yelling on the internet again

He found himself becoming the… dad figure of Overwatch.

He supposed it was his own fault though. He was the one that did most of the cooking, he fixed everyone’s clothing, he helped organize the various bills as well as helped break up various petty fights and bickering. Not to mention with his age, with the mass of operatives being in their 20-30s, he was about that age to be ‘dad’ age to them.

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So it’s 7am and I just have Some thing to say.

Every one on the goddamn planet needs to stop sexualizing children. Stop telling them to cover up and stop making them feel bad about their own damn body. Because here is the goddamn truths.

Any one who even THINKS about abusing a child is not going to just MAGICALLY STOP having those thoughts because the child is dressed ‘decently’. It is 20 mother fucking 17. Are we really out here pre-maturely victime blamming BABIES? Anyone who thinks that way about a child is sick in the head and that’s where the causes end and begin.

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