yellow admiral

Gem Bro wants to offer each of the Tapu’s a yellow pansy. He really admires their style and he’ll admit, he’s a bit excited to talk to them!

The Tapus are delighted to meet Gem Bro! They would like to know more about him as well. Tapu Lele would like to compliment Gem Bro on his costume, it looks kind of mysterious to him! 

The Tapus put their newly received flower in their hair.

And in return, they each offer Gem Bro a flower! 

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‘Yet I don’t know how it is…’ He paused for quite a while and then in the tone of one quoting an aphorism he went on, 'The heart has its reasons that the…that the…’
  'Kidneys?’ suggested Stephen.
  'That the kidneys know not.’ Jack frowned. 'No, hell and death, that’s not it. But anyhow the heart has its reasons, you understand.’
—  The Yellow Admiral, Patrick O’Brian
Cuddle (UF Friskriel)

(Bold is Chara’s dialogue )

(Italics is Frisk’s dialogue) 


   you sat on top of a flower patch, gazing up the bright opening shining upon you…you always liked the warm feeling of the rays, after a while, you looked down the flowers you sat on and plucked one, you raised it to your eye-level and admired the yellow beauty, you smiled and turned it around…oh you wish you had a camera.

   "And what are YOU doing here?“, a familiar voice echoed the small ruined area, you dropped the flower by the sudden call of your beloved brother, you stood up as you face him and signed,‘nothing in particular….I’m just enjoying the flowers’, His ruby eyes scanned you from bottom to top and furrowed his eyebrows,he turns and start to walk away,"you need to go home or I’ll have a butthurt of talking from mum”, he scowls, you frown and look down at the buttercups and back to him,“…”, you begin to crack a small smile once again,“go on, my love…”, you hear your ghostly friend approve, you begin to to pick up dozens, maybe more buttercup flowers.

    You finished picking some flowers and began exiting the flower patch to the Ruins…, It was taking a while to exit the underground but you finally found your way out, seeing Asriel leaning on the exit to the Underground, looking quite frustrated, “Howdy. Took you a while…”, he scowls again, you gave him a sad smile and showed him the flowers, maybe that would lighten his mood,“…tch, whatever..”, it didn’t….in fact, it only mde it worst…., He begins to walk away, not bothering to call you. You lowered the flowers and gripped onto it tightly, you feel the presence of your friend  on your back, hugging you,“don’t feel glum, love…he’s only just pretending….”, you crack out a smile and nodded,“I do hope your correct”, you say on your mind and began to run to catch up with your brother,you eventually did, but stopped to gasp for air, you feel him starring at you, you look up, still holding the flowers, he quickly looks away, you look back down and straightened your posture, looking at him with a smile,“….hmph-”, you hear him say, you see him hand out his arms, you tilt your head, looking at it,“give it.”, he commands, you slowly hand him the flowers and he takes it by force, and continue to walk, you go with…

     You both walk to the north of where you could see the city, you try to keep close distance with him but you also seemed intimidated by him,“don’t be, not like he would hurt you..”, you nodded at your friend’s words and walked closer to him, he seem to not notice, you look up to his face,“Asriel- beloved brother, devilishly handsome yet charmingly kind…”, you blush by your friend’s sudden narration, and he seem to notice, you look at him to see what he might react, you see him squint slightly on you but focuses on the direction he’s going…again…, you look back down while following him, you try to calm your warm face and focus with him,“I didn’t ask you to check on him…” you complain to your friend,“It did feel like you wanted to..”, you feel your friend smirk…

     You both arrive back home, the sun was going down and the warmth was no longer in present, you knock on the door.




 The door opens after a while,“why hello, my children….”, Mum eyes the both of us,“Howdy.”, Asriel states bluntly,'good afternoon mum!’,you sign,“and what have you brought back, Asriel?”, Mum asks, Asriel grows silent,“does he not know what to say?”, you ask yourself,'it’s from the both of us to you and Papa!’, you sign,“…”, she’s silent….you hope she believes it,“Oh you both are as sweet as monster candy!”, she boasts and pinches both of our cheeks, you try your best to smile at the hard pinch, but you hear Asriel groan,“come inside, my children!”, she smiles.

 We do as she says and walk inside,“Asriel, Be a dear and put those beautiful buttercups on a vase..”, Mum requests,“hm.”,Asriel replies,you stop to see Asriel one more time before heading to the room.

 you close the door and sat at your bed,you layed down, stare at the ceiling, and began to think.

 Am I…a burden?

“Silly little Frisky, no, he’s merely like Lil’ o’ll Flowey”

Why must he scowl and glare every time I’m within his presence?

 “…your just overthinking, my love…”

Am I?, you know your forbidden affection with your own brother, you can’t even stand him not wanting you back….

“Not by blood, my dear…”

Does that really concern me?

“Hey. Wake up, sleepy head. It’s dinner.”, you hear Asriel’s cold voice, you sit up and follow him to the dinner table, have you been thinking so long?, you ask Asriel what time i really t is, just before he sat,“Hah? It’s 7:00. Ya idiot, that’s always Dinner time."you slowly nodded to his reply and sat down just across him..

 The Dinner was…talkative…, they mostly talked about ambassador business and and plans for tomorrow, for now, they said they would wait until it was the right age for you to help them with being a ambassador, you understood but it still bummed you out knowing you couldn’t help them….Asriel seemed to have been starring at you the whole time.


 It’s bed time and it’s silent, nothing but the singing of crickets and croaking of frogs can be heard….but even with the windows close, it feels like the north pole. Mumma says that with their fur it would be ok yo shut the thermostat, knowing the human’s currency is quite expensive, they find that it would be convenient to do so…but not for you. It’s absolutely freezing on your bed, and you couldn’t sleep it off, the bed is shaking because of your constant shivering and even with the extra blankets they have provided you, it still felt so cold…and your friend’s words aren’t encouraging at all…,"the cold never bothered me anyway~~”, your friend teases,'That was one year ago!’, you complain,“ahh, but that IS what you always sing every night just to appease/annoy your beloved brother”, you can’t complain, it is true…you would always sing that stupid song after you’ve watched 'Frozen’ an enjoyed it very…it would always annoy Asriel bit sometimes instead to scowling and raising his voice at you to stop, he would join in ever so quietly and you would catch him do so, he would deny it but you know that’s not true…

 You switch places, you’ve changed positions and turned so many times, you were shivering and shaking, it was too cold to bare…,“oh you poor soul..”, your friend tries to console,'oh, d-don’t patronize me-!’, you protest, you feel your friend quiet down, it seems you may have hurt them,'I-m s-sorry…’, you try to apologize,“it’s fine.” They reply, you began to turn to the other side, where as you face Asriel’s bed,’so warm…he’s so lucky…’, you whisper, 'so fluffy I’d hug you..“; then it hit removed your blankets and walk slowly to his bed,"A-Asriel…you awake?”,you whispered,your legs were shaking because you left the bed, you say it again for re-assurance, but given no reply, you begin to climb up his bed slowly, and sat up, you began to stare at him,'you feel as if it was a bad idea’, you say inside as you began to slowly put your arm to his shoulder,“I wouldn’t do it if I were you-”, your friend was cut off when your hand layed at his shoulder and two words was the summary of what happened next. “Wrong. Move.” You were pinned down the bed, with a hand gripping tightly at your neck, you see a blue fireball at the other,the light shined through, showing Asriel’s now angered face,“Move and I’ll burn you alive-”, he stops when he looked at you, straight at your widened eyes, he begins to squint with furrowed eyebrows,“explain.”, was all he said, tears started to form with his grip almost suffocating you, it was still tight and yet it was warm across your neck, it wasn’t with your hands.


 You raised your hands to his face, he flinched but only a bit until he accepted your touch, you cupped his face with both hands,“your cold…”, he stops strangling you,got up and gasped for air, the teats were still running, his grip was very painful…after a while,“that’s not my problem. Go back to your own bed.”, your eyes widened as you looked up to him, his face was straight,'he…means it..’, you look back down, he gets off you and you try to leave, you got off his bed and walked slowly to yours, you legs shaking with every step….

 "Get in.“, you hear him demand at your fourth step, confused. You look back, seeing he was already out the bed with him opening the blankets, signaling you to go in,"you have five seconds.”, he states, you quickly took the time and ran in his bed, covering yourself with his fluffy red blanket, he later joins in, cupping you with his body,you were shocked of course,“don’t get use to it. I’m doing this just because you’re cold.”, he states, “thank you..”, you whisper to him, he grows silent, is he surprised by your sudden show of voice?.you turn to face him and give him a smile, he looks at you and then looks away with a 'hmph’, you go closer for a hug, he hesitated but accepted your touch, with your head resting on his shoulder and your arms wrapping around his waist,“I like it….”, you ended and proceeded to fall asleep in his arms,'so he wasn’t really mr. Grouch….’, you say to yourself,   “ and I never said he was, my love…now sleep, you’ll need it”, you friend reminds, you nuzzled onto his shoulder and proceeded to fall into slumber.


 Crickets were singing…. and Frisk was finally in my arms, From the hug they gave me, I upgraded it to a cuddle and tightened my grip, I never want to let go….when I felt them touch my face, they were cold, at first I wanted to drive them away to keep my cool, but I ended up softening myself and letting them in, which was the best mistake I ever did, I stare at their sleeping face and crack up a warm smile,“you idiot..”, I whispered,“my Idiot…”, I chuckled, funny….they reminded me of…Chara…

“I’m Cold…”

“So warm..”

“I’m sorry..”

   I pulled out the necklace they gave back when they saved me,“here…I’m sorry…this isn’t   mine… ”, were the words they said before, I proceeded to tie the necklace around their neck, and continued to wrap my arm back at their hips, and the other at the waist,I nuzzled my head at their chocolate brown hair and smiled at them before going back to sleep.

“Goodnight, My little princess~”


*more of a Bonus

 I feel a flash flicker through my closed eyes, I slowly open them to see….the smiling red trashbag, wait…why the hell is he in my room?….WHY THE HELL DOES HE HAVE HIS PHONE ON US?!, I quickly sat up to get his phone, but it was too late, he teleportd away from us….us….,“mornin’ ya lil’ brat.”,he teases and he seems to be olding out a laugh,I was silent, I was still tired…,“hope ya enjoyed yer’ lil'cuddle~”, he suddenly slurs, my eyeswiden, Of course! I look over to Frisk, they were still soundly asleep beside me…, I sigh in relief and the continued to glare at that smiley son of a-,“ya think yer’ mom would like to see this?”, he threatens, I got out of the bed, as silent as possibke to not wake them, and readied my fire.

I see him smirk…

“Hehe,I  W O U L D N ’ T   D O  T H A T   I F    I       W E R E  Y O U….

“Fucking try me, the dirty smiling son of a-”



  • yellow is the color people most often associate with amusement, gentleness, and spontaneity, but also with duplicity, envy, jealousy, avarice, and, in the U.S., with cowardice.
  • comes from the Old English word geolu, geolwe
  • a color which cries out for attention
  • one of first colors used in prehistoric caves (ex cave painting of a hourse in Lascaux)
  • associated with gold in Egypt, which is considered to be imperishabel, eternal, and indestructabke. women in egypt painted in gold
  • yellow establised as the color of Judas Iscariot, disciple who betrayed Jesus Christ
  • van Gogh admirer of yellow, color of sunshine. 
  • “yellow journalism” 
  • in 20th century, yellow was revived as a symbol of exclusion
  • Jews in Nazi Germany and germany occupied coutnries were required to sew yellow triangles/ w/ the star of david onthier clothing
  • because of its ability to be seen well from greater distances and at high speeds, yellow makes for the ideal color to be viewed from moving vehicles
  • used in neon signs
  • in china, most esteemed color
  • stars of spectral classes F and G, such as our Sun, have color temps that make them look “yellowish”
  • autumn leaves, bananas, yellow flowers and fruits all have carotenoids yellow and red organic pigments that are found in the choloroplasts and chromoplasts of planst and other photosynthetic organism.
  • most common of flowers, color makes it most visible to insects who are needed to bring pollen to the flowers
  • sulfur
  • color of ambivalence and contradiction, associated with optimism and amusement. in china and other parts of asia, yellow is a color of virtue and nobility
  • IN china, color of happniess, glory, and wisdom. 5 directions of the compas, yellow signifies the middle. 
  • chinese emperor considered the child of heaven and symbolized by yellow
  • considered a masculine color in China
  • sunlight, warmth
  • safety yellow, warning, danger
  • saffron colored robes for buddhist monks. sign of renunciation of the outside world and commitement to the order
  • symbollically represent the third, solar plexus chakra
  • yellow aura is typically someone who is inthe occupation requiring intellectual acumen, such as a scientist
  • yellow-belly is an american expresion which means coward
  • yellow pages
  • yellow school buses
  • yellow brick road
  • honey

HMS Formidable, hit by Kamikaze which released a 550lb bomb before impact, 4 May 1945. As crew fought fires, tended to casualties and assessed damage, an infuriated Captain Ruck-Keene signaled Admiral Vian aboard Indomitable with the following: LITTLE YELLOW BASTARD. Admiral Vian quipped in reply: ARE YOU ADDRESSING ME?

Nine were killed; Formidable remained out of action for six hours.

Love is Here for a Visit: Part One

Summary: James knows better than to hope for impossible things, but he can’t stop himself from wanting Lily anyway. 

Rating: Mature

Lily wakes to a ribbon-wrapped box of chocolates and a bouquet of sunshine yellow daisies. From an admirer, is all the note says, unsigned, but she has been James Potter’s classmate for years (and maybe she has paid more attention than she’d care to admit), so she recognizes his handwriting. Lily knows she ought to trash these presents, but instead she finds herself eating sinfully rich truffles for breakfast and conjuring a vase to put the flowers in.

It doesn’t mean anything.

When she sees Potter before Transfiguration, she catches him by the arm, tries not to notice the strength of the muscle beneath her hand, and says, “Thank you for the gifts, but please don’t do that again.”

He scratches the back of his head, ruffling his already untidy hair. “Fine,” Potter says, “but at least tell me you didn’t throw away that Honeydukes chocolate.”

Lily laughs. “I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in truffles this morning.”

His grin is lopsided, awakening a dimple in his left cheek, and she reminds herself that no matter how handsome he is, Potter is still an arrogant jackass. He hexes other students just for irritating him, struts around the castle like a damn rooster every time he wins a Quidditch match, brags about his detentions, and bullies Severus at every given opportunity—not that she cares about that, because she doesn’t.

So when he asks, for the second time, whether she might like to go on a date with him, Lily says, firmly if gently, “No.”

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