“Applejack is awesome!”, a stranger yelled at me from another car, while I was driving. 

I have a tiny plastic applejack on my dashboard. Very stealthy, and the only public pony thing I have. That kinda made my day :D 

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"please kill all men" -tumblr user berlin1991

this is so stupid lol the rest of this post was the qualifier “who yell at girls from cars”

Last day of #LittleMergis is half bow with mermaid bind 💙🌊🐚🙏 Woop woop!! I finished 3 yoga challenges this month ☺️ Thank you for joining me on my mini yoga journey this month it’s been amaaaazing to be back doing challenges. It’d be awesome to co-host another challenge again. If any yogis are lookin for a co-host I’m definitely interested, shoot me a DM 💙 Anywhoo, it was beautiful out today. Some dude took my spot under the pier so I decided to take the spot on the other side of the pillars lolll being out in the open with no pillars to block me ‘twas awkward but what was even more awkward was walking back to my car. Some dude yells hey from his car so I turn around and this guy is just smiling at me in his car… I’m just like yo mind yo own bizzznaaazzz and pay attention to the road! Jk I turn around awkwardly smile back and power walk to my car… He was literally driving, coming to a stop light, and trying to talk to me while I was walking on the side walk near the shops in the middle of Manhattan Beach Blvd… in front of everyone 😳 like… bro, stop. So ballsy of him lolll Realizing I don’t have to be doing yoga for weird encounters at the beach to happen to me lolll ayyy caramba 🙄 #yoga #yogi #yogaeverydamnday #namaste #workout #fit #fitspo #fitgirls #fitness #motivation #beach #beachyoga #surf #ootd #bikini #saltthesoul #aboutalook #lookbook #fashion #style #summer
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I’ve heard of a lot of weird things yelled from cars. I’ve even been present for some of them firsthand.

But I’ve gotta admit, someone making a noise that sounds like a bird caw and throwing a handful of mini marshmallows out the window? That was new.