yel zamor

Several years ago now a nervous young person in an interesting hat sidled up to the Orang Utan Comics table with their portfolio. I flicked through their artwork which was generally awesome and although they weren’t quite there yet as a penciller I could tell that they had an excellent feel for colour. I asked them if they’d ever considered colouring and they replied that they had not but they were open to giving it a go. I started them off colouring a few short stories for me…then they became the regular colourist on Alpha Gods and, later, the colourist on Hero: 9 to 5.

That person was, of course, the immensely talented Yel Zamor.

This morning my regular order of comics arrived and it included Revolutionary War: Warheads from Marvel Comics, and right there on the cover it says “Zamor.”

I couldn’t be more proud.

Yel, you are awesome, and I’m so glad that you sidled up to my table that day!