyes and I laid my head against his chest. He kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arms behind my back. He started rocking backwards and forwards as if I were a little girl who was having trouble sleeping.

He took his hands away from my back and put one under my chin to let me look at him. “What time are your folks expecting you to be back?” He inquired. “I need to be back before 11:00.” I replied. He brightened up even more (if that was even possible). “Good,” he said with a wide grin. “We’ll have time to go do some of the things we used to do.”

He picked me up off of him and set me on the ground. He intertwined his fingers with mine again as we started walking. “Where do you wanna go, cupcake?” ((Yes, yes. it’s all true. I did take this nickname from another fanfic XD)) Wow. I forgot he used to call me that. I thought. Suddenly a voice came on in my head, Really? You forgot? Haha that was like my one and only nickname for you. The voice sounded as if it was mocking being emotionally stabbed in the back. I mentally face palmed. I also somehow forgot you could read my mind…

“Well, I asked you a question, cupcake. Where do you wanna go first?” He said out loud as he squeezed my hand. I immediately responded with, “The amusement park!” He laughed out loud. “You’re adorable.” He raised my hand up and kissed it. “Aw, c’mon. I’m not adorable,” I said, “You’re the one who’s adorable.” I poked at his stomach with my free hand. “Awww.. That wasn’t fairrr,” He said mocking tears. “Could we please just go to the amusement park?” I asked, putting on a pouty face. He straightened up and put a finger under my chin. “Now no need for that.” He said tapping my nose. I giggled. “Let’s just go…” I said with a smile. He picked me off of the ground and into his arms bridal style again. “Anything for you, babe.”

With that we were teleported to the amusement park. There were neon lights everywhere and in the distance I could see the ferris wheel. It was beautiful here. All the lights and the smell of various foods. The people all around were talking and laughing and there was carnival music coming from in the direction Merry-Go-Round. This kind of place just gave me a sense of being a little kid again. ((sorry for lack of good description here. i’ve never actually been to an amusement park like this at night so i didn’t have many foresights of how it would look and feel.))

Bill materialized twenty dollars and bought us tickets in. Once we were in, it was my turn to drag him places. I grabbed his hand and dragged him to a place that sold (F/F). We bought two orders of (F/F) and went to check out more rides and attractions for a little while. Bill stopped at one ride and just stood there and stared for a minute. It was a drop ride. ((Like Tower of Terror at Disneyland)) Bill grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the front gate of the ride. There is NO way I’m going on that. I thought as I tried to pull away from Bill’s grip. He turned around and playfully tugged at some of my hair. “C’mon, It’ll be funnnn.” Bill said as he tugged me slowly toward the ride. Eventually I gave in and just resorted to my plan that when the ride started up, I would just hold on to Bill’s arm. We gave the ride operator two tickets and he opened the gate for us. Bill sat us on the side of the ride from which we could see the most of the park. He helped me into my seat and then proceeded to take his. He lowered the lap bar over us and the other ride operator came around to make sure all of the bars were locked down. He flashed a thumbs up to the operator at the gate who gave him a small thumbs up in return. It looked as if he pressed some buttons and then the ride started rumbling. My feet were picked up off the ground and we went higher and higher. I reached for Bill’s hand. He chuckled and let me hold onto him. I looked up and saw we were nearing the top of the ride. We traveled up a couple more feet before I heard a click. All of the sudden we were being dropped through the air. I felt weightless. It was a feeling that I adored and dreaded at the same time. I buried my face in Bill’s sleeve. I felt his other hand come and rest on the back of my head to comfort me. He was screaming though. Screaming in delight. He loved thrill rides thats for sure. We landed slowly at the bottom of the ride and then before I knew it we were being shot up through the atmosphere again.

After a few more of this cycle of raising and dropping us, the ride was over. Bill unfastened our safety bar and helped me down from my seat. My feet touched the ground and I wobbled, falling into Bill. “Whoa, whoa. It’s ok,” The tone of his voice made it obvious that he was smirking. I looked up at him to see that his hair was all messed up from the ride. It was adorable when his hair was messed up. I assumed mine was messed up too. He let me lean on him as we walked out through the gate. We stopped at a food vendor and Bill bought us some cotton candy. We sat down on a bench and he put his arm around my waist. I laid on his shoulder and we slowly ate the cotton candy. I looked at my phone to check the time. The screen flashed the numbers 10:37 at me. I nudged Bill.

“Yeah, cupcake?” He said. I showed him the screen and a small frown came to his face. he sighed and pulled me closer to him. “I don’t want this night to end,” he said. His face lit up all the sudden. “Wait! There’s still one more place we’ve gotta go before I take you home.” He squeezed me to his side before taking my hand and pulling us up off the bench. He threw away the cotton candy stick away and led me in another direction. “Close your eyes, babe,” Bill said in my ear. His breath was tickling my neck as he spoke. I did as I was told and closed my eyes. What came after that was unexpected. After my eyes were closed, he grabbed my shoulders and spun me around. “Ahhhh! Bill!” I said starting to open my eyes. “Nope! keep ‘em closed, Cupcake.” I closed my eyes again and he stopped spinning me. “What was that even about?” I asked, giggling a little. “I had to get you disorientated so you wouldn’t know where we’re going.” He said and laughed. He took my hand and intertwined our fingers. The other hand traveled to my back as he led me to our last ride of the night.

“Alright you can open your eyes now.” He said after a few minutes, and squeezed my hand. I opened my eyes to find that we were standing in front of the ferris wheel. ((ah, yes. the good old ferris wheel, where every romance story eventually ends up. sorry if this was too predictable… XD)) I stared up at it. From the other end of the park, it looked small, but from here, it towered in front of me. Bill gave the ride operator two tickets and we took our seats. The lap bar closed on us automatically and we were hoisted up into the sky as other riders got on.

*Bill’s POV*

I put my arm around (Y/N) as we were slowly brought into the air. Our legs dangled loosely off the edge of the seat and (Y/N) kicked hers playfully. I moved my arm so it was around her waist and leaned over to kiss her cheek. She blushed at this and I smirked. “You’re so cute when you blush,” I said lifting up her chin. This made her blush more and I chuckled. Soon we were at the top of the ferris wheel. “I brought you up here because this ferris wheel was where we ended our first date too. Remember?” I asked. She smiled and nodded her head. I leaned my forehead against hers and laughed a little. “You remember that but you don’t remember that I used to call you ‘Cupcake’? Come on!” I laughed, throwing my head back before letting it come to rest on her forehead again. I squeezed her to my side and she laid her head on my arm.

I put my hands on either side of her face and looked into her (E/C) eyes. She stared back into mine. ((sorry I’m making it so he has two eyes. deal with it. XD)) I caressed her cheek with my thumb. I could feel myself blushing lightly. I leaned forward and kissed her cheek and let my kisses trail down until I was pecking along her jaw. I let my fingers run through her (H/L) (H/C) hair (Her up-do had come out on the drop ride). She wrapped her arms around my neck and brought me closer. I nuzzled her neck with my nose, making her giggle and pull back a little. I smirked and continued, making her giggle more. “Agh! Bill! That tickles, stop it!” she said in between laughs.

*Your POV*

Bill stopped nuzzling my neck and snapped his fingers. The color slowly drained from everything and everyone except us. I gave him a questioning look. “What?” He asked, “Now we can stay up here as long as we want.” he smirked and pulled me closer again. He did have a point. In the Dreamscape, there was no time. We could stay out here as long as we wanted. Still, I thought it would be dishonest. “Yes, but not as long as you want.” I replied smirking at the pouty face that Bill made in response to what I said. “Aww, why not??” He asked while giving me puppy eyes. “Hey,” I said, “I never said that we couldn’t stay out a little later,” Bill brightened up. “But..” He narrowed his eyes. “We’ve gotta stay at the ferris wheel.” I finished. He gave me an ‘are you serious?’ look and rolled his eyes. “Party-pooper..” He said playfully under his breath. I laughed at his childlike attitude. He reached up and tugged at some of my hair, forcing me to come closer. I smirked and pulled at some of his hair also, forcing him to come even closer. Our faces were mere inches from each other.

*Bill’s POV*

It had been so long since I had been this close to (Y/N). This human body and the hormones weren’t helping much with my newfound anxiety. My breathing was becoming slightly shaky, and so was the rest of my body. My eyes kept darting over her face. I looked at her eyes then her cheeks and her forehead, her hair. Then finally my eyes started darting to her lips every so often. I think (Y/N) noticed a few times because she started blushing. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn’t know if she wanted me to kiss her. My hands went behind her back and I clung to her and I made the move.

I leaned in and my lips brushed against hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and that was my signal. I closed the tiny gap in between our mouths and pressed up against her. My hands traveled up into her hair and she kept her lips pressed on mine.

*Your POV*

He was kissing me. I ran my fingers through his golden hair and he ran his hands through mine as we shared that embrace. I marveled at how much I had missed this. Two years without Bill was too much. I savored this moment as his lips moved slowly and smoothly against mine. Bill kept pulling me closer. He bit my lip slightly as he moved his hands to my waist again. I would need air soon. I pressed my lips up against his one more time before we both came up for air.

He leaned his forehead on mine and we both sat there and breathed deeply. I could hear the shakiness of his breathing and chuckled a little to myself. He looked into my eyes and smiled. Not a smirk, but a real genuine smile. He pecked me on the lips again before snapping his fingers. Color returned to the world and I leaned against Bill’s arm. He put his arm around my waist as our seat glided down to the ground once more.

We got off the ride and walked down to the other end of the park hand in hand. I checked my phone and the display flashed 10:54. “Bill, I’ve gotta get home now.” I said as I squeezed his hand. He looked at the phone and picked me up, carrying me bridal style out of the park. He transported us to the edge of the forest outside The Mystery Shack.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, right cupcake?” He asked. “Yeah,” I replied. “I should be available.” I smirked at him. With that he leaned down and pressed his lips against mine again. He pulled away and whispered, “Bye, babe.” and then he was gone.

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Look at us, being all fancy.

@thesearchingastronaut asked: could someone please write a fic about my voltron babies at a special occasion wearing suits and looking fancy and keith is probably almost dead because lance looks v nice in a tux? That would be awesome…

Is there already a fic like that? I need it for reasons.

Diplomatic missions were the biggest part of what being Voltron really meant. Unfortunately for Keith, he never really was the best with the subtlety and finesse of the trade. He was much better suited for the intergalactic fighting with death rays and giant metallic lions. The shooting was way easier than talking, especially when that talking was so crucial in establishing alliances. So when their recent recon mission to a mysterious green planet called Lokar ended in the invitation of Voltron’s crew to attend a meal and dance with the inhabitant’s royal family Keith assumed he would be sitting this one out. Which is why it was beyond his comprehension that a nicely tailored suit was shoved his way.

“It’s for the dinner tonight,” Pidge half-heartedly explained.

Her full attention was on the small gadget lying on her workstation. She tinkered tirelessly with the many cables and connector panels, every now and again huffing in annoyance when something didn’t click right. He remembered her mentioning something about an upgrade to the Yellow Lion’s defenses, but he was… distracted, at the time. Lance was always distracting. Keith felt a blush making its way to his cheeks at the memory and ducked his head.

“But why do I have a suit?”

Pidge stopped fiddling with the gadget and set her tools down, turning to face Keith with much exasperation. “The Lokarian’s invited the entire team. Why wouldn’t you have a suit?”

“Because I’m not —  I don’t do diplomacy!” His arms flailed uselessly in the air. “I’m not good with using words.”

Pidge raised an eyebrow at his little outburst before shaking her head. Honestly, how can she ever get any work done around here with all of these dramatic paladins? Sure, it was comforting to know that they felt confident coming to her for advice, but sometimes she just wanted to smack them all upside the head. Most of the problems had simple solutions. It was beyond her how they managed to find difficulty in them.

“Then don’t talk,” she said matter-of-factly. “Just dance, or stand in the corner. I am sure Princess Allura will sort out the alliance thing. Now go put on your suit because we’re leaving soon.”

“I don’t like wearing—”

“Go. Put on. The suit.”

A few ticks later he was standing on the hanger deck looking anything but enthusiastic. The suit fit snugly, and he had to wonder where exactly the specifications came from. Still, the white dress shirt felt wrong against his skin. He didn’t think a piece of clothing could ever feel too smooth. A black bowtie was also tied precisely around the collar, which admittedly was something he had to get Pidge’s help for. She was a master at it, and Keith was decidedly much less so. He felt better knowing he wasn’t the only one though as she was currently off to the side situating Hunk’s tie as well.

The Yellow and Green paladin also wore well-fitted suits that accentuated the best features of their bodies. They had adorned the black dress jacket—something Keith defiantly did not wear—and both looked stunning in their attire. Hunk’s hair was slicked back with gel whereas Pidge somehow managed to find a way to curl hers. Keith highly doubted that Princess Allura had a curling iron somewhere on the castle, so it was no doubt attributed to the young girl’s ingenuity and determination.

Hunk laughed and thanked her as she finished with his bowtie. The Yellow paladin through a friendly arm over her shoulders and directed them both over to Keith. “Look at us, being all fancy,” Hunk said with a beaming smile.

Keith gave a begrudging nod.

Behind them, the doors swooshed open as the rest of Team Voltron joined the trio in the hanger. Princess Allura was dazzling in her long, beautiful pink and gold gown. It fell in delicate waves to the floor and hung in all the right places. She looked almost like a Greek goddess as her billowing hair trailed softly in her wake. The others had no doubt she outshined them all tonight, but none minded.

Her arm was hooked around Shiro’s as the Black Paladin escorted her through the castle. His hair was also slicked back like Hunk’s, but with more care to keep every strange in place. He seemed to move somewhat awkwardly in the suit but took it all in stride like the strong leader he was. Shiro would put up a good front if it meant helping to form a very much needed alliance. Their supplies were drastically dwindling, and if the team didn’t do something soon… well, he didn’t want to think about it.

“Wow, Princess you look stunning,” Hunk said with wide eyes.

She laughed and patted his shoulder. “Thank you, and I think we all look very nice. It’s so nice to be able to dress up again.”

There was a hint of sadness in her tone, but it was quickly washed away in a bright smile. Sometimes Keith forgot that she used to live a much different life many years ago. It must plague her constantly to remember a time long forgotten.

“So, the vest wasn’t mandatory?” came another voice behind Shiro and Allura.

Lance was a few paces behind as he made his way over to the group. He was fidgeting with a black buttoned vest that hugged every curve down his waist. For a moment, Keith couldn’t breathe. The Blue Paladin looked incredible. The slacks made his legs seem impossibly long, and Keith couldn’t stop staring at the almost perfect way the suit seemed to fit (seriously, who got the fittings, because Lance’s might’ve been one size too tight). Lance caught Keith’s stare and gave the boy a wickedly charming wink.

Keith’s cheeks instantly flared for the second time today. Oh god, why. Why did Lance have to look so impossibly sexy right now, and why did that idiot make it worse by knowing just exactly how hot he looked? Stupid Lance. Stupid suits.

Hunk, amused at the brief exchange, cleared his throat. “Not that standing around isn’t fun and all, but I am dying to try some Lokarian cuisine.”

Everyone more or less fell into line as they made their way out hanger doors onto the planet’s surface toward the large buildings ahead. Coran wasn’t attending as he felt someone should remain with the castle and rambled off on all of the repairs he had to make. He sulked heavily but was there to wave them off nevertheless.

Pidge was being escorted by Hunk as the larger man happily led his charge forward. The Green Paladin kept stopping every now and again at the technological advances of Lokar, which led to Hunk practically dragging her along the path. Keith, much to his displeasure, was saddled with Lance, as Shiro still had the Princess’ arm around his. The Red Paladin pointedly ignored the boy by his side, trying desperately to keep his eyes on the road in front of him. Lance was speaking—as he always is—and going off about one other time when he had to wear a suit to his older sister’s wedding. He spoke so easily about his family in comparison to previous months. He had gotten past the point of missing them so much that just thinking about them made his heart ache. Instead, it developed into a motivation to keep going.

Keith was so focused on not being focused on Lance that when a hand waved in front of his face he startled.


The Red Paladin turned reluctantly to face the boy. Keep your eyes up, Kogane, don’t wander. “What?” The word came out a little more vehemently than he intended.

“I just… you look nice.”

Keith stopped in his tracks. This time, his voice was softer, almost like a whisper. “What?”

“You look nice; in your suit I mean.” Lance smiled kindly and leaned forward. Keith felt his heart stutter to a complete stop. “Save a dance for me?”

Keith was speechless. His voice just wasn’t cooperating, and he didn’t think his heart had resumed beating yet. Somehow he managed to croak out something that sounded like a yes. Lance’s smile grew impossibly wide before the Blue Paladin hooked his arm through Keith’s and practically pulled him along.

Keith smiled despite himself and allowed the boy the lead him along. He was actually happy to be in the suit now. In fact, Keith now felt new anticipation to reach the dinner.

Stupid Lance.

im ??? i’ve had this blog for a little over a year and i remember when i bragged to my friends about having 75 followers, and i never thought id come close to 2k. my blog doesn’t grow very quickly but i’m still surprised when people follow me bc i post a ton of crap and spam my blog with alex almost every day ,, but i’m super thankful that people follow this blog and are there to see my stupid rants and i’m really glad that people come to ask me for advice a lot because it makes me feel like i’m helping other people and i hope that i’m doing a good job of it <3 thank u guys so much for following me , it means a lot :)))

* i want to give a special shoutout to @peppermint-lester because alex is my best friend and one of the main reasons i dont regret joining tumblr. if you’ve followed my blog for more than a week you can see how literally half of my blog is made up of them. we’ve been mutuals for a long time (except when one of us unfollows the other one), talked on tumblr since the summer (honestly idk when) and i started kicking your ass at 8-ball around september and we had our iconic 14 hour facetime and got matching necklaces to finally become more domestic than dan and phil and honestly if someone can name a more iconic duo then i will congratulate you. i love you so much and idk where i would be without you, thanks for sticking around through my rants, keeping me company during physics, and watching the bee movie over facetime with me (and so much more but that would take forever to type out) *

now on to the follow forever! everyone on here are my mutuals, faves/people that ive talked to are bolded <3 im sorry if i missed anyone or tagged someone that im not mutuals with ,,, just let me know!

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Yoosung Kim

Summary: Reader taking care of Yoosung at the party. Lots of fluff. Cutesy, you-make-me-want-to-throw-up kind of fluff. Contains spoilers for Yoosung’s route.

Requested: No.

Author’s Note: Wow can you take a guess at what game has consumed my life for the last few weeks? Yoosung deserves all the love so I wrote this up pretty quickly. I hope you enjoy this and my requests are open! x

The entire night I had felt a pair of eyes on me. I wasn’t concerned however because I knew the owner of the stare. In fact, I was guilty myself because I’d been returning the gaze all night. Any opportunity I was given, I snuck a glance at Yoosung who always seemed to be returning the eye contact at every moment. I truly would’ve liked to see him with both eyes, for him to see me with both eyes. I’ll never get to see the pair of violet eyes he sported, but I was okay with the one vibrant hue. His eyes were a gorgeous color and I thought they were even more so because it was Yoosung. The bandages worried me, but rather than reprimanding the boy, I wanted to help. I wanted to take care of him, assure him everything would be alright and I’d be there to see it through. I looked forward to the party because he was finally here, in front of me, but unfortunately I also had guests to attend to so I wasn’t able to give him my undivided attention at the moment. I guess that would have to wait for later.

At dinner I was given the chance to see him seeing as we sat across from each other. The dining hall was flooded with speech, but Yoosung and I only stared, a dumb smile on his face and I held the matching one. I took maybe four bites of my food, I was too busy being enthralled by the boy’s presence. I could’ve studied him for hours. I wanted to memorize all of his features, I never wanted to forget how he looked. From his feathery blonde hair, to his plum colored eyes, the suspenders paired with a yellow bowtie, I found it all to be endearing.

It appeared that Yoosung had eaten even less than I had, we both found it difficult to focus. Well, not exactly. We were too focused on each other that everything else around us became irrelevant. Because of this, I noticed the smallest change in his demeanor. I noticed when he winced slightly, it was so subtle, but I noticed. I frowned slightly leaning over to rest a hand on top of his own.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned softly, not wanting our conversation to be overheard.

 “The lights.” He mumbled.

“Everyone’s preoccupied, I think it’d be okay if we disappeared for a little while.” I offered with a small grin, Yoosung looking up to meet my eyes and returning the grin.

 “We’re going to go for a walk quickly, could you take care of things? If that’s alright.” I whispered, leaning over to Jaehee.

“Don’t be gone for too long.” She sighed, picking up her hand and using it to press her glasses further up the bridge of her nose.

 “Excuse us.” I said, Yoosung and I standing from our seats at the same spot. I walked around the table that seemed to stretch on and on, meeting Yoosung at the end.

“Come on, I know a nice little place.” He replied, slipping his hand into my own before leading the way. He weaved his way through guests, offering a smile and a polite ‘hello’, dodging pillars and turning corners. We walked through a hall that seemingly removed itself from the rest of the party, a grand staircase leading to God knows where.

 “How did you find this place?” I murmured as we trudged up the stairs.

“I used to come here all the time during parties, it’s a nice place to clear your head.” He replied as he walked down a hall and was met with a pair of glass doors. He gripped one of the handles before gesturing for me to enter first. I smiled and nodded to him before stepping forward, being met with the feeling of fresh air. It was surreal, after being in such a densely populated area then being allowed a moment of contact with the outside, it was refreshing. It was already pitch dark outside, I looked over the railing to see what looked like a common area. There was a fountain at the center and the cemented area was accentuated by trees, bushes, and just about any flower you could think of. No one seemed to be out in the area, seeing as it was just a bit too cold for that. I smiled subconsciously, my fingers curling around the railing as I took in the sight. I hoped there would be another party in the near future, I wanted to go out there. Once I seemed to comprehend where I was, I noticed Yoosung was no longer beside me. I turned around to see he had taken a seat on a bench that was pressed against the wall, he was hunched over with one hand on his knee and the other prodding the area around his bandaged eye. I slowly walked over, kneeling down to place my hand over the one on his knee. Yoosung looked up at the contact, momentarily ceasing his actions.

“You’re hurting.” I frowned up at him.

 “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me.” He stated in a poor attempt to reassure me.

“Yoosung, your surgery was only hours ago. Of course I’m going to worry.” I sighed, shaking my head and looking down to our hands. He had maneuvered the one on his knee to hold onto mine, his thumb lightly tracing circles.

 “C’mere.” He whispered, leaning down slightly to grasp at my waist. I stood up at that, giving Yoosung a better grip which only led to him pulling me down onto his lap. I reached a hand up, brushing his hair back from his face to give me a view of the bandages. I sighed before looking back to his gaze, his cheeks blushing furiously.

“I-Is this okay?” He swallowed.

 “Yes, this is okay.” I chuckled, bringing my arm to wrap around his shoulders, leaning my head against his slightly and pressing a kiss to the side of the bandages, causing Yoosung to freeze under my touch.

“Oh God, I’m sorry. Did that hurt!?” I asked hurriedly, pressing my hands to his cheeks.

 “No, it actually feels better.” Yoosung murmured quietly.

“What?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

 “It feels better when you kiss it for some reason.” He answered. Huh. An odd and charming statement all in one. Maybe it was the light pressure easing some of the pain? I didn’t think too much of it if it meant I could temporarily relieve him of some of his pain. I tentatively pressed another kiss to the side of the bandages, Yoosung letting out a sigh. He slid his arms around my waist and rested his cheek against my shoulder. I angled myself so I’d still have access to the bandages. My other hand tangled into his hair, combing through it as I pressed light kisses to his bandages, careful to avoid his eye directly.

“Am I doing okay?” I whispered, my lips grazing the side of his cheek.

 “You’re doing great.” He replied sleepily. I chuckled, Yoosung letting out a slight moan at the vibrations that were caused by the actions.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” I spoke hurriedly, pressing a cool hand against his cheek.

 “I-I’m sorry, it just felt really good.” Yoosung stuttered. I smiled at the boy before me. A nervous wreck when it came to anything that might earn him more attention because he didn’t know how to handle it. He’d been single thus far into his lifetime, a lover’s touch was not something he was familiar with. Being shy was his instinct. And I loved that fact more than I’d care to admit.

“You don’t need to be so nervous, that’s the kind of thing I’m supposed to do as your girlfriend. Things that make you feel good, things that make you feel better.” I murmured, brushing his hair back from his face. Yoosung’s cheeks flushed a light pink color and I grinned widely in response. It wasn’t every day you’d find someone you had this effect on. To know your presence was enough to make someone nervous (in the best kind of way) was unreal and so, so precious. If your lover isn’t nervous around you, something isn’t right. And Yoosung’s flushed cheeks and stuttering of his words made me believe I had found the person I would hold dear for the rest of my life.

 “Ah, my darling.” I sighed happily, snuggling farther into his embrace. The cold was finally starting to become more prominent, it had kept quiet before, but now it was certain that it had made its presence announced. Yoosung gladly reciprocated my touch, his chin resting on the top of my head.

“Should we return to the party soon?” Yoosung whispered.

 “Soon, not just yet.” I responded, my voice being muffled by the blue fabric that made up his button up.

“Alright, sweetie.” Yoosung nodded. I felt his fingers splay themselves across my backside, whether it was to cover as much space from the wind or to spread as much heat as possible, I didn’t know. I imagined it was a combination of both due to Yoosung’s nature. He had to be taking care of someone, he had to make sure he did everything in his power to make sure those dear to him were okay. An admirable trait of many that the boy held. I never questioned his love and I never questioned myself because his love gave me every reason not to. I felt comfortable with myself, with him. The RFA had given me so much more than I ever thought I was capable of having. I was given the wonderful opportunity to fall in love with someone who was so ethereal, so special. Someone I couldn’t believe existed. I was given such amazing friends to a point it was incomprehensible. The RFA held so much love within it and I was so lucky to have been invited to be a part of such a thing. As humans, love is what we need and I believe it’s our job to pass it on to others. Don’t hold onto hate, spread your love, and tell a stranger something kind. 

Yoosung described it perfectly.

It really was like magic.

a quiet night, it was . the moon was out in full, a white orb floating in the blackness of space, surrounded by billions && billions of twinkling stars . it was rather peaceful . the animals of the night began to wake up, their routine nocturnal jaunt spreading across the area . it was a time for people to get some rest, for shops to close —– && it was also a time for strange && unnatural things to go bump in the night . however, one certain strange being just wasn’t content with making a small bump .

                                                  he was going to make a loud boom .

it was the top hat that appeared first ——— tall && thin, black as shadow, it silently heralded the coming of it’s eon - old owner, followed by the cane && the bowtie . a yellow vertical line materialized into midair, before widening into a triangular shape . with a flash of light && blue fire, his eye appeared, the eye of providence, the eye of god, hiding the iris behind a singular eyelid, accompanied by his two arms && legs . his name was unknown by anyone but himself . his origin a mystery . he did go by another name, however .

                                                                                                  b  i  l  l    c  i  p  h  e  r .



if he could grin, that’s exactly what he would be doing at that instant . everything was going to plan . truth be told, yes, he lose his physical form back in that nobody town, but what might have been total defeat turned out to simply be a setback . he had a few weirdmageddons on the way in the other realities he had visited, && it wasn’t out of the question that he would do the same in this reality . there was one thing he was sure of . weirdmageddon in gravity falls was going to be postponed until he had enough forces by his side, until he truly felt comfortable tackling that dimension —– oh, oh, oh, what do we have here ??

his yellow eye opened, following the sudden source of unusual energy . now that was certainly interesting . it caught him slightly off guard, but his demonic curiosity was piqued . time to find out what was happening .

the triangle poked his head around the corner, his eye staring right at the back of someone who seemed to be disassembling a stand, the energies apparently originating from this meatbag . ooh, the plot thickens . now that could be a useful puzzle piece that the dream demon could use to his advantage . a plan was already formulating in his mind, he was set . silently, the triangle floated over, until he was right behind his new soon - to - be - partner . then, with absolutely zero warning, he began to introduce himself .


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tweedledee and tweedledum


Member: Kim Taehyung

Request: You and Taehyung accidentally wore matching costumes to a party

Word Count: 1,092

Costume parties weren’t really your thing. You always took too long on deciding what to go as and you end up complaining half of the time because it’s either a part of your costume is scratching up against your skin or your face makeup starts wearing off and you end up looking like a sad clown instead of Harley Quinn. So when you found out that your building was throwing another costume party for the start of the second semester, you almost wanted to call in sick. If it weren’t for the fact that all of your friends were going, you’d probably spend Friday night sleeping in or watching a movie. The theme for the party was Disney characters, a slightly more mellow theme compared to the previous ones they’ve come up with. This time, you thought it would be fun to wear a matching costume so you coordinate with one of your friends and decide to go as Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

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