i feel so bad for my modern au rey

the cool thing about being a woman is that you will force yourself to leave your apartment at like one in the morning so you can get some rancid pizza with the five dollars left in your bank account because the only thing in your fridge is like a jar of mayonnaise and some hot sauce packets and you will be like “i dont even know how existence could get any worse right now” and then some dude will yell at you from his car and youll be like “nevermind.”

Imagine having the same taste of music as Dean.

“What is she doing!” Sam laughed standing outside of the motel room with his bags, followed by Dean holding his and his daughters bags.

(y/n) was sitting in the back seat of Baby blasting some Queen, the song being “Fat Bottomed Girls”.

With no shame at all, she turned over to her father and uncle reciting the lyrics proudly with a smile spread across her face.

“Now I know she’s your daughter, Dean.” Sam chuckled throwing a duffle bag over his shoulder.

“That’s my girl!” Dean yelled supportively fist bumping the air only further encouraging her to turn up the song.

“QUEEN SUCKS!" A guy yelled from a moving car.

Dean glared at the man in the run down vehicle only to yell, "Your taste in music sucks!”

—Thanks to anonymous—

Tbh it’s probably a good thing that I wasn’t living in Japan earlier or right now. I mean, when I am over there even on holidays if I’m not walking with a male, I get followed and chased or grabbed and it’s just creepy af.

I had un-Medicated Aspergers (now taking medication for it) and didn’t experience this thing at all in Australia, (I mean they would just yell from cars at most) and it always rattles me but in Japan you actually get grabbed and stuff and there were times where I would completely go into shock and freeze and my friend had to pull him away from me and get me the hell out of there.

I can deal with it much better now in Japan, I sort of just run away and find a crowd to disappear into. I can pull a disappearing act much easier than before, which is why I think yes, I’m more ready for going on exchange now (which is why I applied) is because I’ve matured and adapted.

But last time, I even had an offer for sex work by some random on this Japanese (chat with the people near you sort of app, it also has a fashion part which is why I got it) but I was like wtf… And that scared me a bit too. Going against the rhetoric of what Tumblr says, Japan actually fetishises foreign women to the point where… Sometimes you experience some pretty scary stuff firsthand. And if you’re from a western country where the idea of feminism is quite strong, just preparing you… You will get a rude shock.

I know it will take me awhile to learn how to deal with it and combat this stuff.

There is a movement by all the men in the world to make sure Women don’t get a fair shake. Men yell at Women from cars. Men deny Women equal pay. Men tell Women to “smile.” Men enact laws to keep Women from health care they need. This is not opinion, this is fact. The reason is a Woman dreamed the universe into existence. Women give birth, men take life. Therefore, men are jealous of this power. War is menstruation envy. A Woman dreamed the universe into being. That is why it is called “the Big Bang”–only a Woman can make a bang that big. If a man had done it, it would be called the Disappointingly Early Theory of the Universe. Men can only give birth to sacred bullets through their Viagra-assisted manshaft. Women deal with the pain of childbirth; men act like they have diphtheria if they get a cold. We all know Columbus and George Washington, but who is taught about Sojourner Truth or Susan B. Anthony? Women in the United States could not vote until 1920. Then only because they demanded it for years. Any advances Women have made they have done by organizing and being better at everything than men just to be recognized and be heard. They have to.
—  Greg Proops

its kind of funny how america has turned into this angelic land of real life pokemon and you guys have all these lovely encounters bcos meanwhile in england i went on a 5 minute walk and got three variations of ‘twat’ yelled at me from cars passing me bcos i was on pokemon go

We're...On A Boat

Chester was waiting in the car for Grace. Whatever she was doing, she was doing it as slow as possible. Chester beeped twice. “C'mon babe, brunch starts soon” he yelled from the car window. Grace rushed out of the house, locking the door behind her. She got in the car and Chester stared at her. “What?” she asked. “You ready, princess?” Chester said sarcastically. Grace rolled her eyes. “No, because I’m a queen. Now drive me places, Chives” she said. Chester laughed. “Who the hell is Chives?” he said pulling out of the driveway. “Chives is a chauffeur’s name and that’s you” she said. Chester laughed and shook his head at her.

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Yeah, I’m that pasty chick with jiggly thighs and a wiggly belly running around the neighborhood shirtless. I’m sure some people look at me and think, “Ew, put a shirt on,” or, “She’s just doing that for attention,” or, “HEY FATTY!!” I know this because I’ve heard people say it about others and I’ve even had it yelled at me from cars driving by. But you want to know something? Life is too damn short to 1. Care about looking “good” every second of my existence, 2. Run with a shirt on when it’s A BILLION DEGREES OUT, and 3. Waste energy on worrying about what people are thinking about me. Wear that dress. Feel confident in those shorts. Don’t be scared of your bathing suit. Rock running shirtless. Heck, rock running in a million shirts if that’s what makes you happy. My point is, you do you. You are so much more than your reflection in the mirror. And if people want to waste some of their valuable, precious, oh so short time on this earth expending energy on thinking negative thoughts about you? That’s their problem. #bodypositivity #selflove #beyou

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Another new trailer for The Boxtrolls! (click here)

Also guess who I said hi to today at work… Steven Yeun a.k.a. Glenn from The Walking Dead! So handsome. 

I have an even better story from last night though…
I was jogging to the gym when some asshole trying to make a right turn yelled at me from his car while I was on a crosswalk. I pointed at the walk signal that said “WALK”  so I don’t know what his problem was.
He honked at me. I thought about spitting on his car but I flipped him off instead as I crossed. I just continued on my jog, wishing I had spat on his car. 

Apparently the guy had circled the block with the passenger window down to cuss me out some more… “You motherfucker!”
I just…

spit INTO his car instead

and jogged away. Teehee. The shift on the guy’s face from anger to pure horror was priceless and it brought joy to my immature heart.
(p.s. this isn’t how I usually handle these scenarios but lately the universe seems to be testing my patience. And I’m failing. Or it’s granting my wishes and giving me do-overs. Depends on your outlook.)

being a skater, the amount of times someone has yelled at me from a car is way higher then most people, what is it that makes a car full of jock dick heads yell out “skater fag” or “poofta”? why is skating gay? there is no male to male contact like most other jock sports?  and like I’d rather be gay then be a dead shit yelling at someone from a car, I’m glad I’m not a negative pile of crap assurting my “dominance” by yelling obsenaitves at people

also if there are gay skaters reading this, i’m bummed that skater fag and other homophobic remarks probably hit closer to home for you, so if it does i’m sorry you have to go through that shit because people are assholes