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The Greatest Female Vaulters of All Time: Elena Produnova, Monica Rosu, Cheng Fei, McKayla Maroney, and Simone Biles

May 3rd- 94 days left

Leotard 47/∞: 2000 Sydney Olympics Russia Qualifications Leotard- worn by Svetlana Khorkina

  • Russia wore this leotard during qualifications at the 2000 Olympics where they qualified to the team final by finishing 1st in the preliminary competition. They also qualified several gymnasts to multiple individual finals. 
  • Gymnasts that qualified to individual finals:
    • Svetlana Khorkina (AA, VT*, UB, FX)
    • Yekaterina Lobaznyuk (AA, VT, BB)
    • Yelena Produnova (UB, BB)
    • Elena Zamolodchikova (AA, VT*, FX)
  • ** It is important to note that Svetlana Khorkina did originally qualify along with Lobaznyuk to the vault final but gave up her place to compete in the competition to her teammate Elena Zamolodchikova who in turn became the 2000 Olympic Vault Champion. 

The Holy Trinity of Gymnastics | This was in my queue for quite a long time, but I felt like it needed a few alterations.

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30 Day Gymternet Challenge|| Day 20: Favorite “Off-Camera” Moment.

when Yelena Produnova kept getting confused and tried to salute as everyone else


Amanar? What amanar? Someone needs to .gif the fuck out of this Produnova video.