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Cool gross story of me seeing Stone Sour on Wednesday

Ok so as y'all all know I went to the Serenity of the Summer Tour with Korn Stone Sour Baby Metal Yelawolf and Islander on Wednesday.
I have a bunch of cool little stories but this one is the most important story by far.
So my friend Pepe and I got to the venue at 3:30 pm even though doors opened roughly at 6/7 pm.
We got numbered wristbands for the priority early bird line and I got a good spot (numbered 84 to be exact).
When we got in I made my friend run with me to the barricade. This is important for later.
So then the concert started and Islander put on a sick ass show. They are very engaging with the crowd. Then Yelawolf came on and at first I was confused because o hadn’t heard of him (or Islander for that matter) but once he started his set I actually enjoyed it.
Then Baby Metal came on.
Then Stone Sour came on!!
I legit fought to keep my spot at the barricade because I was dead Center stage.
So the band came on and all that and I was really enjoying the set and I was yelling and all that. So then Made of Scars came on and Corey decided that he wanted to through water at us and we the crowd went crazy.
Then he grabbed a second water bottle and he took a sip and we all started yelling for him to through more water at us so he did. But he didn’t swallow the sip he took. Instead he walked to the middle of the stage (aka right in fucking front of me) and I was yelling so my mouth was open (obviously) and he spit out the water!!
Do the math.
He basically sit the water straight into my mouth!! It. Was. Fucking. Awesome!!
The guy next to me looked at me all grossed out and asked me “did you actually swallow that?” And I was like “fuck yeah I did! That was Corey fucking Taylor’s spit! We’re madly in love now!!”
And I swear I think Corey heard me because he chuckled into the mic as he finished the song right in front of me!!
And that is my cool but slightly gross story of Corey Taylor and I 🖤

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2100 - Run The Jewels

Pots n Pans - Cuz Lightyear ft. Killer Mike

wriggle - clipping.

Ragdoll Physics - Diablo Swing Orchestra

You Ain’t No DJ - Big Boi ft. Yelawolf (As far as I can tell this is the single most interesting thing Yelawolf has ever been a part of)

Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Arctic Monkeys

Really Doe - Danny Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt

Knee Socks - Arctic Monkeys

Wow Wow - Neil Cicierega

Shelter - Porter Robinson & Madeon

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In the video clip of ‘Best Friend’ (Yelawolf feat. Eminem), there’s a fucking YELLOW WOLF whose name is Michael and Yelawolfs name is Michael. Yelawolf had no idea that this was the case, it was just a complete coincidence, and he even said that him and the wolf 'became homies’ and I just think that is the most beautiful thing.