yellow bows

Bill, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Bill Potts from Doctor Who. Portrait is from the chest up. Bill is wearing a pale denim jacket with a skull patch and “wow!” patch sewn onto it over a red and yellow striped tank. Her curly black hair is styled naturally and accented with a red and yellow organza bow. The background is glowing blue with a burst of alternating faded stripes.]

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Starchild!! I lov her for some reason idk?? I made her up for a challenge on G+ and ?? shes cute !!??

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I think 99 would be rlly funny!! Hope u can write it

99.“You got a cute butt.”

Betty wrapped the tan elastic tight around her ponytail, adjusting her knee socks and tiny black work out shorts, today was the Pep rally and the River Vixens were rehearsing their routine in the space they shared with the football team. The bulldogs were rowdy, shouting and whistling, purposely throwing balls in the direction of the girls just so they could come and pick them up.

It was a breezy day, the perfect weather for a football game, Cheryl was busy yelling at Coach Clayton over the Boys being a distraction and Veronica was bent over the metal fence talking to Archie in the other side, that left Betty on her own, well not quite.

“Hey hot stuff. I’m digging the socks. Totally naughty school girl.”

Betty sighed, turning around slowly

“Hello Reggie.”

“hey babe, so I’ve been thinking…why don’t you wear my jersey after the game tonight All the girls are gonna be wearing their guys. I wouldn’t want you to feel left out.” The muscular boy grinned cockily, his eyes scanning her body greedily.

Betty opened her mouth to respond but was cut off.

“How thoughtful of you, really Reg. What a guy.”

Betty instantly relaxed at the familiar timber of her boyfriends lazy drawl.

Reggies smile quickly dropped

“Stay out of this panic at the disco, I’m just talking to my good friend Betty.”

Jughead moved to Betty’s side draping an arm over her shoulder
“Correction, you’re talking to my girlfriend Betty. I could see where you could make the mistake. None the less, we have to get going. I’m taking Betty out for a milkshake before the rally tonight, I’m sure we’ll see you later.”
The moodie boy gently tugged Betty away turning them both the opposite direction.

Jugheads innocent jealousy came as no surprise to Betty, what did come as a surprise however was the familiar hand clutching her butt over the fabric of her shorts. Betty yelped quickly but Jughead just kept walking, his hand still permanently placed on her behind.

“Jughead?!” Betty asked incredulously “what are you doing?”

The dark haired boy glanced behind her to see Reggie still staring, turning back to his girlfriend with a Victorious smile Jughead beamed

“You got a cute butt.” He states simply.

Betty stuttered, surprised by the sudden. Change in her normally predictable boyfriend

“I got a .. I got a.. did you say cute butt?”
Betty was trying desperately to stifle her laughter as Jughead shrugged once again

“Yeah it’s nice, oh and by the way you aren’t wearing that douches jersey. Not that I can tell you what you can and can’t do.. I know you’re an independent woman but.. I didn’t mean you aren’t… it’s just that you’re my girlfriend..”

Betty placed a gentle kiss on her loves lips

“Don’t worry Juggie the only boys clothes I’m going to be wearing are yours.”

And maybe it was the relief on her boyfriends face but Betty found herself wrapped up in a very familiar leather jacket after the pep rally, the glaring S on its back seemed much less intimidating surrounded by blue bows and yellow ponytails.