Souls Aboard
Written by: Yekith
Rating: R
Warnings: You find out in the first paragraph anyway, so I’ll just say they’re dead from the start. But since the story is not about how they died, I don’t consider it a death fic, but an afterlife one. This includes supernatural/fantasy content and some violence/torture (rather light, and short scenes).
Summary: The water appeared steel-colored where the moonlight hit it, the rest giving the impression of a mass of tar. Through the mist that lurked the shore, Frank distinguished the shape of a boat.

yekith replied to your video: My Chemical Romance - “Kiss The Ring” [Audio] (by…

It has always given me “Prison” feelings (the style), but you’re right about “House of Wolves” too! Could be their love child.

When I reblogged the audio recently, I described it as the result of a dirty, sweaty hookup between Revenge and TBP, so at least we now have it narrowed down to precisely which songs from each era. XD

On that not, “Make Room!!!!” is also good, if mostly because it’s like a nugget of creative process and song evolution. It has bits and pieces of what would end up becoming parts of “Na Na Na” (and some said even bits of what became “Party Poison”) in it. Quite interesting to listen to.

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I think I’ll laugh the whole movie cause of everything I’ve been seeing on Tumblr. xD If only I had money to go see it!

Exactly! Hahaha, and I’m not even mad with all the spoilers, cause I think I already know 90% because of tumblr. And that’s saying a lot, cause in other situation, I would like to kill people because all the spoiler. *Sigh* tumblr.