Ok where’s my Silverflint Olympics!AU where John Silver is the UK’s biggest sweetheart and a world champion in gymnastics (more like John Gold lmao amirite), while James Flint is the UK’s biggest grump and a record holding champ in wrestling/sailing/shooting?? Listen

Silver is a rising star. He’s extremely talented and gorgeous, always bubbling with energy and winning people just by smiling at them. He’s got everyone wrapped around his fingers already and even those competing against him lowkey root for him. Meanwhile James is known for being aloof and all too professional, always avoiding the cameras and everyone’s learned by now to give him space so they wouldn’t have to suffer The Glare™. The world still heartily roots for him, though, bc the man’s apparently invincible. They ‘met’ briefly right before the opening ceremony, Silver enthusiastically shaking hands with probably every athlete with a Union Jack on their jacket, while Flint stayed in the back and clear of him. He caught Flint’s eye, but before he could get to him the man was gone and Silver hadn’t been able to find him again during the ceremony. (Trust Flint to miss the good stuff because ‘’I have to mentally prepare, Hal.’’ Shut up, Flint, you’re on in 10 days, you just hate fun.)

After that Silver keeps seeing him in the village and is completely drawn to the Big Gruff Fella Over There (he’s not aware Flint is the one not to be disturbed) and before Flint can pull back again, Silver is by his side and already talking his ears off. Stealthy little prick. But damn he’s even prettier up close. When Silver notices he’s not welcome, he turns his charm up to 111. Boy has a death wish, but don’t ever say he’s a quitter. Flint is so pissed off bc it works. He just wanted some goddamn peace before his game, but that cute curly haired and so very bendy (yes, Flint noticed) chatterbox of a man won’t give him any. He responds to Silver’s sly charm and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the biggest victory in Silver’s career.

Next thing you know Flint is seeking him out on his own. Hiding in the audience during the Men’s Artistic events, fangirling watching as that little shit wins his 3rd gold medal in a row like it’s nothing. It completely fucks up his focus and concentration then. It’s all John John John and that damn too flexible body of his. It’s James’ last Olympics before retiring and starting a career in coaching, and right now he’s about to go into history as the UK’s first olympic gold champion who couldn’t score a single point and probably fell on his face while trying to. He hates John Silver.

On the day he’s about to compete, John is there, chasing after him right before the game and wishing him good luck. And then he’s hugging him [kill bill siren going off in Flint’s head] and damn there’s that little smile Silver only does in front of a selected few, nothing like the one he puts on for the audience and the reporters. Flint is fucked. He is so royally fucked. The game starts. John is in the audience, waving their country’s flag and beaming at him. James scores the new world record. Oh, he’s fucked alright.

Round of applause for John Silver scoring one James Flint.


          Clark hadn’t remembered falling asleep. Their argument – if you could consider it that – felt like a hazy memory, clouded by the almost black out he felt. It was as if he just slipped into exhaustion. Despite the fight and the tears still fresh in his mind, he could produce a sleepy grin at finding Thea practically draped over him. She looked peaceful. Not anything like the anxious and destructive person she had become since the curse had taken her. For a long pause, he savored in this moment. The sun still wasn’t up, he had absolutely no idea what time it was – but he missed her. Even with her body curled up on him, he missed her. Her voice and her laugh. And so after a debateful pause, he shifted underneath her, moving her to his side to he could place a quick kiss on her lips, brushing messy raven hair away from her softened features. “Thea—wake up.”