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Flights [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request/Inspiration: Ah! I’ve been so excited for this prompt! I had a hard time choosing how they got there but that’s a lot of talking!

Summary: Your best friend was in the Philippines and you couldn’t make it to her wedding. At least, that’s what you thought.

@hamwriters Prompt: Worldwide Day!
Our writers are all over the world. From America to Asia, all the way to Europe and Africa, we have amazing places and writers, so why not combine them? Write a fic that happens where you live or somewhere close. Celebrate your culture and where you are!

A/N: I do not live in the Philippines. I am ¾ Filipino and ¼ Chinese. I live in Texas, but I love learning about new cultures and sharing mine. Here we go!

Word Count: 1,348

Reader Pronouns: She/Her


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It was a pretty slow day at the law firm. You had no clients to meet up with today, so you caught up with paperwork. You faintly remember wanting to become a lawyer when you were at least four. That dream stuck with you all throughout college. Now, here you were. Living your dream and dating the man of your dreams. Lin-Manuel Miranda. You met him in Central Park. You remember every single bit of it.

You decided to walk around in Central Park during break. It was a windy day and the park was pretty empty. This is how you cleared your mind. Taking a moment to breathe and leave everything behind helped you tremendously. The leaves were combinations of reds and yellows. You admired the small things in life. A small dog rushed towards you. The dog wagged its tail wildly and wanted your attention. Maybe the owner was catching up? Nevertheless, you found a bench to wait for its owner. In the spare time, you discovered that the dog is a girl and that her name was Tobillo. There was no phone number or address attached, and that left you clueless.

Ten minutes passed by and you saw a man with long, dark hair frantically yelling. “Tobillo!” Was this her owner? You were proven correct when she launched out of your arms and to the man in front of you. He was pretty cute. Relief washed over him and hugged Tobillo. He looked back at you and smiled. Tobi energetically ran to your lap. He stood in front of you and smiled. He had dark eyes and a bright smile that put the sun to shame. “Thank you for keeping her safe. To She’s a little energetic ball and she loves to meet new people. Isn’t that right, Tobi?” he ruffled behind her ear. “It’s no problem! She was an angel. However, I do recommend putting some sort of phone number on her tag. Just in case you aren’t as lucky.”

“Yeah, you have a point. How much longer are you available?” You checked your phone.

“I have twenty minutes left.”
“I can deal with that. How about I pay for coffee? It’s the least I can do.”
That coffee break turned into a date. That date turned into a series of dates. Now, you were where you wanted to be.

You snapped out of your daydream when your phone rang. It was your best friend, Madison. You’ve known her since you were both one. Ever since that day, you two were inseparable. She was in the Philippines, visiting family. Yeah…she did almost everything last minute. Including her wedding.

To: Y/N

Okay, you’re probably going to hate me. My wedding is in a week. In Bicol. Can you make it?

Sometimes you couldn’t believe her. She’s been engaged for a whole year, and she hasn’t told you anything until now! Annoyed, you replied.

To: Madison

What the hell? I can’t find any good plane tickets a week prior! I’m sorry!

You couldn’t miss her wedding though! She was marrying her high school sweetheart, Steve. As if on cue, you clocked out and headed home.

Yeah, you weren’t in a great mood. You stepped into your home and slammed the front door shut. Lin practically jumped. He saw you eyebrows furrowed and the anger building up in your eyes. He kissed your forehead. “What happened in the office this time?” You were glad that he cared so much. “Everything was fucking peachy at the office. Except, Madison decided to tell  me that her wedding is next week.” His jaw dropped. “On the contrary, I expected something like that would happen.” You sighed and sat down on the couch, Tobi by your legs. “I did too. My schedule is clear, but how am I supposed to find affordable tickets a week before! Not to mention, I also need a dress to wear! I’m not going to show up to my best friend’s wedding dressed as someone who went last minute shopping at Target! I don’t even have a gift to give her! This is going to be a disaster-” Lin stopped your rambling by holding a finger to your mouth. He understood that you were under a lot of stress. In fact, he could relate. “Y/N. We’ll find a way around this okay? You’ll go to her wedding and look amazing while doing it. Besides, I don’t see what you have to worry about! You’re already gorgeous.”

“Lin.” you said, a bit embarrassed. He still had the power to make you as giddy as a schoolgirl. He pulled you towards him and kissed your cheek. “What? Can’t I love my girlfriend?”

It was two days before the wedding. You were still in your apartment, struggling to find a ticket. Hell, you even glanced at the expensive tickets! You didn’t care how much you had to pay anymore, you just wanted to see your best friend! Lin was out for a meeting, so you were stuck with yourself. It was your day off, so what else would you do except stress? In the midst of all of this, you managed to get them a gift that will ship right to their home, just in case you couldn’t make it. From the looks of it, you wouldn’t make it. Maybe you could just facetime her from the wedding? You just wanted to give up. That’s when Lin appeared. His face seemed as if he was hiding something. He hugged you and held your hands. “Lin? What’s going on?” You were pretty clueless. “Close your eyes!”

“Lin, what is this fo-”
“Close your eyes!” Reluctantly, you closed your eyes. He placed something on your hands and gave you the signal to look. Once you opened your eyes, you saw a small stub of paper. It was blank. You turned it over. You gasped. It was a ticket to the Philippines.One for you, and one for him. You practically squealed and tackled him on the couch, peppering kisses on his face. “Babe! Oh my goodness! Thank you thank you thank you!” He smiled. “Anything for you, darling.”

You packed up as fast as you could. Your flight was around 1 AM. You both arrived at the terminal two hours ahead of time. Everything passed by so quickly. You were stopped a couple of times by his fans, but you didn’t mind. They were all so sweet!

You slept on Lin’s shoulder the whole time. Waking up was the hardest part. You haven’t gotten sleep in the past few days, you didn’t want to let it go just now! While you slept, Lin took a photo and uploaded it to twitter.


How do I get up? @Y/N

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Don’t get up.

Awww! OTP

Look at them! Too pure!
Smol beans!

You stayed at a hotel a few minutes away from the destination. You still had a day to spare, so you started sightseeing with Lin. Your first stop was the Mayon Volcano. You were a sucker for landmarks and travelling. Getting the opportunity to explore made you so excited! At one point, you stopped by the Rizal beach. Of course, Lin being Lin, he tried to soak up as much knowledge as he could. You spent most of the time at the beach. You were wearing a tank top and shorts over your swimsuit. Something always beckoned you to the water. Maybe it was the fact that it was so serene and peaceful. At times, it would cause a commotion. You saw it as a swirl of emotions. Lin stood behind you, admiring every little thing about you.

The wedding passed by pretty quickly. Madison looked amazing and she had a dress ready for you. You just felt so overjoyed, and you didn’t want this feeling to go away. Next thing you know, you hopped back on the plane. You closed your eyes and heard Lin whisper.

“How did I get so lucky to have you?”

Natural Disaster // Moon Taeil


the prompt: what if Taeil is a florist who never give any girls a flower before but one day he met a girl who asking him to teach her about flower language and making boquets, since he getting extra money he finds with it but the more they spend time together the more Taeil attract to this girl till he cant help but kiss her after that she never coming back to continue her lesson later Taeil found out that the flower boquets was for her dead lover after that is up to you.

words: 1983

category: angst

author note: angst and i have a relationship that shall never be destroyed. but there really isn’t that much angst in this and it’s kinda messy pls forgive me my brain is fried. also sorry for killing taeyong.

- destinee

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As it should have been... A The Final Problem fix-it ficlet (Johnlock, of course :)


John placed the blackened headphones on the bull’s head. Deftly he wiped away the last traces of smoke and dust and smiled at Sherlock who was patiently holding the head in his large hands. He was holding it by the antlers, ready to hang it back on the wall between the living room windows.

‘Rakish, isn’t he?’

‘Hmm, yes,’ Sherlock made sure to return the smile before he turned to climb onto the desk and put the head back where it belonged. On the wall of their freshly redecorated flat.

‘Hang on!’

John slipped out of the living room, leaving it to Sherlock to move the head a bit this way and that way until he was satisfied with the position. A hissing sound made Sherlock start and when he turned his head towards it, he saw John with a spray can in his hand, spraying the missing smiley onto the brandnew wallpaper with a flourish.


Sherlock climbed down from the desk, admiring the yellow circle, toothlessly grinning back at them. John nodded, satisfied with his handiwork, and a smug smile was on his face when he slowly turned around.

‘Of course, it’s not complete without …’

‘Of course, not!’ Sherlock grinned. ‘Where’s your gun, John?’


The shots startled Mrs Hudson, almost making her drop the Spode Blue teapot she was drying. Unbelievable! Mere seconds later she was storming up the stairs and through the living room door of 221b.

‘What have you done to my wall? Again!’ Her index finger waving in Sherlock’s direction was as much an accusation as her stern face. ‘You will have to pay for that, young man! The decorator finished this bloody morning, and you have nothing better to do than …’

Sherlock grabbed Mrs Hudson and kissed his landlady soundly on the cheek.

‘I know! I apologise and of course, we will pay for it.’

You will – ‘ She stopped, and a smile lit up her crinkly face, her eyes dashing between John and Sherlock. ‘This is very much a you-situation now, isn’t it? As in you and John?’


Abruptly Sherlock let go of her, something else had caught his attention, and he bent to pick up one of Rosie’s little cardigans, the one in pale blue, the one he was particularly partial to. While he was at it, he also pulled out a Ladybird book which had become wedged between the cushions of his chair. Sherlock loved reading those stories to her when nobody was around, using different voices to make the characters come alive. Rosie was a very avid listener, intelligent and open, qualities Sherlock had always appreciated in any human being, whether they were one year and a half or forty-five.

John cleared his throat and Sherlock turned his gaze at him. They both smiled, the tenderness and understanding they had for each other making words unnecessary. John was the one to break the moment.

‘Mrs H, please add whatever you think is the appropriate compensation to our rent next month. Would that be all right?’

‘Of course, dear! Perfectly fine!’ She patted Sherlock’s arm. ‘I – um – just leave you two to it, then, shall I?’


John wiped his hand over his face, but the tiredness he felt was not so easy to get rid of. The last weeks had been horrendous, only now everything was gradually settling down, they were settling down.

He tip-toed up the last steps to their flat, the blissful silence indicating that Rosie was asleep. A state of things John was unwilling to disturb unnecessarily. He loved his daughter dearly, loved her gurgling laughter and her babbling in the morning when she had just awoken, but right now, he would appreciate a sleeping Rosie very much.

On the landing, he slipped out of his shoes and hung up his own coat next to Sherlock’s and Rosie’s pale pink jacket. Gently his hand caressed the rough wool of Sherlock’s Belstaff and the soft cotton of the child’s jacket next to it. His face warmed and unexpectedly tears welled up in his eyes. He wiped them away, sniffing, tired, but also finding he was more and more reluctant to hide his emotions.

Carefully he opened the door and peered into the room, dimly lit by the lamp on the desk, but the light was enough to make out two shapes on the sofa.

John’s heart swelled and the tears returned. Unashamedly he let them fall now, while he was looking at his daughter and the man he loved, both lying asleep on the sofa.

Sherlock was on his back and Rosie resting on his chest, her head turned to the side and tucked in the crook of Sherlock’s neck, his large hands cradling her to him, and John knew there and then that there would never be a safer place for himself and his daughter.

Unashamed fluff - please enjoy ( gif credit to @aconsultingdetective)

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You can also find me and lots of Johnlock fics on AO3, I’m Junejuly15 there as well :)

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Hey neighbor, Want these tulips? *Holds out a small flower pot with yellow tulips inside, anon being a rather tall highschooler*

“Yellow, huh?”
He smiles sweetly at the flowers and then at you before gently taking them and looking at you once more.
“Thank you. I don’t usually receive yellow tulips…I admire you already.”

There Is Space On Me

Request/Prompt: Pietro X reader where she has powers to grow plants and pietro really loves it and they’re on a picnic and he’s sleeping and she plants little flowers in his hair :-)
Note: Awe this is such a cute request.
Pairing: Pietro x Reader
Characters: Pietro Maximoff, Reader, Clint Barton
Words: 564
Translations (Romanian):
Iubirea mea - My love
draga mea - My dear

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Oh, well. What’s a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring, and-and completely… Completely wonderful. -Cinderella

Obiyuki Week//Day 2: Cinderella

Color: Yellow?? 
Emotion/Representation: hope, admiration, idealism
Situation: Dancing

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MY HEART BROKE LAST NIGHT 💔 Damon with the flowers and having to see Bonnie in the arms of Enzo and she slams the door in his face 😢😢😢 Plus, Damon never gave Elena flowers 😲 What do you think??

It was so sweet and perfectly angsty!!

You know, Damon actually did give Elena a flower once. He gave her a single rose from a vase at the Founder’s Day event where Stefan was downward spiraling after drinking Elena’s blood.

But (this is going to get pretty antidelena, so may wanna stop reading if you don’t want to read that) I sort of think that’s perfect? Let me explain. Since the episode, I’ve seen a few reblogs/posts where people talk about the meanings of the various flowers that were in the bouquet Damon brought for Bonnie

So far I’ve seen that the bouquet included coral roses for desire/admiration, yellow lilies for friendship/happiness, yellow lilacs for “the first emotion of love,” lavender flowers for old-fashioned romance, and daisies for loyalty and commitment to love.

And then on the other hand the red rose symbolizes passion.

What a perfect little microcosm of our Bamon metas? Damon’s love for Elena is one-dimensional in its obsession. Their love that consumes them is all about passion and danger, but it also ends up neglecting/discarding every other aspect of their lives that they might otherwise consider important. That’s a major part of why it’s so dysfunctional, because it’s so single-minded.

Meanwhile Damon’s love for Bonnie is multifaceted. It’s something that grew organically over years, as they came to understand, respect, and trust one another more and more until finally they weren’t just friends, they were each others’ closest confidante. Their love is built on emotional intimacy, on friendship, on flirtation, on loyalty, and yes, also passion. 

Not to mention, Damon should know his floral etiquette as any young man who grew up in the 1800s would, so what does that tell us?

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Red, aquamarine, yellow

Red: I admire your writing and stories from afar. Just know I always read them.
Aquamarine: Can you write a drabble between our two characters?

Yellow: Your writing us great! Keep it up!

Kisses babe. Too kind to me.

The second part of the coldflashwave 18th century!arranged marriage!AU, this time with slightly less angst. Read the first part here.

As a reminder, we left on this horrible note:

Now it’s Len and Mick who are desperately trying to earn Barry’s love and falling in love with him in the process. Meanwhile, Wells grows ever weaker and Eobard stronger, and an imminent change of power lurks on the horizon… 

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[Really have done a lot here yet. xD But I will do this from what we got(in mind).] Pink carnation, Pink rose, Yellow rose, Wisteria ("..." Cough. ///), Bronze chrysanthemum

What would your muse put into a flower crown for mine?

Pink carnation: Gratitude
Pink rose: Admiration/appreciation
Yellow rose: Friendship
Wisteria: Steadfast
Bronze chrysanthemum: Excitement

“I’m flattered you’d actually part with your flowers for me.”

some pearl ocs !! both are quite young, only 5000 years or so

the yellow pearl belongs to a gem called Topaz, who is a well-respected member of yellow diamond’s court. She admires the Crystal Gems, especially Pearl, and she is secretly training herself to swordfight !

the black pearl belongs to star sapphire, a member of white diamond’s court. a gem she loved was crushed by white diamond for insubordination :’(