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You stomped up the steps towards your apartment. 

“Y/n!” You heard him yell from the car. You shake your head and open your front door, slamming it once your inside.

Running your hands through your hair, you let out a scream of frustration.

He opened the door and slammed it, making you turn towards him. 

“What is your problem?!” He screamed, walking towards you. 

“You! You’re my problem!” You yelled back, “You’re always coming home late! When do get home you only want to sleep, it’s like I’m not even fucking here!”

You looked in his eyes and then laughed, “What are we even doing?”

He looked at you and then at the picture of you two on the wall.

You were happy then, but now you only ever argued. 

He threw the cup on desk at the picture, making it fall and shatter to the ground.

You jumped at the sound of the glass shattering to the ground. 

“What the fuck?! We’re breaking shit now?” You shouted, walking to your room to grab the things you’ve given him over the years. 

You had put them in a box next to your bed once you saw the lipstick stains on his white shirts.

You came back to the living room and threw the box at him, the contents going every where.

“She’d never act like this.” You hear him mumble. 

Your head snapped towards his,“She?”

He looked at you and laughed, “Yeah. She. The reason I come home late. The reason why I don’t love you anymore.”

You felt your heartbeat in your ears.

He walked closer and looked deep into your eyes “You’re not enough anymore, Y/n.”

You wanted to cry but you wouldn’t, you couldn’t.

“Can I tell you something?” You asked, “I stopped loving you a long time ago, and I stopped caring if you did the same even longer. Why do you think I never called when you were late coming home?”

He looked at you and you smiled, “You’re my regret.” 

You looked over to the broken picture of you two, your heart swelled at the memories that you’d had with him, but that was over now. You walked back to your room, grabbing the only thing you had left in the apartment, your bag.

He hadn’t realized you basically cleared the apartment of your things.

His eyes started to dart in all directions of the place. He noticed how empty it had became. 

It was only then he realized that without you his life would be like this forever, empty. 

And it was all his fault.


A guy did yell at me from his car, it happens sometimes cause im weird looking. The guy yelled at me & he goes “Hey baby, hey girl! You’re so sexy!” I realized that this could be a few different things […] He thinks I’m a girl & he thinks I’m not sexy, so It’s like funny to say that - or he knows im a boy & he’s trying  to be “mean” cause its “funny”. ‘Like you’re a girl haha.’  Little does he know, I think girls are cool and good?! (x)

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Im agender & my 1st passing story is that I was in a parking lot at school waiting to be picked up & some boys yelled from a car "ARE U A CHICK OR A DUDE?" I guess thats kind of a weird passing story but it made me really happy bc I wasnt even trying

Ew, he sounds gross. But, passing is passing, even if it’s weird.

I think that was my brain’s way of retaliating against me trying to force myself into sleep mode before it was ready

@brain why you such a bitch

Imagine having the same taste of music as Dean.

“What is she doing!” Sam laughed standing outside of the motel room with his bags, followed by Dean holding his and his daughters bags.

(y/n) was sitting in the back seat of Baby blasting some Queen, the song being “Fat Bottomed Girls”.

With no shame at all, she turned over to her father and uncle reciting the lyrics proudly with a smile spread across her face.

“Now I know she’s your daughter, Dean.” Sam chuckled throwing a duffle bag over his shoulder.

“That’s my girl!” Dean yelled supportively fist bumping the air only further encouraging her to turn up the song.

“QUEEN SUCKS!" A guy yelled from a moving car.

Dean glared at the man in the run down vehicle only to yell, "Your taste in music sucks!”

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Hey excuse me someone pls explain to me why trashy men need to trashy yell from their trashy cars at me as I am minding my own business, walking down the sidewalk? yes, answers pls thx