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I wanna remind folks that the Tauren, the one race on Azeroth that has literally not had a hand in any part of its destruction and struggle, has literally been taking body blows since the dawn of this game and can’t even get a fucking iota of Lore or a major goddamn plot line besides Magatha, who ended up just becoming an Order Hall Champion when she could have been a goddamn Raid Boss.


upcoming heart-fluttering also heart-wrecking movies


Films by or about people of colour directed by women*

Some notes on the list:

  • This list is non-exhaustive.
  • The movies I counted as “starring” poc of colour have at least 1 poc as lead or co-lead.
  • I respect the fact that some people do not want to see movies about poc as told by white women and have separated these movies accordingly.
  • Some of the directors who are woc who have directed the movies starring woc are not the same race as their casts.
  • What counts as a woc in the western world is not what is necessarily counted as a woc in the countries that those women are from. I have created my international list based on my own western perspective.

Directed by American WOC starring POC

Daughters of the Dust (Julie Dash)
Mississippi Masala (Mira Nair)
I Like It Like That (Darnell Martin)
Eve’s Bayou (Kasi Lemmons)
Girlfight (Karyn Kusama)
Love and Basketball (Gina Prince-Blythewood)
Real Women Have Curves (Patricia Cardoso)
Saving Face (Alice Wu)
Something New (Sanaa Hamri)
Mississippi Damned (Tina Mabry)
I Will Follow (Ava DuVernay)
Pariah (Dee Rees)
Yelling to the Sky (Victoria Mahoney)
Middle of Nowhere (Ava DuVernay)
Mosquita y Mari (Aurora Guerrero)
Peeples (Tina Gordon Chism)
Selma (Ava DuVernay)
13th (Ava DuVernay)
Losing Ground (Kathleen Collins)
Appropriate Behavior (Desiree Akhavan)
Farah Goes Bang (Meera Menon)
It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (Emily Ting)
Songs My Brothers Taught Me (Chloe Zhao)

Directed by WOC starring white people
The Republic of Love (Deepa Mehta)
D.E.B.S. (Angela Robinson)
Vanity Fair (Mira Nair)
Jennifer’s Body (Karyn Kusama)
Last Night (Massy Tadjedin)
The Invitation (Karyn Kusama)
Equity (Meera Menon)
Shake It (Hella Joof)

International WOC
Sugar Cane Alley (Euzhan Palcy) Martinique
Salaam Bombay! (Mira Nair) India
Double Happiness (Mina Schum) Canada
Fire (Deepa Mehta) Canada/India
Earth (Deepa Mehta) Canada/India
Monsoon Wedding (Mira Nair) India
Bollywood/Hollywood (Deepa Mehta) Canada
Bend it like Beckham (Gurinder Chada) UK
Water (Deepa Mehta) Canada/India
Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud) France
Heaven on Earth (Deepa Mehta) Canada
Belle (Amma Asante) UK
The Second Mother (Anna Muylaert) Brazil
A Simple Life (Ann Hui) Hong Kong
Wadjda (Haifaa al-Mansour) Saudi Arabia
Dil Dhankande Do (Zoya Akhtar) India
Still the Water (Naomi Kawase) Japan
Sweet Bean (Naomi Kawase) Japan
Blackboards (Samira Makhmalbaf) Iran
At Five in the Afternoon (Samira Makhmabaf) Iran

Directed by white women starring POC
Portrait of Jason (Shirley Clarke) documentary
Black Panthers (Agnès Varda) documentary
Paris is Burning (Jennie Livingston) documentary
S'en fout la mort (Claire Denis)
Mi Vida Loca (Allison Anders)
Whale Rider (Niki Caro)
Frida (Julie Taymor)
Itty Bitty Titty Committee (Jamie Babbit)
Things We Lost in the Fire (Susanne Bier)
35 Rhums (Claire Denis)
The Wedding Song (Karin Albou)
2 Days in New York (Julie Delpy)
Girlhood (Céline Sciamma)
Honeytrap (Rebecca Johnson)
The Fits (Anna Rose Holmer)
Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold)
American Honey (Andrea Arnold)
Ayanda (Sara Blecher)

*I know people will want to add onto the list and I appreciate that, but before you do please check whether a film is directed by a woman. This blog and list is in support of women directed or co-directed films. Please respect that. 

Notable Fun Ghoul Quotes

“Unless there were at least three witnesses, I cannot be blamed for anything that might have occurred.”

“Now here’s a fun idea: shut up”

“You know what this party could use, an explosion.”

(Yelling at the sky at 1:30am) “Take me away Phoenix Witch!”

“Listen, I’m not saying I’m going to start a bar fight, just that I’m really itching to punch that guy’s face in.”

“How much will you give me if I do a double back flip off the roof? Hypothetically of course.”

“Has anyone seen the Girl and/or my lighter?”

Don’t Let Me Get In The Way (Steve Rogers x reader)


1. BONNIE YAY!!!!! REQUEST TIME!!!! pls write about Steve starting to blow you off (missed events and important dates) because of Bucky & the events of civil war. My heart loves angst but please end happy if at all possible.  

2. Hi, can you please write a little fluffy fic where Steve asks the reader to marry him?

Whenever anyone would ask how it came to be that you were dating Captain America, you would tell them that you fell into his arms like it was a dream, and right when their eyes would gloss over in imagination of the romance in that statement, you’d crush it with a snicker at their gullibility.  It was definitely like a dream, alright; but more like a nightmare, being chased across your apartment by some disgusting alien as it shot at you, pushing you towards the window of your tenth floor home until you crawled out onto the ledge and prepared for your own end at the mercy of Park Avenue’s asphalt.  As if it were planned, or at least by miraculous intervention, Steve was fighting his own group of alien assailants, hearing you from above just in time to turn and catch you as you jumped.  

You literally fell into his life, and he loved telling the story as much as you hated to remember it.

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An example of what I mean by looking for what things that might, on the surface, seem out of character in order to understand what is actually happening in a scene:

This nonsense in 12.20:

At first glance, it’s “Ha ha Dean doesn’t know how to hold a wine glass,” or, “What a dork he knows better than that.” Because we KNOW he knows better, from 11.12:

So rather than saying this means Jensen is an idiot who doesn’t understand his character, or assume it was supposed to be some sort of joke, two whole seconds of looking at his face in each of these pictures should clue you in that this is absolutely not a joke.

What’s the setup then, in 12.20, that has made Dean look so freaking uncomfortable? Why is he gripping that glass so tight?

Well, we know he didn’t even want to leave the bunker for this hunt. Sam had to go all the way back to the pilot episode of the show for a big enough hook to drag him away from his fretting over Cas.

“Their mom’s on a hunting trip and she hasn’t been home in a week…”

In 11.12, they were both eager to go help Claire when she called. Even if, at the time of this dinner, it was starting to look like she may have jumped the gun in calling for their help. Sam and Dean both ENJOY visiting with Jody, Alex, and Claire. And even despite the uncomfortable topic of dinner conversation, they feel like a part of Jody’s extended family (heck even in 12.06 they popped by her house unwashed from a hunt just to say hi and hang out for a while on their way home. That’s the kind of comfortable they are around Jody and her family). 

(okay I need to talk about 12.06 again, because look at these goobers, and how comfortable they feel at Jody’s house. Jody herself might be drinking wine, but she’s in her jammies. They’re eating pizza out of a box on the couch, and Sam and Dean are drinking beer… because that’s what they would choose for themselves when they weren’t trying to be polite in company they’re not familiar with. They’re not being asked to go along with an agenda they didn’t choose for themselves at Jody’s. Dean’s even got her tv remote. THIS IS HOW COMFORTABLE HE IS WITH HER. okay, just needed to get that out there)

Despite his uneasy feeling that Cas wasn’t quite right after 11.11, this felt good, feeling like part of this family felt good. Dean felt WELCOME there. He had no need to feel stressed, or “spun out,” or even that he didn’t really belong there.

In 12.20, this apparently “perfect” hunter family who was so heavily paralleled to the Winchester family but a HAPPY and HEALTHY version of it… well, Dean’s still mentally spinning his wheels over the fact that he has nothing concrete to do to help Cas, and even Mary hasn’t returned his call just asking to talk to her about some things that he sounded very upset about in his message to her.

But instead of being able to do ANY of that– I guess pace in his room while running searches of police activity on the APB Jody put out on Cas and Kelly, try to reach Mary on the phone again, heck… stand outside and yell at the sky for a while, seriously ANYTHING would’ve been preferable to him in that moment than sitting there watching the “well-adjusted” version of his own family enjoy each other’s company.

When Tasha announced that someone needed to go pick up their dinner, Dean was about to volunteer, but Sam jumped up and told him to just stay there and drink. I can just see his face screaming OH FREAKING GREAT NOW I’M HERE ALONE WITH THESE PEOPLE WHO HAD THE LIFE WE COULD’VE HAD IN A BETTER WORLD.

So he drinks. But even Twig!Tasha had some excellent words for him…

Tasha: Alicia said you grew up in the life?
Dean: Yeah. Yeah, my Dad raised me and Sam to hunt.
Tasha: And your mother?
Dean: That’s complicated.
Tasha: Yeah, family’s always complicated. Parents always seem smart and strong and perfect. It’s only when you grow up that you realize that they are just people.

Let’s not forget Dean’s talk with Jody in 11.12, too, where the two of them traded parental advice and commiseration. But they did it as equals. As FRIENDS, even.

Dean’s anxiety is already higher than average just going in to the situation in 12.20, and now that everything seems just fine at this point ^^ he’d rather have just gotten back on the road and left these people to their own lives. But no, he’s being polite, and that means he’s performing. But what the hell performance does he need to put on for these people? He doesn’t know them all that well (and doesn’t know Tasha at all).

He sees they already have this unique family bond, a causal humor with each other that he’s not familiar with at all, and he feels at loose ends trying to figure out just how to relate to them.

When Sam leaves him (ABANDONS HIM!) to go pick up their dinner, he grabs on to that wine glass like it’s the last solid thing in the room and holds on for dear life.

He’s still checking that phone constantly (without seeming like an antisocial dick), to the point that he left it sitting on a table when he got up to leave with Sam, when normally it would’ve been in his pocket. Everything about that scene, to me, was perfectly in character… when you think about all the circumstances leading up to it.

It was done exactly that way on purpose. Not so people would scream OUT OF CHARACTER! But so that maybe they’d think about WHY Dean was acting so uncomfortably.

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Headcanon that the Host doesn't swear. I bet he did a lot as the Author, but the Host I feel like just. Too pure to swear. He's also very in check with his emotions, always staying level headed. He would never shout out in anger or something like that. Which leads me to imagine how incredibly stunned and shocked everyone would be if the Host ever got pushed so far as to burst and just shout and yell and swear. -Sky


Popcorn Date

Title: Popcorn Date

Paring: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,689

Warning: Cavity level fluff that turns smutty

A/N: I’ve been having this dream for months, thought I should share. The humming I talk about you can see in this video, just go to 17:05 and watch them talk about it, it’s pretty great. He does the humming thing again later on and Jensen can’t stop laughing. Anywho, enjoy dorky cute smutty Jensen!!

“Dude, just go ask her!” Jared nudged Jensen so hard he stumbled a little, falling into the side of Baby.

“Shut up! Come on man!” Jensen looked over his shoulder only to whip back around. “Shit, dude she’s coming over!” Jared started laughing before falling into a coughing fit as he tried to hold it together.

“Uh, hey guys. Jared you dying or something?”

Jared just shook his head, trying to keep a straight face. Jensen’s eyes went wide as he slowly shook his head, silently wondering what the hell had gotten into Jared.

“You guys sure you’re good?” you looked between the two boys.

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Other witches: Has perfect altar full of crystals, beautifully detailed grimore, does spells by candlelight on the full moon, has a large garden full of herbs

Me: Hangs around the local mini-nursery, shoving fresh lavender into my mouth when the guy who runs it gives me herbs to SMELL, accidentally inhales tea, yells at the sky, probably drinks candle wax

BTS Reaction to GF Being in Critical Condition

Request: Getzjinxed ⇒ Could I ask for a BTS reaction to their girlfriend being in critical condition at the hospital because of an car crash and there’s a posibility she won’t wake up from the coma?

Note: REVAMPED. (A couple more reactions until my masterlists are up *screams happily into oblivion*) *Credit to gif owners*

Jin The moment Jin heard about you being in a car accident, he hurried to the hospital to see you. He was hoping it’d be just a few scratches, but when they told him you were in a coma that you may not be likely to get out of, it felt like everything around him stopped. “I want to see her,” He’d tell the nurses, and when they took him to see you, he’d be speechless. A tear would fall down his cheek while he stared at your lifeless form, “how could this happen?”

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Suga He went to see you in the hospital and couldn’t believe his ears. He was relatively calm for a while, until he saw Taehyung crying; Yoongi’s walls were destroyed. Jungkook would try to calm him down but Yoongi couldn’t take the pain of losing you. He’d scream out from emotional pain, wailing and throwing things out of anger. The boys would tell him to calm down, but he would have none of it. “You guys don’t fucking understand,” he’d say, smacking Jungkook’s hands away from him. “I love her with everything I have.”

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J-Hope Hoseok’s world darkened when he heard the news, he ran to the hospital looking for your room and when he found you; his heart shattered. “(Y/N)..“ he walked closer to your body that was plugged into many machines. He couldn’t believe it, he couldn’t even cry. He was too shocked for words, and when he grabbed your hand to feel it insanely cold; he wished and prayed for anything that it could’ve been him on that bed and not you.

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RapMonster ➳ Namjoon got the phone call and rushed to the hospital, standing outside your room. Before he reached for the doorknob, he heard one of the boy’s crying inside your room, and he couldn’t take it. He ran away, running to who knows where. He didn’t want to believe it, he saw you earlier that day giving him small kisses and bright smiles. He yelled to the sky, praying that you’d make it through this alive. He needed a miracle.

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Jimin ➳ ”-might not live..“ Jimin’s phone fell out of his hand and he wished it were a dream. He drove to the hospital, speeding and when he finally got there—he wished he hadn’t. Seeing your lifeless form on the bed with multiple bandages broke him. He’d grab a chair and slide it towards your bed, grabbing your hand and kissing it. He’d start apologizing to you as if that would make you wake up, and when your hand fell out of his and the machines started blaring, he’d feel like apart of him would die along with you when the doctors took him away. “No..” his bangs covered his eyes while he bit his lip, tears falling down his cheeks as he clenched his fists. “Don’t go..”

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V ➳ The moment he saw you in the bed, Taehyung would start sobbing right then and there. “I-is that really her?” When they just stared at him in remorse, he ran out of the hospital, ignoring the yells trying to tell him to stop. He ran in the rain, eventually slipping and crying as hard as he could; too weak to get up. The rain would hit him like a million bullets, and when it soon stopped; he stared at the sky as if he were dead. How was he supposed to live on without his light being there to guide him? “I can’t let her go alone..”

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Jungkook ➳ Jungkook stood there with wide eyes, staring at your beaten up form. He rubbed them to make sure if what he was actually seeing was real, and he looked to the doctor for answers. “She’s in a coma, I don’t think she’ll live..” Jungkook’s bottom lip began to tremble, and tears were clouding his vision. “N-no..” he walked closer, grabbing your hand. “Doesn’t that just happen in movies?” He’d whimper, tears starting to fall like rain. “(Y/N), wake up, I promise I’ll treasure you t-this time!” He’d start to scream and cry louder, making a ruckus before Jin and Yoongi would come in and take him away.

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