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Dishonored: Tales From Dunwall [2/4]

Strict Parents (Connor Murphy HEADCANON)

INSPIRED BY: @imagine-boyo
(seriously i absolutely loved your headcanon for this. you have a gift for making me feel things)

- ok so you two probably met through each other’s parents
- like they became family friends bc Larry and your dad started working in the same department
- and Cynthia and your mom have a lot in common because they both are into Pilates and weird white people stuff
- aNyWaYs
- both of your parents are lowkey assholes
- they don’t believe in mental illness, gay rights, and sometimes still say some slurs
- but you just gotta live with it
- so when the Murphys came over for the first time, they just brought Connor because Zoe was at band camp or something geeky
- Connor walks in with his parents and you are ShOoKeTh
- like your parents told you beforehand that they had a son that was your age but you were NOT expecting some 6 foot tall punk guy
- usually when your parent’s friend’s have a child, they are really posh and go to private school
- but you saw him and was like damn son
- so they introduce everyone to everyone and it’s lowkey awkward
- you shake Larry and Cynthia’s hands with an awkward smile but Connor just gives you a weak shake of the hand bc he literally just wants to go home and smoke weed lol
- SO
- dinner starts and things are hella awkward
- your parents make you and Connor sit at a different table because you guys “are not adults”
- Connor is really quiet and doesn’t say much
- maybe when a noodle falls off his plate he mumbles, “mother fucker”. But that’s about it.
- and they are hella tipsy
- you can feel Connor getting slowly angry and you’re just like “um? Wanna go upstairs?”
- and he follows because literally anything beats having to stay in a room with his rowdy, drunk parents.
- you bring him to your room and sit down on your bed
- usually you weren’t allowed to bring boys in your room but your dad wouldn’t even know bc he’s too busy talking about capitalism w Larry
- everything would be really quiet until Connor finally speaks
- “your parents are fucking assholes”
- and expects you to be super offended and give him a huge reaction (like Zoe would) but instead you just LAUGH.
- he looks at you, super puzzled. That was the last thing he expected from you.
- then he starts laughing too.
- you two end up laying down on your bed, staring at the ceiling, just talking.
- you tell him about how much you dislike your parents. even though you could be considered a “goody-two-shoes”, you still had contrasting thoughts to your parents. You have never drank, or smoked, but you have different political views.
- Connor talks to you a ton about how much his parents dislike him and how they refuse to give him therapy
- half way through your talk, both of you shed a few tears
- you glance at the clock and it’s 2:00am.
- usually you would be tired by now, but Connor’s breath on your cheek and his eyes focusing on your lips was enough adrenaline to keep you awake for a year.
- at 2:04am, he kissed you.
- at 2:05 am, you kissed back.
- at 2:17 am, you finally broke apart from a series of passionate kisses.
- at 2:23am, Connor tells you that you were his first kiss
- at 2:24 am, you tell Connor that he was yours
- at 3:12am, Connor goes home. But you get a text from him that night, wishing you a good nights rest.
- you and Connor start dating OFFICIALLY like two days later
- you tell your parents that you’re going out for the evening and they start investigating (as per usual)
- they ask you where you’re going, who you’re going with, when you’ll be back, etc.
- you lied and said that you were going out with your best friend
- you walked all the way down your street and turned a corner. There sat Connor Murphy, in his beat up car.
- he would be dressed up slightly, wearing his leather jacket.
- he would be stunned, admiring your yellow sundress and pink lipstick.
- you guys looked like night and day
- after the third date, you finally told your parents about you and Connor
- they were shocked
- “but, Y/N, don’t you want more than some druggie?”
- “Y/N, I think you would much rather like that nice boy next door… his father is a doctor!”
- you finally tell them no.
- you like Connor.
- and there is nothing that can change that
- then they get mad
- they start doing things like taking your phone away at night
- so Connor just sneaks through your window instead
- they make sure that your curfew is 2 hours earlier than it used to be
- so Connor just takes you out earlier in the day
- they banned him from coming into the house
- so Connor waits a centimetre away from the front door
- after a while, your parents got tired of your foolery.
- one night you came home, wearing Connors jacket
- your mom smelled the smoke on it and accused Connor of pressuring you into smoking
- you kept assuring her that he wasn’t, but that didn’t stop her.
- she yelled at you more
- so you ran to your room and cried
- you texted Connor
- he came to your window
- lied in bed with you
- wiped your tears away
- “your parents are fucking assholes” he would whisper against your hair, rocking you back and forth.
- and like you did the night you met, you laughed.

- you and Connor move in together after high school and adopt a puppy
- it’s all you guys need

Their world

Based on the song OUt of the Woods - Taylor Swift

I tag @dan-yuna because I think you will like it babe.


The world, everyone’s worlds were black and white when they were alone. And that was no different for the four of them.

Logan’s world was black and white. Virgil’s was black and white. Patton’s. Roman’s.

But soon they found out that with each other, their worlds were colorful and beautiful.

Logan and Paton’s world was green.

Patton looked at Logan and he was deep sea blue. So dark, so intense, so mysterious. His eyes were dark blue, his clothes, his lips, his hair.

Logan looked at Patton and he was light yellow. So bright, so soft and hard to look at. His eyes were light yellow, his clothes, his lips, his hair.

But when they touched, they became green.

Sometimes, it was dark green. Sometimes it was light green. Sometimes, some blues and yellows mixed in. And Patton laughed happily, played with Logan’s hair and brushed their noses together as Logan smiled and held his waist and touched his green shirt.

Green was such a beautiful color.

Roman and Virgil’s world was pink.


They didn’t like each other very much at the beginning. They were too alike, too easy to be missed and confounded. Virgil was purple and Roman was red.

Roman loved to remember that purple was not a primary color. That he needed red to make purple. And Virgil loved to remind that red was a boring color and purple was the color people liked most.

They were each in the very opposite sides of the spectrum. And yet, when they touched for the first time, the world around them became pink and their eyes shone with different shades of that wonderful color.

It felt so nice not to see only black and white, relying on others to tell you your color.

Roman’s heart raced and Virgil’s mouth curled up in a smile. They didn’t even notice, but they were holding each other close, their bodies almost glued together as if they were beginning a dance.

When they turned around to look at each other, their noses pressed together and they blushed. They blushed red and purple. Then, Roman’s eyes drifted down and Virgil’s closed, their hands finding each other down to their side, their fingers tangling as their lips touched for the first time.

It was an explosion of pink and it was beautiful.

Virgil and Patton’s world was brown.


They came together after a while. At first, two colors that would normally go great together didn’t really want to mix out. Virgil loved how bright Patton was, lightening the room with his yellow everything. Patton was admired by Virgil’s darkness and how he stood out of the normal black and white with his purple self.

They were beautiful to each other’s eyes, and it wasn’t a true surprise, but they never came too close.

And yet, when it happened, they couldn’t be happier. Because they touched and they were brown. The world was brown.

Virgil was darker brown, almost black. Patton was bright brown, almost beige. But they were beautiful anyway. They loved it. And they made sure to touch more, to be together more, finding out together the several different shades of brown they could form.

Roman and Logan’s world was purple.


Red and blue, of course they would be purple. It was only logical they would be purple.

They didn’t want to see purple. They had Virgil. They didn’t need purple in their lives.

And yet when it happened, it was like Virgil had never existed.

Their purple was so unique. So… different.

Virgil’s purple was soft, sweet, dark yes but not… evil.

Their purple… it looked like a bruise. A very ugly bruise, with green sides and yellow splashes.

After all, they had first touched when they were fighting. Logan had turned his back to Roman and he was pissed. Roman grabbed Logan’s arm to pull him back and give him a lecture, but as soon as they touched, the world became that bruised purple and Roman let go immediately, scared and surprised. Logan turned to him, just as surprised and shaken, their worlds back to black and white.

They decided not to ever touch again.

But it had been marvelous.

Logan and Virgil’s world was black.


Dark purple and dark blue? What else could it be. And yet, the two found themselves admiring that blackness pit surrounding them. Their eyes glistened colorful in the darkness surrounding. It was calm for them.

They had been playing when it happened. They loved making puzzles together. And even though those puzzles never had color, they were still beautiful.

And yet, in that exact day, they reached for the same piece without noticing and suddenly the world was black and they were holding each other’s hands. They didn’t let go, they just held tighter, and looked at each other surprised.

It was black… they saw black every day… so why was it so beautiful and different?

Their black was grey. This black was… black. So deep and strong that it felt as if it was draining their soul little by little. And yet, it felt amazing.

They decided to touch only when they needed peace and quiet.

Patton and Roman’s world was orange.


How much happiness could one touch provide? How much warmth?

They had always had a good relationship. Probably the best one until Virgil and Patton started to become closer. But Patton’s friendship with Virgil didn’t make him and Roman’s relationship fade.

Oh no, they were still pretty happy and colorful when they met and talked to each other. They were always grinning and laughing, touching and holding hands and cuddling.

Their world was so pretty and inviting and orange and nice. Of course they loved to stay there. They just loved it. And why shouldn’t they? It was beautiful!

They took a deep breath and brushed their noses together in the morning, with Roman’s arms around Patton and Patton’s hands against Roman’s chest. They smiled and kissed slowly with the warmth of the sun rising in the horizon.

It just felt really good for them to stop.

Their individual worlds were black and white.


But their world, together… well…


It was bursting in color.


When they agreed to it, Logan let out all of the possibilities of it going wrong. Virgil shared his insecurities, on how he was afraid some would feel left over. Roman and Patton assured to the cold colors that they would always be there to hold them and make everyone feel loved and included.

The first time they all held hands, they were discussing the issues, in a small circle in the living room. Patton reached for their hands, and they took it. Slowly, the world regained its colors.

The walls became yellow. The couch became brown. The paintings and puzzles became colorful. The floor was beige and the carpet was red. Their clothes now had their own colors, their true colors. Their eyes shone honey, their hair became purple and hazel.

Everything was so beautiful and colorful and happy.

Virgil’s eyes teared up beyond his control and Patton cooed. He pulled the purple boy close to his chest and slowly Logan and Roman wrapped their arms around the two as Virgil cried silently against Patton, his emotions being too many for him to control.

After he was calmer, they all shared a few kisses and sweet words, and cuddled again, staring at the shading of the different colors around them.

And their world was beautiful.

Jack, Harding and all those who had any pride in the ship’s beauty and her seamanlike appearance had done virtually everything in human power to make it impossible for any candid eye, however severe, to find fault with her: they knew that the Admiral could not honestly say that her yards were not exactly squared, nor could he complain that the hens had flung their litter about the deck (a not unusual grievance when there was nothing else to blame) because no poultry whatsoever had survived the dearth. But they had never thought of Stephen. No one had washed, brushed or dusted Dr Maturin, and he came up in more than his usual squalor, unshaved, fresh – if such a word can be used – from his greasy, malodorous task of dissecting the inedible parts of yet another porpoise.
—  Patrick O’Brian, The Yellow Admiral
Aubrey - Maturin Chemistry

Most of you have probably watched ‘Master and Commander’. Some of you have likely also read the corresponding novels by Patrick O’Brian. And then, you have the rare few, myself included, who ship the hell out of Captain Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin. 

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to comprise some of the best passages illustrating the special bond between the two. It’s the closest thing to actual canon proof that I can muster, in regards to this ship. Read them if you like. They’re cute. 

“Stephen walked into the great cabin. ‘Jack,’ he said, ‘it is weeks since we played a note. What do you say to a bout this evening, if you are not too taken up with your bollards and capstan-bars?’

'Have you come aboard, my plum?’ cried Jack, looking up from the bosun’s accounts with a beaming face.”

- H.M.S Surprise

“To the infinite distress of the afterguard a huge shadow fell across the deck - the captain, stark naked and carrying a towel. ‘Good morning, Doctor,’ he said. 'What are you about?’ 

'Good morning my dear,’ said Stephen.”

- H.M.S Surprise

“Jack, wrapped in a boat-cloak, with a dark-lantern between his knees, sat in the stern-sheets, filled with pleasurable anticipation. He had not seen Stephen Maturin for a vast stretch of time, made even longer by the grinding monotony of the blockade: how lonely he had been for the want of that harsh, unpleasant voice!”

- H.M.S Surprise 

“Jack unable to eat for worry about Stephen. “Up and down the water-line of the half-moon beach, with his hands behind his back, turning over various private marks that might make Stephen smile if he missed this first rendezvous: some degrees of tension, to be sure, but none of the devouring anxiety of that first night long ago,sout of Palamós, when he had had no idea of his friend’s capabilities…In the beam of the lantern the paper showed a straggle of disconnected lines: Dear J – some words, lines of figures – the signature S, trailing away off the corner, a wavering curve. ‘This is not his writing,’ whispering still in the darkness, caution rising still over this certainty of complete disaster. 'This is not his hand.’ 'He has been tortured.’”

- H.M.S Surprise

Bonden shoved off: Jack called 'Row dry, there,’ and watched the cutter pull away towards the still-winking light. When at last it went out he turned from the rail, gave the orders that would carry the Bellona to her anchorage, and went below, deeply sad. He had seen Stephen off like this many and many a time, but his grief and anxiety never grew less.“

- The Yellow Admiral

"‘Pass the word for Dr. Maturin,’ said the Commodore, and the word passed down through the echoing decks.
'Him and the Commodore have been tie-mates this many a year,’ observed a seaman as it made its way along the orlop.
'What’s a tie-mate, guv?’ asked the landsman, newly pressed.
'Don’t you know what a tie-mate is, cully?’ asked the seaman with tolerant scorn.
The landsman shook his heavy head: there were already seventeen thousand things he did not know, and their number increased, daily.
'Well, you know what a pigtail is?’ asked the seaman, showing his own, a massive queue that reached his buttocks, and speaking loud, as to a fool or a foreigner. The landsman nodded, looking a little more intelligent. 'Which it has to be unplaited, washed on account of the lice, combed, and plaited again for muster. And can you do it yourself, behind your back? Not in time for muster, mate. Not in time for Kingdom Come, neither. So you get a friend, like me and Billy Pitt, to do yours, you sitting on a cheese of wads at your ease, or maybe a bucket turned arsy-versy; and then you do his: for fair’s fair, I say. And that is what we call tie-mates.’
'I heard of that Billy Pitt of yours,’ said the landsman, narrowing his eyes.”

- The Commodore

“‘I have served long enough in the Navy to prefer the lesser of two weevils.’
'So you have, brother,’ said Jack, looking at him affectionately.”

- The Commodore

“Stephen walked through the coach into the great cabin, smiling: but Jack sat right aft, staring out over the stern, both arms on his paper-covered desk; he sat motionless, and with such a look of stern unhappiness that Stephen’s smile faded at once. He coughed. Jack whipped round, strong displeasure masking the unhappiness for an instant before he sprang up, as lithe as a much younger man: he seized Stephen with even more than his usual force, crying ‘God’s my life, Stephen, how glad I am to see you!’”

- The Commodore 

“Jack and Stephen met again, almost on the very steps of the Crown. ‘Well met, brother,’ cried Jack from a little distance. Stephen considered the Commodore’s face and his gait: was he sober? 'You look uncommon cheerful, my dear,’ he said, leading him in the direction of the Pigtail Steps. 'I wish you may not have met with some compliant young person, overwhelmed with all the gold lace upon your person.’

'Never in life,’ said Jack. 'Aubrey the Chaste is what I am called throughout the service.’”

- The Hundred Days

“Aloud he said, ‘Hola, Jack.’
‘Stephen!’ cried Jack, shooting out backwards with surprising nimbleness in so large a man and seizing his friend by both hands. His pink face was scarlet with pleasure, and a slight answering flush appeared in Maturin’s.”

- The Mauritius Command

I have more; believe me, I do, and perhaps I’ll make a second post some day. For now, hope you enjoyed! 

even more human zircon headcanons!

  1. blue is always tired, although she sleeps for 8 hours at night, but will rarely nap in the afternoon. one time she was really exhausted and lied down on the couch, trying to fall asleep. then yellow came, put blue’s head on her legs and stroked her hair until she fall asleep. it was fun for both sides, since blue rested and yellow just loved watching her girlfriend being cute
  2. they always cuddle tho. when blue finishes studying and comes to their dorm room, she rests for an hour before she starts to work, so there’s not a day when she doesn’t lean against yellow or cuddles with her 
  3. while yellow is all smirky, touchy-feely, she’s very affectionate. she kisses and hugs blue all the time, telling her that she loves her. she also got a thing for blue’s hands, most of them time she’s playing with them or kissing them. blue doesn’t mind (unless she needs her hands)
  4. yellow enjoys cooking a lot. it’s one of her ways to wind down. she makes them lunch and dinner all the time, and only lets blue help with small stuff like cutting the vegetables. she bakes the best cupcakes blue has ever eaten and the satisfaction on her face makes yellow turn into one of her “I’m the best” moods
  5. their class totally calls them “rival lovers” because, somehow, they’re always against each other in debates and other trial practices. yellow admires blue’s intelligence and is very proud of her when she wins
  6. when blue gets sick, which happens every other week during winter, yellow makes her her favorite soup, makes sure she drinks enough, and takes care of her until she feels better. blue just stays in bed all day, not even trying to move herself when she’s sick, while yellow denies that she’s sick and keeps working until she’s too weak to do anything. then she comes to blue, who have been telling her all day that she’s not feeling well, all like “okay I’m sick you win can you get me a pill please?”
  7. a bit off topic, they’re both write learners. blue also learns through listening and she records herself, and yellow learns through reading so she can sit with a book for hours
  8. inspired by @ruki-32‘s comic, yellow rarely naps, in any hour of the day. when blue is up for her morning lessons, so is yellow. in one day, blue wakes up and instead of seeing yellow drinking her usual coffee, she’s asleep on the couch. blue makes sure she’s covered enough and yellow roles on her side, clenching the blanket. blue presses her forehead against yellow’s and leaves for her lesson, causing yellow to wake up blushing

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Natural Disaster // Moon Taeil


the prompt: what if Taeil is a florist who never give any girls a flower before but one day he met a girl who asking him to teach her about flower language and making boquets, since he getting extra money he finds with it but the more they spend time together the more Taeil attract to this girl till he cant help but kiss her after that she never coming back to continue her lesson later Taeil found out that the flower boquets was for her dead lover after that is up to you.

words: 1983

category: angst

author note: angst and i have a relationship that shall never be destroyed. but there really isn’t that much angst in this and it’s kinda messy pls forgive me my brain is fried. also sorry for killing taeyong.

- destinee

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Yellow teamiplier! 

Honestly, I admire each any every one of the teamiplier members in their own ways: Mark’s kindness, Amy’s disposition, Ethan’s energy, Tyler’s dependability/ability to keep everyone grounded, and Kathryn’s dedication. What an awesome bunch of people! Each one with their own talents, each one so very vital to the team. I dunno about all of you, but they never fail to brighten up my day.

You can find the individual moodboards here:

Mark | Amy | Ethan | Tyler | Kat

Primum Non Nocere

(Closed starter with @howlofthewolf .)

The Initiative had kept itself distant from the events ongoing in the Bouzaculan universe, not willing to risk the potentially massive casualties from a confrontation with the Scorpion’s Hand. History had already taught them a bitter lesson in facing enemies with powerful supernatural allies. 

However, that wasn’t to say that they couldn’t at least provide some aid. Fleet Admiral Yellow of the Initiative’s Fourth Fleet had been assembling a task force intended solely for humanitarian aid, to liberate Bouzaculan civilians from the theater of war and provide them safe shelter until the conflict ended.

The authority of a Fleet Admiral being what it was, Yellow had only needed a quick discussion with Fleet Admiral Red to allow her and her task force the operational freedom needed to deploy into the Bouzaculan universe. 

Of course, the need for providing aid was enough of a motivator. With each Fleet being independent to a certain degree, the discussion with Red was merely a formality.

Now within the CIC of her personal scout frigate, the Archangel, Yellow tapped the haptic interface to open the shared channel used by the relief group for this mission of mercy. “All hands, this is Admiral Yellow. Prepare for departure in 30 minutes, and ensure all gear is at peak performance. Let’s get them out safe.”

A chorus of affirmative replies came back, and Yellow nodded to herself. “That’s good. Yellow out.”

Closing the channel, Yellow couldn’t help but sigh a little as she proceeded to head to her quarters for a quick break. How were the Bouzaculan people doing at the moment, she wondered? Yellow only hoped she could help enough of them in time.

anonymous asked:

Ok, your background story on your 1K followers post really touched my heart. I know what you're going through, & I know I'm lucky I have my sisters & family who pray for me and love on me. I'm glad you've found your community ❤️ Since you know I'm such trash for Dae, may I request #94? I need a domestic!au so bad 😂 I'm cheering for you & praying for you, Kat! Thank you for being you!—💚Soul Anon

adlkasjlakj LOOK AT THIS @from-dae-do-dae look at how you used to be soul anon omg my queen. i hope you are having THE BEST time in austria and that you went to see The Four Seasons (if that happened already idk) I KNOW this isnt a full on domestic AU but i felt this in my blood and it came out this way i hope you enjoy <3

Prompt: 94: You’re an idiot. I married an idiot. (part of the 1K followers drabble game)
Pairing: Jongdae x Reader (oc; female)
Genre: fluff; au
Summary: On a road trip somewhere in Arizona, you and your husband Jongdae talk about how insignificant and, conversely, how important you are in the world. 
Rating: G
Word Count: 890

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Arizona looks sweeter with him beside you, the ruddy shade of the mountainous landscape somehow more rich, more vibrant simply because he is there and holding your hand as he drives. Neither of you say anything, the road a straightway that moves through the landscape rather than cutting through it, and you are hypnotized by the beauty. Jongdae shifts beside you, his body tense from keeping still and keeping his hand on the wheel, but still he is smiling. The sun pours in, dances over his skin and turns him into gold - you think he is glowing, you call him Adonis. Mostly, you call him yours.

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Sorry if this seems like heresy, but are you afraid of your Diamond?

The real question is: <<Who isn’t afraid?>>

I admire Yellow Diamond for her pride and her elegancy but she is a very intimidating gem. She is very strict and scary and we are completely under her control… our lives depends on her and we must always work.

I hate my work, I don’t wanna depend on someone who doesn’t give a crap about my life. I am not only a piece of resin!

First kisses with the paladins


In the midst of goofing around, and entertaining yourselves you find yourself just a little closer then usual. Before you know it he’s moving closer and your eyes are closing. Both of your cheeks are flushed. The kiss is innocent and short but the first words are out of his mouth are “wow”. You’re both awestruck.


You were both taking about her family, she was expressing concerns about not finding her brother and father. She was soon panicking and you acted on impulse to calm her, pulling her close and kissing her gently. Her eyes are wide and as you pull away you assure her that she’ll find them. This of course ends with her clinging to you.


While flying in the yellow lion, you admired the stars that you could see and he was focusing on navigating. making sure the flying went easy, no turbulence or issues, that jazz. You looked over and smiled, noticing how adorable he was when he was focusing on something, you decided to wait till he had a grip on the situation at hand so as not to disrupt his flight pattern and called his name quietly. He almost doesn’t hear you but upon turning his head and receiving a peck on the lips a goofy grin appears on his face and his cheeks are flushed. He couldn’t be happier.


After everyone was separated on a mission and you all are finally regrouping, he asks you to stay behind after the debriefing. Once everyone is going off on their own in the castleship and you both are the only two left in the common room he tilts up your chin and kisses you. It’s a little sudden and quite heated. He’s pulling you close as possible and clearly afraid of letting go. Once it’s over his forehead is pressed to yours and he’s admitting his concern about potentially losing you.


Team Voltron is celebrating a victory, perhaps among a planets natives that they liberated. He’s beaming, people are gracious, his teammates are having a good time and your stunning to glance at from afar. There’s music playing somewhere but no one can quite place from where and some of the locals are dancing. it’s all very heartwarming, a great reminder of why voltron is saving the universe. As the night is coming to an end you both slip away for a moment to chat. “I want to give you something, for doing a great job today, and I hope that it’s ok” you’d tell him before kissing him. He’s quickly kissing back and you are both flustered adorable messes.

i made a gemsona OC shes a calcite cause calcite usually contain remains of postmortem organics

mid tier ranking, no assigned weapon (yet?)

she cleans up processes shards of shattered gems, storing them, burying them, bubbles

not strong physically and generally blunt and apathetic

(also really admires yellow diamond from afar for her power)

Hot Pink

Wen Junhui

Originally posted by 7teans

•Based from the song {hot pink by EXID}

Warnings ⚠️: older woman, smut, mention of death, mention of overdose

Category: fluff/smut/angst


Word count: 1.3k

~Description: She was a perfect hot pink girl. Jun was lucky to get the truth beneath her hot pink soul to see not all of it was pink, but some was grey and some was light purple.

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