yelawolf tattoos

I made this cake and gave it to Yelawolf at a meet n greet in San Antonio he was so nice! I also asked him to sign my laptop cause I bought all his shit from itunes so I didn’t have a cd for him to sign… My 5 year old got to meet him too, so I asked Yelawolf if he would also sign my son’s Chugginton Train book.

BTW the cake was peanut butter & classic grape jelly flavored. I used real peanut butter in the batter, doubled up with real grape jelly in the middle. Iced it then used homemade fontant to make the decos, I was running frantic trying to finish this cake & misplaced my cake tips so I just made a big ass wave dots along the bottom. There are 2 catfish on the sides that I also made (cant see in pic). I have no idea if he ate it but later at the concert venue his bg told me that they did keep the cake! Yelawolf comes back to SA in Sep. I hope to make another cake for him!