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30 Day Gymternet Challenge|| Day 20: Favorite “Off-Camera” Moment.

when Yelena Produnova kept getting confused and tried to salute as everyone else

Before Europeans, Worlds or Olympics, Elena is training in Round Lake full time, under the scrutinizing eyes of a whole training staff. Sometimes for weeks on end without interruption, according to a scientifically proven schedule of grueling performance training and physical conditioning called periodisation, she is physically and mentally prepared to represent Russia.

Elena is closely looked after by medical staff, for her health is her most important asset. Imagine the havoc an injury or bout of flu could have on her, and Russia’s, chances! Besides doctors and physicians, there are steam baths, physiotherapists and massagists at the gymnasts’ disposal, to keep them sound and fit in body and mind.

The accent lies on perfecting the routines while at the same time raising Elena’s base condition well above the level required. Training at the highest level humanly possible is used to make Elena strong and resilient, to improve her physical condition and working off excess weight (which means body fat) when necessary.
Internal competitions following in regular order are used to monitor her progress, competitive spirit, and resistance to fatigue and stress.


Sounds like conditioning was a thing around Round Lake once upon a time. Funny how the mentality has changed now…

Nowadays gymnasts like Seda are body shamed and called fat by coaching staff. The foreign gymnasts with muscles are also being called names and blamed for doping by Russian Press and Valentina Rodionenko. Meanwhile the entire team is finding it really difficult to land skills on their feet, falling all over the place…Hmm…

May 3rd- 94 days left

Leotard 47/∞: 2000 Sydney Olympics Russia Qualifications Leotard- worn by Svetlana Khorkina

  • Russia wore this leotard during qualifications at the 2000 Olympics where they qualified to the team final by finishing 1st in the preliminary competition. They also qualified several gymnasts to multiple individual finals. 
  • Gymnasts that qualified to individual finals:
    • Svetlana Khorkina (AA, VT*, UB, FX)
    • Yekaterina Lobaznyuk (AA, VT, BB)
    • Yelena Produnova (UB, BB)
    • Elena Zamolodchikova (AA, VT*, FX)
  • ** It is important to note that Svetlana Khorkina did originally qualify along with Lobaznyuk to the vault final but gave up her place to compete in the competition to her teammate Elena Zamolodchikova who in turn became the 2000 Olympic Vault Champion. 

Favorite routines: Yelena Produnova (requested by anon)

vault: 1995 jr euros 1996 euros 1997 worlds AA 1998 goodwill games 1999 worlds EF (produnova) 1999 universiade (THE vault) 2000 Moscow world stards vt 1

bars: 1997 worlds AA 1999 worlds quals 2000 american cup 2000 olympics TF

beam: 1995 jr euros 1996 Australia cup 1996 euros 1997 worlds AA 1999 american cup 1999 worlds 2000 olympics EF & TF

floor: 1995 jr euros 1995 worlds 1997 worlds EF 1998 International France Telecom 1999 worlds 2000 american cup 2000 olympics TF

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Amanar? What amanar? Someone needs to .gif the fuck out of this Produnova video.


Yelena Produnova - 2000 Olympics Team Finals - Floor Exercise (by dionnewarwick)