Daisy Dukes 0, Daisy Trim 1. In the battle for modern day flower child cuteness, it’s this prim & proper trim for the win. With a simple appliqué, your flowy, cropped button down is now bloomin’ with smart, delicate style. 

To create: Use scissors to cut daisy trim into sections of two. Adhere the trim along the center buttom seam of the button down top with a dab of fabric glue. Use needle and thread to reinforce the trim with a few stitches.

Paintings in Yellow

Hey guys! This is the fourth set of paintings in my color series. This set includes 10 different paintings in both white and black frames. It also has custom thumbnails.  TOU: Please don’t claim as your own or re-upload. Hope you guys enjoy!

Credits: These are recolors of the wonderful set created by peacemaker-ic called Squarely Triptych Landscape Paintings, which can be found here. Made with Sims 4 Studio.

D o w n l o a d