I’m pretty sure and hope that many of you already have YELAWOLF’s album TRUNK MUZIK 0-60 that dropped November 22nd.

I also guess that most people were on Kanye and Nicki’s ass, because of the same release day, so, supporting Yelawolf makes more sense…but that’s just me !

TRUNK MUZIK 0-60: no surprises there, as we already knew half of the tracks + the singles we hear everywhere “I Just Wanna Party” and “Daddy’s Lambo”; but it is DAMN GOOD nonetheless! His flow is more aggressive, like on the HEAVY “Get The Fuck Up” or “Marijuana”, with a slight rockish kinda beat or straight Hip Hop like on the BANGGIN' “That’s What We On Now”.

My ultimate favorite and classics YELERR songs are still “Pop The Trunk”, “Box Chevy” (Part 1, 2 & 3) and of course “Fuck You”, but “That’s What We On Now” and “Get The Fuck Up” out of the new ones, are the DOPEST!

Following the album release, YELERR performed a little show  at Terminal 5 in NYC.
He definitely rocked it, but I didn’t feel the crowd…AT ALL! Hope he’ll be back soon and headline for good! 

Yelawolf is #1 on Soundscan’s TOP NEW ARTIST - HEATSEEKERS chart! Congrats!

PS: Allooooo!?! Who said Yelawolf is not Hip Hop?