yellow bong


1.       Nam ji hyun

2.       The fact that this is jcw first romcom

3.       Eun bong hee’s girl power

4.       Nam ji hyun’s taekwando skills

5.       Nam ji hyun’s radiant megawatt smile

6.       Nam ji hyun’s dancing queen skills

7.       How eun bong hee is NEVER your damsel in distress

8.       Eun bong hee’s chic blazer and shorts lawyer fashion

9.       Eun bong hee’s cute and trendy bags

10.   Eun bong hee’s diary

11.   Eun bong hee’s bright yellow luggage

12.   Eun bong hee’s perseverance and unmatched dedication

13.   Eun bong hee’s inspiring road to being a lawyer

14.   How bong hee seamlessly reflects and express my own reaction to every situation she’s in

15.   No ji wook’s smexy Mr. Prosecutor hair style

16.   Jcw irresistible kissable lips

17.   How jcw turn every walking scene into an instant fashion runway

18.   No ji wook the real-life/living anime character

19.   No ji wook’s back view

20.   No ji wook’s side view

21.   No ji wook with his oversized spectacles

22.   No ji wook’s toy collection

23.   No ji wook’s aegyo

24.   No ji wook’s puppy dog eyes

25.   Sweaty no ji wook and eun hyuk

26.   Jibong Uh Jjoo rabbit couple dolls

27.   No ji wook’s house

28.   No ji wook’s house’s interior design

29.   No ji wook the neat freak

30.   No ji wook the master chef

31.   Eun bong hee’s sincerest and purest crush turned love for no ji wook

32.   No ji wook’s sweetest devotion to bong hee

33.   How completely smitten jcw towards njh

34.   How jibong couple can perfectly read each other despite their wanting communication skills

35.   That scene when bong hee was dazed watching njw sleep

36.   That tear-jerker scene when bh said ‘what’s with this breakup emotions’

37.   That scene when bong hee was upgraded from humanity to hostage XD

38.   That scene when njw checked if bong hee was alright after being throat gripped by evil da

39.   When no ji wook said bong hee was messy but pretty

40.   Jcw’s galawang james reid in every single bts with nam ji hyun #jadine #jibong

41.   How Jcw and nam ji hyun are destined to be together in sp

42.   Jcw and njh jiji couple astounding chemistry

43.   Feel good easy breezy atmosphere at the set

44.   Did-they-or-did-they-not scene part 1

45.   Did-they-or-did-they-not scene part 2 on reverse

46.   Jiji couple’s touchy-feely every single bts

47.   Sp director-nim’s laugh

48.   Sp director-nim himself

49.   Sp writer-nim except for the last two weeks X)

50.   Jibong heart-wrenching first kiss #thebestestbestfirstkissever

51.   Jibong’s first kiss’ bts #almost2Mviewsonyt

52.   Jibong kiligity millisecond kiss

53.   Jibong passionate full-circle kiss

54.   Jibong first night together

55.   Jibong hospital kiss

56.   Jibong hospital kiss’ bts

57.   Jibong hugs unlimited

58.   Jcw fluffy lip habit X)

59.   Njw/jcw electric shock gaze towards ebh/njh

60.   How no ji wook is wired to care for bong hee unconditionally

61.   Bong hee is the first to fall in love but ji wook is the one who finds it more difficult to live without bong hee

62.   Eun hyuk and bong hee’s regular consultation

63.   Eun hyuk and bong hee’s bff goals

64.   Eun hyuk’s undaunted devotion towards ji wook

65.   Eun hyuk and ji hae chemistry

66.   Ji hae’s cute and tear-jerker crush towards eun hyuk

67.   Eun hyuk’s double edged laugh

68.   Ceo byun’s fool-proof antics

69.   Ceo byun’s uncanny ability to turn every serious moment into a lighthearted one

70.   Ceo byun being so adorably cute doing household chores

71.   No ji wook’s petty jealousy

72.   Jibong couple cute and hilarious cat fights

73.   Chief bang as the president of jibong otp fandom

74.   Chief bang’s exceptional  investigation skills

75.   Chief bang reflecting jibong otp fans’ reaction for every jibong fluff

76.   Dream team’s pointless meetings

77.   Bong hee successfully proving the wrongfully accused mother/son

78.   Ji hae’s transition from evil/rel’p breaker to real friend

79.   Bong hee and ji hae bonding over their cry fest

80.   Chan ho’s doe eyes

81.   Chan ho’s uncanny resemblance with keannu reeves

82.   Chan ho’s honey voice

83.   Ra.d the same way ost

84.   Cheeze how about you ost

85.   Kim EZ eye contact ost

86.   Bumkey breathing all day ost

87.   Dong ha’s brilliant multiple personality acting

88.   Hyun soo the meticulous and genius villain

89.   Hyun soo the villain we love to hate and love to root for

90.   How bong hee announced the start of their first day as jibong couple

91.   How cute jibong were on their first official day

92.   Ji wook’s tolerance and devotion towards drinking bong hee’s bitter tea

93.   The beautiful balance between fluff and suspense in every episode

94.   Bong hee’s mom

95.   Ji wook’s mom

96.   Jibong’s first date

97.   Ji wook confessing about their rel’p to their moms

98.   Chief bang and eun hyuk’s ‘act surprised’ silliness

99.   Jibong being old school. No sns.

100. Bong hee loves to write in her diary

101. Ji wook loves to listen to classical music

102. Ji wook’s ring necklace gift to bong hee

103. Ji wook winning the rabbit doll at the claw machine #possiblytheonlytimehewon

104. Jibong bicycle date at the park

105. Jibong holding hands

106. Uber cute jae hong the harry potter kid

107. Silly initial reaction of ji wook towards jae hong

108. Ji wook / jae hong father-son moment

109. Ji wook’s long over-due confession to bong hee

110. Explosive first meeting at the subway

111. Hoping for a wedding scene

112. Rooting for the best finale in my kdrama history