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[2017.07.10] Fullmetal Alchemist press conference at Japan Expo (Paris) - LE MONDE

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Here is an article from the press conference held on the 2017.07.07 that Sori Fumihiko (director), Yamada Ryosuke (Edward Elric) and Honda Tsubasa (Winry Rockbell) did at Japan Expo 18th Impact (Parc des Expositions, Paris-Nord Villepinte) !

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Source : Le Monde

When we adapt a manga like “Fullmetal Alchemist” into a (live action) movie, “we can’t tell everything”

This famous manga is, for the first time, adapted into a live action movie. During Japan Expo, which just ended at Villepinte, the casting explains the challenge of the adaptation of such a manga into a live action movie.

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It only takes a hand full of these special gems to obliterate planets. They are one of Yellow Diamond’s Elites. If a cluster fails to explode, she sends them. They were originally chosen by Yellow Diamond’s and her associates, despite Blue Diamond’s disagreements, as a Suicide Squad because half of them were criminals, but they all proven themselves that they were more than that. The authorities also realized that 5/7 of them had special abilities that no other of there kinds have had.


C.E.W.X. (Peridot)- She is a Peridot that under went to a dangerous experiment, in which gems are given cybernetic enhancements. She is a 10th model of her kind, and the successful. That’s her sepcial ability: Cybernetic Enhancements, MOVING ON. She was order by her authorities to be part of the Planet Busters, just in case half of the team went rogue.

Doc 2 (Ruby)- She is a twin of Forehead and is the nonchalant one of the team. She does her job just for the hell of it, and… basically anything fer the hell of it. Her special Gem ability (aside from the usual stuff everyone else has) she can teleport in short distances. She joins the team, aside from “for shits and giggles”, because she and Forehead were caught smuggling weapons from Homeworld to other planets. It was either put in solitary bubble or join the team.

Forehead (Ruby)- She’s the douchebag, kinda like Kid Rock or Fred Durst. Doc 2 smacks her whenever Forehead’s being a prick. Her special ability is to shape-shift without limitations. She’s the one that actually  thought up the weapon smuggling gig, and like Doc 2 were given the choice of put in a bubble or join the team.

Crazy Hand (Pearl)- The homicidal member of the team. The one that craves for the blood of worthy warriors. Hell, she’s like the Predator in which she goes off on her own, hunting for the strong every time she’s on a different planet. Her special ability is able to pull any kind of weapon that she wants out of her gem, no matter what size or shape or how many. She was almost on death row for murdering all of her old crew, because “they bugged her”.

Cheeks (Lapis Lazuli)- The asshole, the funny kind, of the crew. Also the dumbest and the durable one. She loves instigating fights, calling everyone a wimp, and her hobby of cruising spaceships. Aside from Hydrokinetics, she tends to have a habit of forgetting that she can control water, is the ability to forcefully fuse with anyone with total control. She was caught multiple times for cruising restricted areas, vagrancy, multiple fights, and almost everything but murder or rape.

Deadeyes (Jasper)- The silent one. The creepy one. Abnormally taller and skinnier than any other Jaspers, and lacking any eyes but a void, she was considered a failed gem, however she became Yellow Diamonds personal assassin because of her abilities (Which are shrouded in mystery, she’s deceptively strong). She did every hits that Yellow Diamond asked to snuff out, however the lack of her social skills, and generally being creepy, she was demoted into the Planet Busters. She didn’t mind the demotion.

Armethyst (Amethyst)- She was chosen as the captain, because of her high tolerance and patients towards… Well morons like Cheeks, Forehead, and Crazy Hand. Also she can kick the ass’s of all but one of them. Her special ability? She can kick the ass of all of them, but one, without using her gem weapon. She’s the most loyal towards the Diamonds, so no criminal records on her.

Imagine Telling Altair You’re Pregnant

     She rubbed the pair of little yellow socks between her fingers as warm thoughts and excitement buzzed around her head. He’s going to be speechless, she thought to herself as she placed them inside the small white box.
      When she had found out, she knew she wanted to surprise him with it rather than just tell him. It took her a couple of days to figure out just how she had wanted to do it but she figured it out now.
      She gingerly placed the yellow and white card beside the socks before she slipped on the lid and tied the light gray ribbon into a bow.
      “Altair?” She called as she made her way down the stairs. There was no answer, “Al- Oh!” She exclaimed as she nearly bumped into him while rounding the corner to the kitchen.
      He held a sandwich in his hand as he chewed his current mouthful. She giggled seeing a drop of mustard in the corner of his mouth and lifted her hand to wipe it.
      “Yes?” He asked, pulling his face away and licking up the condiment.
      Her lips curled into a smile as she lifted the small box, “I brought you a present.”
      Altair looked at her quizzically and she knew he was going through the list of dates in his head thinking he forgot their anniversary or perhaps her birthday. Hesitantly, he took the box from her and began untying the perfect bow.
      She could feel the excitement boiling in her chest, just wishing he would rip it open like a kid does on Christmas. He slipped the top off and placed it to the side before picking up the two items; one in each hand. The two could not have had such different expressions on their faces; she thought for sure her cheeks were going to explode from smiling and he looked at her with utter confusion.
      “Open the card, silly!” She told him while motioning towards his right hand.
      Without putting the socks down, he fumbled, trying to do as she said. At last he did. She knew what it said: We’re Pregnant! She had read that card over and over again in the store, wondering if she should get the: I’m Pregnant or Congrats, You’re a Dad card. In the end the nice woman at the counter had convinced her to go with the one Altair held now.
      He stared at it for what seemed like an eternity and the thought of regret crossed her mind until finally he looked at her. His eyes were watery and pink but a smile teased his lips. Placing the two ‘gifts’ down on the counter he ran over to her, eagerly wrapping his arms around her and squeezing her tight. She heard him suck in a ragged breath as he buried his face deeper in her hair.
      “Are you happy?” She asked, knowing the answer already. Truly she just wanted to hear his voice.
      He nodded as he pulled away to look at her. “Beyond happy,” he replied as he cupped her cheeks and wiped away the tears. “A little nervous as well.”
      “Altair, there’s no need to be. You’ll be a great father.” She pulled his head down and kissed his forehead. “I’m sure of it.”
      He nodded, “and you’ll be a great mother.”