Also on the topic of Poison Study I definitely ship Valek/Ambrose……….like Snyder was going for bromance I think but she fuckin overshot it. Also yes I know Valek probably ends up in some forced and nonsensical relationship with Yelena but like. Vambrose just makes so much more sense like seriously. Let me have my cute murder-boyfriends please.

Reasons to read the poison study series by Maria v Snyder

-good representation of a victim of torture and abuse who now has ptsd
-but she is so much more than a victim and has a full life and wonderful narrative
-poisons are cool
-valek is a sexy assassin
-yelena is a 10/10 female protagonist and is impulsive as hell
-yelena always manages to get in shit but holds her own throughout everything
-the author low key slides a trans character in there when you least expect it and it isn’t a big deal it’s just like oh cool this is nice. Honestly a trans character in a high fantasy??! I thought I wasn’t reading it correctly for a second I was shook
-lots of PoC
-well designed cultures
-cool magic w souls and fire and lots of weird mind powers
-did I mention Valek yet? Bc he is an A+ male lead and is an unconventional alpha male and is wonderful
-claustrophobia is represented
-magic school and who doesn’t love magic school
-evil men but they don’t win
-amazing story arc of an abuse victim fighting back against her abusers and learning to heal and be this amazing bad bitch
-much more but I don’t think I need anything else to convince you


The Greatest Female Vaulters of All Time: Elena Produnova, Monica Rosu, Cheng Fei, McKayla Maroney, and Simone Biles