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Year-old Kensington comic book store and coffeehouse getting attention

Since Ariell Johnson opened her comic book store and coffee shop in Kensington in December 2015, she has taken the world by Storm.

In fact, her childhood fascination with Storm, the X-Men superheroine, led her to comic book and sci-fi fantasy geek fandom in the first place, she said.

She has been profiled on ABC News, CNN Money, and MSNBC, not to mention various nerd and geek websites, as the first African American woman to open a comic book store on the East Coast.

And in November, she was depicted on a variant cover of the Invincible Iron Man No. 1 comic book, along with Riri Williams, the 15-year-old African American superhero character known as Ironheart.

Storm “was the first black woman superhero I ever saw,” Johnson, 33, said at her shop, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, 2578 Frankford Ave.

“In addition, she was a powerhouse; she was one of the most powerful mutants in the X-Men universe. She controlled the very elements. She wasn’t a sidekick. She was the main event, which was exciting.”

Johnson said all the attention has been good for business.

“I think we’re doing well. We’ve had a very strong first year, and an untraditional first year, with all the hubbub around the shop,” she said.

Diversity in comic books has been met with some backlash from mostly male fans who assert on YouTube videos that characters should not be suddenly changed to black or gay. Some have called it pandering to attract more women and people of color to comics.

Johnson has not hesitated to speak out about the importance of the comic book world becoming more inclusive.

That means having characters who represent everyone - black, white, Latino, Asian, and people of all religions and sexual identities.

She makes sure to carry books written by and for women and people of color.

Johnson said people like them as heroes in fantasy and science fiction can empower young readers.

“When young girls come in here and know that a woman owns the shop, a black woman owns the shop, and they can see titles where girls are the heroes and not just the love interests or the sidekick … when they see women and girls taking the lead in things, that’s really powerful,” she said.

Since word of Johnson’s success got around, celebrity comic book writers have visited Amalgam.

The store was packed a couple of months ago when Ta-Nehisi Coates came for a book signing to accompany the release of a new comic in his Marvel series Black Panther.

She has also welcomed Greg Pak, author of X-Treme X-Men and other titles, and U.S. Rep. John Lewis, the civil rights icon who coauthored a graphic novel, March.

Amalgam is spacious and colorful, with a red couch at the front window and blue and yellow armchairs nearby. In fact, it’s like entering a live comic strip tableau.

Small round tables have comic book logos: symbols for ThunderCat, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

Johnson said she became enamored of superheroes while watching television cartoon shows as a child.

“I’ve always liked shows about super powers,” she said. “I grew up watching ThunderCats, He-Man and She-Ra. But none of those shows had any black characters featured.”

When she was about 11, she saw herself in the character Storm in X-Men cartoons.

“In addition to being black and a woman, she had dark skin. The only thing that didn’t look like me was that she had white hair and blue eyes.”

A Baltimore native, Johnson came to Philadelphia to attend Temple University and earned an accounting degree there in 2005.

It took a decade of working for other people, first in retail and later as an accountant, before she decided to fulfill her dream.

Inside Amalgam the other day, Sam Woods Thomas, the commercial corridor coordinator for New Kensington Community Development Corp., said the coffee shop was the only one in the neighborhood.

Still, he said, things are looking up, with a new apartment development in the next block that people are comparing to the Piazza in Northern Liberties.

But he said it’s small businesses like Johnson’s that are key.

“They bring life back to the block,” Thomas said.

Making herself at home

“What’s that?”

“A chair. Armchair, if you want to be specific.”

“It’s – um – nice. Bit unexpected.”

“That corner of the room looked empty.”

“Well,” John sighs, “never took you for interior design.”

“Molly needed her own chair.”

“Molly? Why – why should she need her own chair?”

“… No reason.”

“Are those a new set of drawers as well?”

Sherlock lifts his newspaper closer to his face. “None of your business.”

“[…] And Blue had fallen asleep there, head nestled under her chin, somnolent, trusting, perfect, and White had hardly dared to breathe, keeping her own eyes closed in case she opened them and it was all a dream. The film had ended, and Yellow had sighed, the armchair creaking as she moved. She’d covered them both with a blanket, kissed Blue softly on the head – hesitated, unbearably long over White, then with utmost gentleness, kissed her too.“

- @the-ink-addiction,  Soulmark

8 Birth of a Child


Dan: For a self-described ‘clumsy prick,’ Dan Howell, your best friend and one true love, was your rock throughout your pregnancy. It wasn’t exactly planned, you had to admit, but when the news broke, Dan was with you every step of the way… Well, almost. You couldn’t have asked for a better father to your future child. But mushiness aside, Dan only really understood the responsibility of incoming fatherhood when the time came.

“Hey, Dan?” You called for him. He was only metres away in the kitchen yet you didn’t dare move.

“Yes, my love?” He responded with habitual lovingness. With an expression so calm, he was likely expecting you to ask some mundane question or spew some inconsequential information. But you always seemed to catch him off-guard in these moments.

“I think I’m in labor,” you said. It wasn’t a joke, no; you were literally sitting in a puddle of fluid you could only assume was from your water breaking. Dan called back with a ‘what was that, dear?,’ not hearing you at all as he whisked himself away with a cup of tea in the kitchen. You repeated yourself at once, this time with a flair of concern in your voice.

You heard the clang of a teaspoon being dropped to the floor followed by the hurried footsteps of a worried man. “You what?” Dan stood now in the threshold of the lounge, processing the sight of the wet sofa and your newly-pained expression. You heard him mumble some ‘oh Gods’ followed by some choice expletives as he helped you from your place of the sofa. He took both of your hands into his and did his best to lift your albeit heavy body into a comfortable standing position.

In the delivery room he was even more of a mess, if that was possible. Never had you seen such a stoic man so nervous, but in a weird way, it helped to relieve your own nerves. Pain was approaching little by little and you knew it wasn’t going to get any easier from here. You let the waves of pain ebb and flow through you for the hours being with as much grace as you could muster, yet Dan felt all the pain himself. ‘Are you alright? Do you need me to go and get a nurse?’ The endless inquiries amused you and frustrated you at the same time. At this point you were just thankful for the company.

“Holy shit,” you muttered, another contraction finding its way through your body. You sat yourself down on the hospital bed holding your overgrown bump, now missing the freedom of pacing about the room. Good Lord, this was it, you thought, this is when I literally explode. A young nurse took notice and ushered a small group of women in pink and blue scrubs into the cramped room, causing Dan to stand up in confusion. This was it.

The volume in the room increased exponentially as nurses and midwives shouted orders at each other, over the sound of your cries of pain. They situated you in a rather vulnerable laying position, one that didn’t frankly ease your pelvic pain, with your legs up onto chilly metal stirrups. And Holy Hell, was it uncomfortable. One nurse instructed Dan to sit in the cushioned chair at your right side, to which he obeyed immediately. You took note of his terrified expression, and if you weren’t in such a state, you would have laughed at it. Despite his fear, he reached out a warm and loving hand to you, stroking your arm as you laid feeling like a dead fish being squeezed dry.

The eldest nurse, likely the ‘midwife,’ you assumed, rattled off some numbers loudly to her colleagues before preparing an arsenal of what sounded like a thousand metal tools. Fun. She barked a list of orders to you that your cloudy head could hardly comprehend, instructing you to hold Dan’s hand and push.

“I’m right here,” you heard Dan say, holding your one hand with both of his. It was the last thing you remember hearing for what seemed like hours upon hours of pushing and pushing. Your screaming and crying broke his heart, but he let you sprain his hand until the pain was over.

A commotion broke through the nurses as you felt a white jolt of pain followed by a blissful release. A high-pitched wail pierced the air, signifying your healthy baby’s first moment of life. Dan was beckoned to the end of the bed to cut the child’s cord and ascertain her sex. You saw immediate tears fall from his eyes as he looked at the child, his face turning pink with the widest grin you’d ever seen. “She’s beautiful,” Dan said, choking on his own joy, watching as the little human was placed upon your bosom. Your own gaiety soon followed, tears wetting your hospital gown. She was so small, warm with vivacity, loud and proud, just like her father.

As evening approached, you dozed off sat up in bed, exhausted from the day’s demands. Dan, however, spent every moment with a big, dumb smile on his face, announcing to family and friends via text and Skype and Snapchat the safe arrival of baby Howell. The tears commenced again, though, when a smiling nurse arrived with your newly-cleaned and swaddled daughter, passing her off for Dan to hold. Never had he held something, someone, so tiny and miraculous and utterly beautiful. He couldn’t help the tears that fell from his cheeks, he must’ve been the luckiest guy on Earth with two beautiful dolls like you. “I love you,” Dan whispered to the wiggling child, her tiny hand grasping his ring finger with ardour. He cried and laughed and smiled more.

You watched your little family with tired eyes half-opened, sighing at what a lovely sight it was. Dan looked back at you, noticing your awoken state and smiled. He brought the girl to you, placing her ever-so gingerly in your arms before kissing you with all the love and tenderness he could muster. And a thousand more ‘I love yous’ fell from his mouth again.

Phil: “Ready to go?” Phil faced you with a nervous smile, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel in front of him. Your bags were packed and stowed away in the backseat; your car was the most prepared one to bring a baby home.

You patted your middle, giving him the most reassuring smile and nod. “Are you?”

“I guess we’ll see,” Phil said, laughing a nervous chuckle. You knew he was anxious, but what new father wouldn’t be? Excitement was in his eyes, though, and you reciprocated that. He backed out of the driveway and chatted giddily about the near future during the drive. “I hope it’s a girl, so she looks like you,” he commented at one point. He smiled that dumb cute smile, his tongue sticking out slightly as he glanced at you, his own beautiful sight.

“Yeah?” you played, “Well I hope it’s a little boy, so he looks just like you.” You thought of the pictures and videos you’d seen of Phil as a toddler; his red hair and chubby cheeks could’ve melted your heart. However the little one turned out, though, they would be perfect. Even if they had just the slightest bit of Phil in them. Phil chuckled and rested a protective hand on your thigh. “Oh, Jesus,” you groaned, clutching your bump as the first signs of labor presented themselves. You shut your eyes and did your best to breathe for the time being. You were only minutes away from the hospital, was the little bugger really so excited to come out right now?

Immediate worry washed over Phil’s countenance, realization hitting him like a double-decker bus. “Oh my God, are you okay?” His eyes faltered from the road to look to you, pain twisting your face. You assured him it was nothing out of the ordinary, that you were, in fact, literally in labor, instructing him to just drive, please.

But as for all good things, you had to wait. And wait. And wait. You were settled, rather uncomfortably, mind you, in a homey delivery room for six hours before reaching the point of Oh, God, here it goes. It was nearly eight hours until the pain was too much to stand, quickly disabling you from walking about the room and chatting comfortably with your husband. You felt stabs and jolts of pain from between your legs and up your back for hours on end, only being able to wince and ride it out until the waves passed.

At times it was a bit much for Phil, he was never really the best when it came to you feeling unwell. He wished he could just wave a magic wand and have your pain be gone, or take it on himself at the least. But alas, that was not a possibility, so he did what he could. Holding and kissing your knuckles with a warmth so refreshingly soft. Stroking the top of your hair, fingertips gliding along your temples and forehead gently when the pain was especially bad. It was the best he could do to ease the discomfort, and for that you were infinitely grateful.

At the ten hour mark, or eleven or twelve (you could hardly keep track at this point), you were finally allowed to begin pushing. It was likely the most painful thing you’d ever endured, and it seemed to go on for hours more. With every groan and shout of discomfort you gave, Phil grew more nervous. He worried you’d get hurt, that something awful might happen to you or your child. So he sat as close to your side as he was allowed.

Anxiety finally swallowed Phil whole when the nurses announced some ‘complication’ with the birth. Your head was in a hazy cloud of pain and exhaustion that you didn’t understand what was the matter and couldn’t fight back. Your nervous Phil, however, was fully conscious and seemed about ready to cry when you were moved onto a wheeled bed that would transport you to an operating room.

Much of the following chaos was but a blur in your memory; you were drifting in and out of consciousness as a result of the pain for what felt like the longest time. When you did finally come to (that is, enough to really process reality), you were comfortably habituated in a clean hospital room, a red-eyed Phil huddled in a yellow armchair with a tiny powder-blue bundle in his arms. One of his large hands held the baby’s head with the gentlest caution, sweeping back the soft fuzz along his crown with a look of awe on his face. You couldn’t tell whether his eyes were red and rubbed raw because of emotion or exhaustion, probably a mixture of the two. You inhaled deeply to clear your head of any lingering pain and negativity.

Phil lifted his head from the infant’s face to yours. “You’re awake,” he smiled with a hushed voice, getting up and walking slowly to your side. All you could do was smile weakly in response. He bounced the boy gently in his arms as he sat next to you. Both of your arms were anchored to IVs, electrodes attached to various parts of your body, and Phil didn’t want to put pressure on your weak body, so he opted to sit at your side instead. “Look, it’s your Mummy,” he said softly to the half-asleep child, “she worked very hard to bring you here.” He smiled brightly at you, giggling in a fit of joy. You laughed too, it was rather funny how lucky you were to have such a wonderful man in your life. “She scared me half to death trying,” he continued, “that’s how much she loves you.” Phil brought the boy to his face, kissing his forehead and placing him back in the tiny bed next to yours.

You couldn’t bring your eyes away from the child. “He’s beautiful,” you said. Indeed he was. It looked as though some red hair was already beginning to show itself on the little one’s head, just like Phil.

Phil nodded and took your hands in his, kissing them lightly before kissing your lips. “As are you,” he cooed. The smile he wore didn’t leave his face for a moment. “But don’t you scare me like that ever again, okay?”
Desiderio Di Essere Amato (Part 2)

Summary: It’s your first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You had just been sorted into Hufflepuff, and your first year has officially just begun. You had everything planned out, everything was perfect. Until a certain Malfoy had to tamper with your plans, and change everything. Possibly for the better, possibly for the worse. 

Universe: Harry Potter

Word Count: 3,547

Warnings: None. Possibly excitement ;)

A/N: I got an amazing reaction to part one to this multiple part series, so I was so excited to write the second part and present it to you guys that I just couldn’t resist! I hope you all like it, let me know what you think and if you want me to tag you in the future parts! xx

Part 1 | Part 3

The sorting ceremony had just ended, and the houses were finally given permission to dig into their feasts. Charlotte and Evangelina had also been sorted into Hufflepuff, only exciting you even more. Charlotte’s hand squeezed yours as she turned toward where the food was supposed to be place, finding it empty.

A frown casted its way upon her lips. “Where’s the food?” She had questioned just as it had suddenly appeared in front of you three.

A loud gasp simultaneously slipped past all your lips, causing an older year to smile at you three. “Exciting, isn’t it?” Said the boy, a welcoming grin lacing his lips. The boy was blessed with light brown hair that flopped over his forehead and a square face, perfectly combining with magical green eyes and a contagious smile. He had held his hand out to you first, since you were the closest to him. “Diggory. Cedric Diggory.” He introduced, you politely and shyly shaking his hand.

“Nice to meet you.” You spoke softly, slightly intimidated by an older year talking to you. Cedric had noticed, but hadn’t said anything, not wanting to scare you off.

Instead, he turned to the two girls beside you, nodding a greeting to them.
“Don’t worry,” He tried to reassure you all, looking away only slightly to grab a chicken leg from the plate that settled itself in front of him. “you three are going to love it here.”

“Nonsense, they’re going to be terrified once they start their classes!” A new voice startled the three young girls, their heads twisting up into the air to spot an almost transparent figure floating in the air.

Cedric’s body shook as he laughed at the first year trio. “Hello, Sir. Nicholas! How was your summer?”

“Dismal. Once again, my request to join the Headless Hunt has been denied.” Said Sir. Nicholas.

Abruptly, Charlotte’s jaw dropped, examining the obvious ghost from head to toe. “I know you!” She shouted. “You’re Nearly Headless Nick!”

“I prefer Sir. Nicholas, if you don’t mind!” Bit the ghost.

Your eyebrows furrowed, your head tilting to the side. Cedric smirked as you asked the question he had also asked his first year. “Nearly headless? How can you be nearly headless?”

Yours, Charlotte’s, and Evangelina’s eyes almost popped out of your head as Sir. Nicholas had reached up to his head and pulled to the right.

“Like this!” He shouted, you three immediately groaning and gagging, turning away from the dead man and toward the feast.

Your expressions were priceless to Cedric, who instantly fell into a fit of laughter as he watched you three wretch. You had suddenly lost your appetite, deciding to just look around you. The size of the room had still amazed you, your mouth agape as your eyes landed on the table behind you that just so happened to be the Gryffindor table. You giggled as Sir. Nicholas startled Ron Weasley from his feast, popping his head up from the table. Your eyes looked away from Sir. Nicholas and to all the faces that surrounded the table. Hermione and Harry were sitting across from Ron, who sat by his brother and an older boy with short brown hair and chocolate eyes.

You looked away immediately, your heart racing at just one look at the boy. He was quite adorable, but he was too old for you. Your cheeks grew hot as your eyes suddenly caught Draco’s from across the room, a thrilled expression painted upon his face. He smirked at you, a sudden twinkle in his eyes. Shaking your head, you smiled at him and turned back around.

You had a feeling this year was going to be great…

“Come on! Let’s move it, please!” Hannah Abbott, a Prefect who had introduced herself to you, shouted at the Hufflepuffs’ and led you all down a long corridor. The walls felt suffocating as they practically towered over you.

You, Charlotte, and Evangelina watched as the Prefect paused before a small round door surrounded by green vines hanging from the walls, plants surrounding it. It was naturally beautiful, somehow reminding you of Narnia in a way. A slight giggle escaped your lips before Hannah turned to face the crowd behind her and began to talk.

“This,” she pointed behind her to the small door. “is the Hufflepuff common room entrance. There is only one way in, and one way out. Now, usually the other houses have passwords for their common rooms. However, we like to be a bit different.” The blonde girl had turned around with a smile, raising her hand up to the door and tapped two times in the middle of the second row, the lid immediately opening to reveal a long passageway.

“Woah…” Evangelina gasped just as Hannah turned back around to the first years.

“Be careful with the rhythm you use to tap on the lid. If someone were to use the wrong lid, it would think there were an intruder, and they will immediately be doused in vinegar and barred access. All it takes is two taps from the bottom, middle of the second row in the rhythm of ‘Helga Hufflepuff.’ Do not, and I repeat… Do not get it wrong.”  Hannah had disappeared through the passageway, and you followed suite, mimicking every step she took.

Soon, you were led into a round room, the flicker of the warm fireplace placed right by the lid illuminating the walls, warmth immediately enveloping you in a tight hug. Hushed whispers escaped the vibrant green plants that lined the light brown colored walls, the smell of peppermint and cinnamon mimicking the feeling of home. Yellow and black armchairs and sofas littered the room, looking comfy and inviting. The low-ceilinged, earthy room brought joy throughout your body, a smile lacing your lips as everyone else had begun to follow you in.

“This is beautiful.” You were breathless, speechless at what surrounded you. You looked to your side to Evangelina’s wide gray eyes searching her surroundings, Charlotte immediately walking up beside her with an almost identical expression.

“It is.” Evangelina agreed, her mouth slightly agape.

“Welcome to the Hufflepuff common room. You all will be coming here quite often, so you will need to know how to locate your rooms. Girl’s dormitories are to your right,” Hannah had pointed to a circular door to your right. “and boy’s dormitories are to your left.” She now pointed to your left, also revealing another circular door. “All your belongings should have already been brought up. More will be explained in the morning, but for the meantime, you all shall be getting ready for bed. Go on.”

Immediately, you three girls had scampered off through the door and to a copper-illuminated room, lamps lining the walls with four-poster beds covered in patchwork quilts. Bed-warmers hanged against the side of each bed, in case your feet were to get cold.

“This is mine!” Evangelina announced, running over to one of the beds and plopping blissfully onto it.

You searched your surroundings, spotting your belongings on a bed placed in the corner of the room, closest to a window with a ledge to sit on. You grinned, skipping over and greeting your cat. “Nice to see you again, Winnie.” You whispered before grabbing your belongings, unpacking, undressing, and readying yourself into bed with a huge smile on your face.

“Do you think tomorrow will be as exciting?” asked Charlotte through the comfortable silence.

You nodded through the dark, forgetting she couldn’t see you. “Yes,” you whispered, cuddling yourself more into the soft blanket that was now owned by you. “I do.”

It had been a week since your first year had started, and you were loving the new year! All your classes had sparked a huge interest in you, and you enjoyed the people who surrounded you. Everything was great. Well… at least up until now.

“Y/L/N!” A voice shouted as soon as you had left your Defense Against the Dark Art’s class, and you turned around to be greeted with a glaring expression by the one and only Draco Malfoy. He had left you alone since the odd, awkward moment you two had at the Sorting Ceremony, but today was different. He would not stop bugging you.

“Can I help you?” You asked nicely, a fake smile planting its way upon your lips. Immediately, you felt two presences beside your sides, and you looked to your right to spot Charlotte glaring at Draco, her emerald orbs burning holes into Draco’s face. To your left, you found Evangelina with the same exact expression.

Draco looked between the pair beside you, a sudden hesitant glow in his bright blue eyes. “This isn’t over, Y/L/N. We’ll meet again, surely. And your little puppets won’t be around to protect you, either.” He bit, glaring at the trio before storming off in anger.

“I think you lot scared him off.” You said with a smirk, your shoulders held high as you trudged to your next class with the two girls beside you on each side.

Evangelina smirked proudly, poking her chin up high in the air. “That was our plan.”

“We had overheard him speaking bad things about you before our Arithmancy class today, and I had told him off in front of his friends, slightly startling him.” explained Charlotte, a huge smile painted upon her lips.

An airy laugh escaped your lips as the three of you entered Potions together, immediately drawing everyone’s attention to you - including Draco Malfoy.

“Tell me again why he’s in this class?” Asked Charlotte sarcastically, lacing a smile upon your lips.

“Because he is! Now be nice!” You scolded, taking your seats in the very back row of the room.

After a minute of banter between the entire class, your Professor had barged into the room in an evident rush. Professor Snape immediately started talking, pausing in front of the room to turn toward the class.

“There will be no foolish wand-waving, or silly incantations in this class. As such, I don’t expect any of you to appreciate the subtle silence and the exact art that is potion making. However, for those select few…” Snape’s eyes immediately landed on Draco’s, and you watched as a slightly timid smile grew upon his face. “… possess the predisposition, I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory and even put a stopper in death.”

Professor Snape’s eyes then landed on Harry Potter, who’s eyes were not on him, however, but on the notebook placed on his desk. “Then again… Maybe some of you have come to Hogwarts in possession of abilities so formidable in which you feel confident enough to not. pay. attention.”

Everyone’s landed on Harry as he looked up at Potion’s Master Snape with an apologetic expression, immediately placing his quill back where i belonged. You could see the challenging glare in Professor Snape’s eyes as he moved closer to Harry with crossed arms.

“Mister Potter. Our new celebrity. Tell me, what would I get if I added the powdered root of Asphodel to an infusion of Wormwood?”

Almost immediately, yours and Hermione’s hand flew up into the air simultaneously, both of you quite eager to answer despite the tense silence of the room. Harry looked at both you and Hermione sheepishly, confusing lacing his features. You looked away to see Draco glaring at you from the front of the classroom. You smiled at him, and continued to wiggle your fingers in the air until Draco’s hand suddenly went up.

You watched as Harry shook his head. “You don’t know?” Harry shrugged.

Immediately, Professor Snape called on Draco to answer.

“It makes a sleeping potion so powerful that it becomes known as the Draught of Living Death.” Large amounts of confidence dripped through Draco’s tone as he looked back at you proudly.

You smiled at him, slightly glad he answered the question correctly, confusing him to the fullest.

He thought you would have been mad for answering the question before you could.

Professor Snape nodded, motioning he had gotten it correct, before he had turned back to Harry with a disappointed expression.

“Now, Potter, let’s try again, shall we?” He cocked his head. “Where would you look if I tell you to find me a Bezoar?”

Again, yours and Hermione’s hand raised in the air, your fingers wiggling slightly. Draco grimaced at you, not knowing the answer to this question. You ignored him as you watched Harry shrug.

“I don’t know, Sir.”

“And what is the difference between Monkshood and Wolfsbane?”

Harry looked between you and Hermione again before repeating, “I don’t know, Sir.”

Professor Snape sighed before calling on you to answer. “A Bezoar is a stone that is taken from a goat’s stomach, that can save you from the most dangerous poisons. And the difference between Monkshood and Wolfsbane is a trick question. They are the same plant, and they both go by the name of Aconite.”

Snape had actually looked impressed with your answer, by the small hint of a smile upon his lips. You grinned, causing the two girls beside you to roll your eyes.

“Show off.” Whispered both of them before Snape looked back at Harry.

“Pity.” He paused. “Clearly fame isn’t everything, Mister Potter.”

After Potions class had ended, it was finally time for lunch. You, Charlotte, and Evangelina has skipped your way out of the Hufflepuff common room and into the Great Hall in no time, taking your seats next to Cedric.

“Hello, Y/N. Charlotte. Evangelina. How has your day gone so far?” Greeted Cedric with a kind smile, immediately digging into his food.

“Y/N had managed to show off for Professor Snape in Potions class. All I managed today was to scare boys off.” Charlotte had exclaimed, causing you and Cedric to laugh simultaneously.

“Nonsense. You couldn’t scare off a boy even you wanted to!” Cedric had patted your back, drawing your attention away from your food. “You impressed Professor Snape? That’s odd. Usually he doesn’t take kindly to Hufflepuff’s. Or anyone that is not in Slytherin, for that matter!”

Your head had looked behind to the Slytherin table across the room almost instantly, and you searched for bright blue eyes throughout the crowd. You found that they were already looking at you, a hatred burning in their deep blue oceans. You frowned, turning away in bewilderment.

Why is he always looking at you like that?

“Well, besides Draco Malfoy, Y/N had managed to make an impression on him also.” Charlotte announced, breaking you from your thoughts at the mention of his name. You looked at her to be met with her scolding green eyes.

She had saw you searching for him.

Cedric rolled his eyes. “Of course the Malfoy had impressed him, he’s a Slytherin. But Y/N, over here, isn’t. Now that’s what’s actually impressive!”

You smiled at Cedric for a moment, before looking down at your food, your thoughts creeping away from the current conversation and to the way Draco’s eyes pierced into yours.

And unfortunately, you could not get him out of your mind until lunch had ended, and you had begun another set of classes.

The sun beat down on your skin, radiating heat throughout your body as you stood in the middle of the Hogwarts courtyard, broomstick placed in front of you. Unfortunately, you didn’t have Charlotte or Evangelina in this class, but you did have Hermione, Harry, and Ron.

As you stood patiently in the sun, waiting for your Professor, you felt a pair of eyes watching you, looking up and searching the faces in your class. Your eyes caught Draco’s instantly.

Ugh, why does he do this everyday?!

“Good afternoon, class!” Madam Hooch’s voice ripped your eye contact away from Draco and to her as she walked between the two rows of students. 

“Good afternoon, Madam Hooch!” The class echoed, watching as she placed brown leather gloves on her hands and faced the class.

“Welcome to your first flying lesson!” She paused, placing her hands on her hips. “Well, what are you waiting for? Everyone step up to the left side of your broomstick. Come on now, hurry up!”

The class followed their instructions, everyone immediately taking a few steps forward.

“Stick your right hand over the broom, and say ‘up!‘”

“Up!” you shouted, your broom instantly floating up from the ground and into your hand. You smiled proudly at it, causing Hermione to glare at you.
“Don’t ask me!” You explained to her, shrugging your shoulders. You looked ahead of you at Draco, who had shouted up a few more times before his broom had also floated into his hand.

He looked at you with pride, then noticed your broom already in your hand, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. You smiled, cocking your head into the air.

“Nice to see you’ve finally got the hang of it!” You teased, casting a glare upon his face.

“Oh, shut it, Y/L/N!” He spat.

“With feeling!” Madam Hooch explained to the rest of the class, who had been struggling.

Suddenly, your eyes tore away from Draco’s to watch Ron’s broom smack him in the head, a groan escaping his lips as you and Harry laughed.

“Shut up, you lot!” Ron spat, a hint of a smile lacing his lips. 

Madam Hooch gained the class’s attention once everyone had their brooms in their hand. “Now, once you’ve got hold of your broom, I want you to mount it!” Everyone had immediately started to climb upon their brooms, you swinging your right leg over it. “Grip it tight! You don’t wanna be sliding off it in the air! Pick up from the ground, hard! Keep your broom steady, hover for a moment, lean forward slightly, and touch back down. On my whistle.”

You listened to her count down from three, then blew her whistle, you immediately pushing yourself off from the ground.

“Uhhh…” You wavered in the air slightly, then got a grip on your broom, steadying yourself proudly then leaned forward a bit before setting back down on the ground. “Yes!” You cheered until something else had caught your attention.

Neville Longbottom had been floating in the air, unable to land back down. You mumbled an ‘oh no’ under your breath as you watched him float away.

“HELP!” He had yelled before he wavered in the sky rapidly. You scowled at the sight as he flew through the air, bumping against the building then suddenly flying back to the ground and toward the class.

“Mister Longbottom!” Hooch had yelled, taking out her wand before the whole class ran out of the way and Neville had landed harshly onto the ground, dropping a small glass ball in process.

You glared at Draco as he walked up to it with a smirk on his face, grabbing it off from the ground and turning toward Crabbe and Goyle.

Madam Hooch commanded us to stay on the ground as she took Neville to the Hospital Wing. The class obeyed until she had disappeared out of their site, Draco drawing everyone’s attention.

“D’you see his face?” He spat, grinning at Crabbe and Goyle. “Maybe if the fat lad had given this a squeeze, he hadn’t had to fall on his fat arse!”

Your eyes burned holes into Draco’s face as he held the remembrall up in the air, Harry storming up behind him.

“Give it here, Malfoy!” He yelled, his voice bitter and cold.

“No.” Spat Malfoy as he turned around to glare at Harry. “I think I’ll leave it here for Longbottom to find.” Suddenly, Draco had mounted onto his broom, floating high into the air. “How ‘bout on the roof?”

Instantly, you had mounted on yours, following Draco into the air.

“What’s the matter, Potter? Bit behind your reach?” He paused as he turned back around to look at you in confusion. “Y/N?” He called you by your first name for the first time this year, shocked you were in the air chasing after him.

“Give me the remembrall, Malfoy! It doesn’t belong to you!” You spat, floating closer to him. He flew backwards, away from you.

“So what if it doesn’t, Y/L/N?! Longbottom’s the one that dropped it! It wouldn’t be my fault if he had accidentally lost it!”  He yelled, suddenly throwing the glass ball away from your reach and across the courtyard.

You flew after it as Draco flew back down to the ground, watching you in amusement. You were able to catch it before you could crash into a glass window - Harry Potter just so happening to be hot on your trail -  and you twisted into the air, turning back around before joining your class back on the ground.

However, what you didn’t know was that the glass window you had almost ran into belonged to Professor McGonagall, and that she had saw the whole thing.

Little did you know, that in just a matter of minutes, you and Harry would be getting called by McGonagall, away from your class, and you would soon be meeting the Captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team.

And little did you know, that you would soon become their most valuable seeker.

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a 2 a.m. drabble from mod fiddlesticks

​the gf said this 256 word scene i wrote at 2 in the morning was good enough to post and i trust her, so here goes nothing:

“Hey, Fiddleford?”

“Yes, Stanley?” Fiddleford looked up from the book he was reading, at his boyfriend standing in the doorway.

Judging by his lack of “real” clothes, Stan had just woken up.

“Remember when we were kids, and you and me and Ford would play pretend, and you and I always got pretend married?”

Blush painted Fiddleford’s cheeks. “Whatever would have made you think of that, darlin?”

Stan shrugged. “I dunno, I was just thinkin’ about it last night. That, and how, when your mom found out and asked you about it, you told her you had to get plenty of practice before you married me in real life. Remember that?”

Fiddleford’s face grew redder still, while Stan stood there, wearing the biggest grin, and the man even had the audacity to snicker.

“Yes, Stanley,” Fiddleford said. “I remember that precise moment of embarrassing naïvete from my childhood. Really, though… where are you even going with this?”

Stanley moved closer. In his embarrassment, Fiddleford sort of wished the ugly yellow armchair would swallow him.

Stanley ran a hand through his hair, a nervous tick he could never seem to shake. “Just, uh… I was just wondering… if, y'know, maybe… You still wanted to make good on that?”

Fiddleford was surprised to find his face could still grow hotter, but he supposed it was understandable, as the real weight of Stan’s question sunk in. He chuckled softly. How on god’s green earth was his burly boyfriend so adorable?

“Stanley Pines, did you just propose to me in your underwear?”

anonymous asked:

Who chose the yellow armchair? I think it's a Robert/Liv collaboration.

Yeah, I don’t think Aaron had a say in that

I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of Amiibo Visitor Items
AC Characters - Non-Amiibo


–White Brick Wall
–Yellow Flooring
–Cabana Armchair
–Cabana Bed
–Cabana Lamp
–Cabana Table
–Cat Tower
–Diays Tee
–Jester Shirt
–Makeup Case


–sea view
–ship deck
–blowfish sashimi
–fish on a board (barbell steed)
–fish on a board (red snapper)
–kitchen counter
–ringside table
–sushi tray
–sushi platter
–sushi container


–Music room wall
–Parquet floor
–Cardboard box
–Common bed
–Plastic canister
–Rolling closet
–Ventilation fan


–tropical vista
–sandy beach floor
–beach table
–life ring
–volleyball net
–wave breaker
–snow globe
–tree stump chair
–yule log


–party wall
–white wood floor
–alpine low table
–gift pile
–Santa coat
–snow globe
–tree stump chair
–yule log


–Shoji Screen
–Daimyo’s Tray
–Floor Seat
–Lucky Cat
–Paper Wall Lamp
–Zen Tea Set
–Zodiac Boar


–concrete wall
–paintball floor
–retro fridge
–rice balls
–roasted dino meat
–scattered papers
–sloppy sink
–sloppy table
–Wendells pianting


–Egg Wall
–Egg Floor
–Bunny Hood
–Egg Chair
–Egg Table
–Hot Plate
–Imperial Pot


–Jungle Wall
–Jungle Floor
–Autumn-Leaf Chair
–Leaf Bed
–Pile of Leaves
–Potted Ivy
–Spearow’s Nest
–Sprout Table
–Tree Standee


–Sea View
–Ship Deck
–Beach Chair
–Large Bookshelf
–Lily-Pad Table
–Pondering (Clam Shell Box)
–Sea globe
–Stack of Books
–Treasure Chest


–Pavé Wall
–Pavé floor
–Festivale accessory
–Festivale pants
–Festivale tank
–Festivale tank dress
–Pavé chest
–Pavé clock
–Pavé end table
–Pavé lamp
–Pavé sofa


–Tent Wall
–Tent Rug
–Aquarius Urn
–Cabin Low Table
–Genie’s Lamp, Loom
–Round Mini Cactus
–Tile Screen

AC Characters - Amiibo Exclusive Visitors


–Library Wall
–Gallery Floor
–Basic Teacher’s Desk
–File Cabinet (L)
–Heavy Tome
–Homework Set
–Museum Clock
–Museum Mat
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Stack of Books
–Wii U Console
–Zen Chair


–observatory floor
–Cancer table
–celeste ribbon
–gadget shelf
–new 3ds
–star globe
–star projector
–wii u


–Modern wall
–Herringbone floor
–Basic trash can
–Brown seat
–Console table
–Document stack
–HHA raincoat
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Stripe bed
–Wii U console


–Green wall
–Modern wood flooring
–Alpine bed
–Alpine low table
–Alpine panel
–Basket chair
–Isabelle scooter
–Natural lamp
–New 3DS - Isabelle
–PA system
–Town-hall winter top
–Wii U console


–Stone wall
–Terra-cotta floor
–Cardboard box
–Counter seat
–Counter table
–Glass screen
–Kicks mat
–Lunch pack
–New nintendo 3DS
–Pitcher plant
–Shoe boxes
–Shoe-polishing set
–Succulent plant
–Wii U console

K.K. Slider

–White brick wall
–Modern wood flooring
–Brown seat
–DJ K.K. booth
–Guitar case
–K.K. Cruisin’
–K.K. Jazz
–K.K. Song
–Metal-rim table
–New 3DS - K.K.
–Wii U console


–Polka-dot wall
–Pink wood floor
–Drafting table
–HHA women’s jacket
–Jacquard fleece
–Lottie’s bun
–Lovely love seat
–Makeup case
–Minimalist minitable
–New 3DS XL - HHD
–Pastel low table
–Perfume bottles
–Red warm-up suit
–Wii U console


–Ranch Floor
–Block Flooring
–Counter Table
–New 3DS - Mabel
–New 3DS - Sable
–Quilted Tapestry
–Ranch Bed
–Ranch Tea Table
–Sewing Kit
–Slipper Rack
–Wii U Console
–Yarn Basket

Wisp takes over the shop for the day :-) He’s not particularly capable…

–Parlor Wall
–Pink Wood Shelf
–Antique Shelf
–Hearty Breakfast
–Mermaid Chair
–Mermaid Vanity
–Natural Bench
–Natural Low Table
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Re-Tail Clock
–Re-Tail Mat
–Wii U Console


–Old Wallpaper
–Old Flooring
–Accordion Screen
–Bathroom Stall
–Box with Helmet
–Large Tea Table
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Overflowing Trash
–Half-Eaten Pizza
–Resetti Model
–Wall Fan
–Wall-Mounted TV
–Wii U Console


–Train Window Wall
–School-Hall Floor
–Boston Bag
–Hanging Strap
–Metal-Rim Table
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Rolling Suitcase
–Rover Suitcase
–Strapped Books
–Train Seat
–Wii U Console

Timmy & Tommy
(It’s actually pretty cute.. Wisp will take over their store (You can’t buy anything..) Timmy will be inside the van in his pyjamas.. And Tommy will sit outside c: )

–Plaster wall
–Monochrome floor
–Bunk bed
–Cart return
–Clerk’s shirt
–Money box
–New 3DS - T&T
–Retro sign
–Retro sink
–Shop mat
–Simple panel
–Wii U console
–Zen low table

Tom Nook

–office wall
–terra-cotta floor
–golf bag
–New Nintendo 3ds
–Nooks Homes Car
–Nooks Homes mat
–Racoon Wall clock
–sacks of money
–sales graph
–wii u console


–lunar horizon
–galaxy floor
–GameCube drawer
–NDS Lite bench
–Nintendo bench
–Nintendo DSi bench
–villager statue
–Wii Remote cabinet
–Wii U console

The Amiibo Cards only give you items, they do not visit your town!

Zelda Characters

Wolf Link (unlucked via Wolf Link, Link, or someone else? Amiibo)

–Hyrule Wall
–Zelda Floor
–Heart Container
–Hylian Shield
–Hyrulean Treasure
–Link Hat
–Link Outfit
–New Hero Wig
–New Hero’s Outfit
–Princess Zelda Dress
–Wolf Link Outfit
–Zelda Wig

Ganon (unlocked via Ganondorf Amiibo)

–Hyrule wall
–Zelda floor
–Ganon outfit
–Ganondorf outfit
–Ganondorf pants
–Ganondorf wig
–Hyrulean treasure
–Link hat
–Link outfit
–new hero wig
–new hero’s outfit

Splatoon Characters

Squidlings (All?)

–Ink Splattered Wall
–Ink Splattered Floor
–Black Anchor Tee
–Pilot Goggles
–Splatoon Spawn Point
–Splatoon Tower
–Squid Bumper
–Studio Headphones
–Super Sea Snail
–Takoroka Mesh

Updated! Just missing a handful of characters now :)

Monster Falls Fic: Chapter 2

Chapter 6

Chapter 5

Chapter 4

Chapter 3

Chapter 1

Chapter 2


       Dipper rushed through the screen door, frantic. He blanched at the sight of Grunkle Stan downing a bottle of the cursed water, and nearly screamed when he saw that Wendy’s friends had showed up and, they too, were all drinking the stuff. Without thinking, he slapped the bottles out of their hands. Mabel and Soos had quietly entered the main room of the Shack, looking bewildered as ever.
       "Kid, why’d ‘ya just slap an empty bottle out of my hand?“ Stan questioned. "This water’s great! The whole town was in here today, and everyone bought some! They ran me dry! Even those pesky cops and Mabel’s friends and the girl they hate so much! Even Gideon came in here to claim vengeance, but I splashed some on him and he ran away whining about his hair! Amazing! This stuff is amazing! Mabel, first thing tomorrow I want you to get more!”
       "STOP DRINKING THE WATER!!“ Dipper interrupted. His voice cracked a little, but he didn’t care. The issue at hand was a bit more pressing than puberty. Stan’s words then hit him; the whole town was here, even Gideon and Pacifica and Candy and Grenda. And everyone had bought the beverage. This was bad.
       Very bad.
       "Dipper? Hey! What’s up?” Wendy asked, setting down her bottle.
       "The… water…“ Dipper rasped, "it’s… cursed!”
       Robbie spit out a mouthful of “Stan Water” onto Thompson, who shrieked something about his shirt being cotton and that it would shrink. Tambry just started typing on her phone at a rapid pace. Meanwhile, Nate and Lee were laughing at Thompson. Wendy shushed them, her face becoming serious.
       "Dipper, say that again,“ she commanded.
       "The 'Stan Water’ is cursed!” he exclaimed.
       "Woah, kid, what do ya mean 'cursed’?“ Stan asked.
       The other teenagers had gone quiet.
       "Dipper, dude, what’s going on?” Soos’ voice echoed in the silence.
       "The stream that Mabel got the water from is in this journal of supernatural entities and stuff,“ he explained, pulling the battered book out of his vest pocket. "It says that the water will curse anyone who touches or drinks it into a monster based on their personality, and the cure is unknown.”
       "Dip, did you use the black light?“ Mabel proposed.
       A wave of relief overcame Dipper. "Oh, no. Wait, maybe this panicking was for nothing.”
       He took out the black light from his pocket to look for invisible ink on the page. He swept the light all over the paper, but nothing new was revealed. His hopes faded.
       "There’s nothing there,“ Dipper declared.
       "Okay, if you’re right, then why aren’t we monsters right now?” Robbie asked.
       "It says that the effects don’t appear until at least six hours after contact,“ Dipper said.
       "Hey, monsters? That’s pretty cool, though. LEE, LET’S GO TELL EVERYBODY!” Nate stated, his voice rising.
       His friend cheered, and the two ran out of the Shack, with Thompson in tow, as he did not want to be left out.
       "Everyone pretty much knows though, because I tweeted it,“ Tambry said.
       "Let’s just go,” Robbie suggested. “See ya’ later Wendy.”
       The couple left the building, too, leaving just the staff, the owner, and his great niece and nephew.
       "Finally,“ Grunkle Stan sighed, "I thought they’d never leave!”
       Wendy frowned.
       "Wait, so we’re all gonna be monsters by tomorrow?“ Mabel asked, starting to worry. "Even my friends?”
       Dipper nodded sullenly.
       "How is this possible? Magic streams don’t just pop up in forests,“ Stan grumbled.
       "Well, it’s not like the forest behind this place is normal, Mr. Pines,” Soos pointed out.
       "Whatever, this is dumb. Nothing’s gonna happen. I’m taking a nap,“ Stan declared, and then went into the living area of the Mystery Shack, slamming the door behind him.
       "What kind of monsters will we be? Like a Pterodactyl?” Soos wondered aloud, pronouncing the 'p’ in 'pterodactyl,’ much to Dipper’s dismay.
       "Or will we grow big claws and fangs and nasty green lizard scales?“ Wendy added on, making claw motions with her hands.
       "What if we were all vampires?” Mabel suggested, a dreamy tone in her voice.
       "No, I think we’re all different creatures, like, based on our personalities. Like someone might be a vampire, but someone could also be a werewolf or a gnome or…“
       "This doesn’t sound that bad, dude,” Soos pointed out.
       "Are you CRAZY?!“ Dipper yelled, followed by a "Keep it down!” from Stan, “we’re all gonna turn into God knows what, and possibly, like, kill each other, and you think that that’s cool?!”
       Mabel nodded in agreement. “This could be a good thing or a bad thing.”
       "I think, for now, we should keep thinking of it as a good thing, because it’s lunch time, and I’d rather eat in peace!“ Wendy suggested, laughing a little.
       "Haha, yeah, good plan,” Dipper said, and then cursed himself. Aren’t I over her?
       With that, they parted ways to eat their meals, and began to prepare for the next wave of tourists. Dipper wouldn’t let Mabel go out to get more water, because the afternoon wave was always tourists, and there was no way he would bring the monster epidemic to people from other towns.


       The rest of the day was lazy. Surprisingly, not too many tourists came through, so not much work could be done. Everyone was tired by the time the Shack closed, and the air had finally cooled down. After Wendy and Soos said their goodbyes and went home, and the Pines trio had eaten a dinner of slightly overcooked spaghetti and canned tomato sauce (courtesy of Stan’s cooking), they sat around the old television in the living room.
       Mabel was sprawled out on the tan shag carpet, petting her pet pig, Waddles. Dipper was leaning against the dinosaur skull replica/ end table, doing some Summer Reading. Mabel hadn’t started that yet, and really was not planning to until school was at least a week away. Grunkle Stan, as usual, was in his white undershirt and blue striped boxers, sitting on his ugly yellow armchair that was worn down from years of use. He kept his fez on, for whatever reason, and was staring intently at the infomercial on the T.V. through his glasses.
       As the crickets and cicadas droned on outside, Mabel couldn’t help but wonder about the effects of that stream water. She wasn’t sure whether she believed anything would happen or not, but the journal had not proved the twins wrong yet. The thing that she worried about most, however, was what she might turn into.
       What if I get turned into an ugly troll or something and lose my cuteness again, like when Bill made me ugly? But Dipper said the monster matched your personality. What would match my personality? A fairy or something?
       The thoughts and “what ifs” kept haunting Mabel for the rest of the evening, even after Stan sent them to bed. Mabel lay awake, aware of Waddles curled up at her feet. She knew her brother was awake too. His breathing wasn’t sleepy yet. When you share a room with someone for twelve years, things like that catch on.
       Even so, as she stared at the ceiling and discovered  a new mold spot (I’ll name you Jerome), Mabel decided that she would just have to wait and see what the morning brought her.
       With that thought, the girl slowly drifted off to sleep.