yellow billed magpie

They are just so cool

  • They are black and white like a fancy classic style black and white
  • Their scientific name is Pica pica which reminds me of Pikachu
  • They were believed to be the only birds that refused to go to Noah’s. 
  • They’re like less creepy chubby crows
  • They carry funerals. Look at this description about the Yellow-billed Magpie :

 “A Cooper’s Hawk (…), had attacked and killed a female magpie. Magpies from all over the area gathered in the trees around the kill site and chattered constantly while the hawk ate the magpie.  (…) After the hawk left, the magpies flew down and walked over to the remains of the dead female. They no longer chattered, instead they muttered in low voices, like they were talking to each other. To my surprise, some magpies picked up feathers from the dead bird, took them into the trees, and stuck them there. After 15-20 minutes all the magpies except one flew away silently. The only remaining bird was the mate of the dead bird. He picked up one of her primary wing feathers and carried it around with him for several days. When he stopped to eat he would put the feather down carefully and eat, then he would pick the feather up again and fly off with it.” [1]

That’s just ridiculously sad and amazing and I can’t deal with it

 Pierotti, R., & Annett, C. (2014). We Probably Thought That Would Be True: Perceiving Complex Emotional States in Nonhumans. Ethnobiology Letters,5, 15-21.



( inspired by a conversation with fiftysevenacademics) I hope some other crazy shakesbird out there will enjoy this. For me, life is too short not to have an all Corvid Hamlet fancast. Please stay tuned for Owlthello. (All pics are by my dad, as usual)

Hamlet-American Crow (upper right corner)

Gertrude- Blue Jay (upper left corner)

Polonius-Yellow billed Magpie (center right)

Ghost of Hamlet Sr.-Common Raven (center left)

Claudius- Fish Crow (middle, second down)

Ophelia- Western Jay (middle, center)

Laertes-Steller’s Jay (middle, top)

Horatio-Gray Jay (bottom right corner)

Rosencrantz &Guildenstern-Green Jays (middle, bottom two)

Fortinbras - Clark’s nutcracker (bottom left corner)