There were a lot of moments in my life where people questioned my survival on this journey to the point that I too, lost my faith and questioned my own ability. They told me I couldn’t do it, they told me I will never make it, they told me I would have to leave soon.

BUT look where it got me.

A gentle reminder to always shut other people’s comments about you and be your own believer. Consider them as an inspiration for you to be able to give your best on every platform you are in. In this very way, you’ll be able to achieve your dreams. Don’t let other people tell you what to do with your life, or what you can be in the near future. Always- ALWAYS believe in yourself no matter what happens.

Block President (1st year-5th year)
JPICE-PLM, Auditor
JPICE-PLM, Vice President External
JPICE-Lungsod ng Maynila, Board of Director
JPICE-Lungsod ng Maynila, Secretary
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Happy Mother’s Day Mama. Miss na kita sana magkasama na tayo, makasama ko na kayo ni Papa. But anyway, thank you for everything and sorry for all my short comings. Sobrang pasaway ko eh syempre nag iisa lang akong anak niyo hahahahahaha. I love you! One day ako naman pupunta sayo. Pupuntahan ko kayo diyan. Pero sa ngayon, sagot niyo muna ticket ko ha? Hahahahahhahahahahahaha. Mwa. I hope you will enjoy your day there in Doha. I can’t remember din when was the last time we spend this special day with you but nevertheless we are always here for you.

(di mo naman mababasa ‘to dito eh bleh haha and tbt pic kasi cute ako diyan)

Do you sometimes feel that the real world is a great blur surrounding you? Don’t you just want to pause and slow down? If your answer was yes, you are showing the Stressitopia disease, caused by the insects Jirks and Betches that came from a different planet. When these insects continuously bite you, stress ions are formed that causes the situations mentioned above. Dra. Ilongga prescribes you Smallthingseratoria Serum and Maliitnabagayosis repellent.

Smallthingseratoria Serum was once a happy pill but it was converted in to a serum. It kills stress ions and cleanses the body from it making you Stressitopia free, while Maliitnabagayosis Repellant is made to repel insects such as Jirks and Betches.

Travelling home is a small thing but it can make us happy.

Smallthingseratoria Serum contains:

1.       Random small things.

2.       A good laugh

3.       Good friends and smiles

Chilling can also make a difference in our day.

This ice cream can make you feel better.

Side effects:

1.       Makes you appreciate small things

2.       You can smile without worries.

3.       Stress-free life

4.       You can be happy.

“Kis.a ang mga ginagmay pa nga bagay ang makapalipay sa imo.”

-Authentic Ilongga

Guys!! Meron na kong GO Signal ipakita ang Book Cover. Asahan ko kayong susuportahan niyo ang first ever libro ko under PSICOM Publishing ha?! Para hindi na kayo mag babackread ng husto sa blog ko at may instant kaibigan kayo once na nagkaroon kayo ng problema.

Para ito sa mga gustong mag move on, gustong magmahal ulit, sa mga taong nasaktan, kung paano ang gagawin kapag nasa relasyon, paano mag move on at marami pang iba! <3 Salamat po sa inyo. Sobrang aasahan ko po.

SOON!! Ill keep you guys updated :) Share niyo sa mga friends niyo ha? :)


  So yeah I made my 2nd follow forever bc I just reached 2k followers a week ago would you believe that? Why do you guys even follow me im a potato LOLJK im actually very very thankful for each and every one of you guys. There’s been a lot of addition to this list and a few who, sadly, were taken off bc they either left or deactivated but I hope those senpais are having a good time with their lives as free men LOL and theres also so many senpai’s that I think I can only message a few or none at all if lazyness strikes me again. I know you cant barely read the urls on that shitty graphic so  take a look at the page I made for the poster!

Ito ang bagong pahina ng buhay natin. Bagong Chapter. Gawin ang lahat ng makakaya. Gawin mo ang best mo. Isipin mo na na reincarnate ka at gusto mong itama lahat ng pagkakamali mo. At ito ang ilang tips sa Bagong Taon na ito.

Magbasa para magkaroon ng ideya.

Bagong taon na naman ang darating, isang taon na naman ang lumipas, kanya kanyang New Year’s Resolution, kanya kanyang haka kung totoo nga ba ang End of The World sa darating na 2012 pero may tsokolateng mag eexpire sa 2014, mag uumpisa na naman magkamali ang mga estudyante sa date na 2013 na at hindi 2012. Isang taon kasi nasanay kaya ayan nagkakamali pa rin ang mga estudyante.

Ano pa nga ba ang magagandang gawin ngayong paparating na ang bagong taon?

  • Mag desisyon ka na kung mag eexercise ka na - Para ito sa mga matataba/gusto maging malusog nating kaibigan, kung matagal mo ng pinaplano ang pag papapayat ito ang pinakamagandang taon para simulan ( kahit na hindi dapat every new year lang naiisipan ito ). Dahil nga sa bagong taon, bagong itsura at gusto mo ulit ng kakaiba na babago ng hubog at ng itsura ng sarili mo. Gusto mo iba ka noong nakaraang taon, dahil sa inabuso mo ang kanin at pinarusahan ang kaldero. Eh sa tingin ko eh dapat mo na nga gawin ito. Nasasayo kung mag GYM ka o kaya naman tamang TAKBO lang. Good for the heart you know?
  • Ang lahat ng problemang nangyari noong 2011 ay sa 2011 lang -Maawa ka naman sa sarili mo kung gagawing bisita mo ang problema sa darating na 2012. Ito ang taon para maging masaya, ito ang taon na magsisilabasan ang ligaya. Ito ang pinaka the best na pagkakataon para mag desisyon sa sariling iiwanan mo na lahat ng problema sa darating na bagong taon.
  • Mag-ingat sa paputok sa labas man ito o sa loob - aba ayaw mo naman sigurong umpisahan ang bagong taon na putol ang daliri, walang nabibiling daliri sa mga suking tindahan. Wala sa Watsons, Wala sa mall na tulad ng ATC, Trinoma o kaya ng MOA. Isang beses ka lang magkakaroon niyan. Tapos blogger ka pa? Paano ka mag type niyan kung sakaling maputol ang iyong daliri/kamay? Mahirap na, mahirap ang walang kamay. Yan na nga lang kakampi mo minsan sa bahay eh.
  • Tumurotot ka na lang at iwasan maputukan - bukod sa hangin lang ang iyong gagamitin, at ang trabaho mo lang eh umihip hindi bat the best at safe ang torotot? bukod sa gumagawa ito ng ingay eh hindi ka pa mapuputukan. Sobrang safe pa at hindi ka kakabahan pagkatapos. 
  • Lumundag ka baka may pag-asa yung tatangkad ka - ito yung nakagawian tuwing bagong taon, ang mag luksuhan, ang maglundagan tuwing sasapit ang bagong taon. Umaasang tatangkad pa sila kahit na wala namang ideya ang katawan natin na Bagong Taon na pala. Nasa lahi yan, kaya kung medyo maliit ang lahi. Eh swerte mo na lang kung tumangkad ka pa.
  • Subukan mong bumili ng Planner  - Organize mo ang sarili mo ngayong taon, ang sarap mag umpisa dahil papatak na naman ang unang Date sa Kalendaryo, sabayan mo ang mga Fireworks na makikita mo sa mga TV dahil may News Coverage ang mga ito. Sapat na yung mumurahin na PLANNER. Hindi mo kailangan ng mamahaling planner sa mga sikat naCoffee Shops para maging organize ang buhay mo. Sapat na yung mga mumurahin lang. Mananaba ka lang sa pinag gagawa mong pag kolekta ng stickers ng kalokohang Planner na yan. May mga libreng planner palang nagsikalat diyan, mga libreng planner mula sa magazines. Pwede namang wala nito, pero iba lang yung pinapaalala mo sa sarili mo yung mga dapat mong gawin.
  • Set your Goals and Priorities again -  Dapat alam mo pa rin kung ano ang gusto mo sa buhay. Dapat alam mo kung nasa tuwid na daan ka pa rin ba o naging Zigzag na. Mag desisyon ka sa sarili mo kung ano ang isang negatibong ugali mo na gusto mong baguhin. Kung mag seseryoso ka na ba sa taon na ito, o ikaw pa rin yung loko lokong tao na makikilala nila. Magpakabait ka na. Set ka ng Goal sa buhay, mangarap ka. Araw-araw naman pwede mangarap. Matupad man ito o hindi, at least nasabi mo sa sarili mong marami kang Pangarap na nais matupad.

Marami pang pwedeng gawin, nasayo ang lahat ng desisyon gawin ito. Nasasayo ang diskarte paano sisimulan ang mga bagay-bagay. Nasayo ang susi para magbago, nasayo ang susi para sumaya. Kaya huwag sayangin ang darating na bagong taon.

Maligayang Bagong Taon sa lahat!

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53 USUK pls

53. “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!” 


Arthur’s not really scared of ghosts so it is not actually easy to scare him off his wits.

But he does shout his lungs out when he sees a tall figure hovering over his bed in the darkness of his bedroom, and for a second he thought he has reached the end of his life.

It doesn’t help that this tall figure clamps a hand on his mouth to shut him up when he tries to yell and the hand happens to also cover his nose so Arthur almost suffocates. He tries to fight by moving a damn lot, arms and legs flailing around and hitting whoever or whatever it is that is trying to kill him.

He doesn’t calm down until he hears a familiar voice that could only belong to one person, and he senses how desperate this entity is to silence him.

“SHHH! Arthur! Arthur shut up it’s me!” The man says and Arthur stills, eyes squinting to have a better look on his attacker.

“Mmfrd?” Arthur says—or tries to say really— and the recognition in his voice is enough for the tall figure to remove his hand that has been blocking Arthur’s airway. With his regained freedom, Arthur sits up and stares dumbfounded. He repeats the name for good measure. “Alfred?”

“Hiya Artie!” Alfred says and the being the idiot boyfriend that he is, Alfred has the audacity to laugh afterwards so Arthur smacks him on the head. “Ouch! That hurts!”

“Yeah well you almost killed me you big oaf.” Arthur rolls his eyes. “So, what are you doing here? How did you even get in here?!? And more importantly, why?” He asks, genuinely wondering and Arthur’s worried that Alfred may have picked the lock on their door downstairs, but Alfred easily points at his window with a shrug.

“I crawled through your window.” Alfred replies in a very cheerful manner that Arthur can see Alfred’s white teeth even through the darkness. “And as for why, I’m kinda craving some ice cream but I don’t want go alone coz it’s dark and creepy outside.”

Alfred finishes his explanation and Arthur could only blink back, could feel irritation welling up inside him because,

“Who crawls through someone’s bloody window at 4 a.m. to go for ice cream?”

“Me!” Alfred answers enthusiastically with no shame at all and Arthur could only sigh in defeat as Alfred tries to drag him off his bed and then towards the window. It is only when Alfred’s almost successful at pushing half his body out in the open the Arthur snaps as the realization dawns on him, and now he’s fully awake.

“Alfred, what are you doing?”

“We can’t waste time, Artie! Mom wakes up at six we’ve got two hours left! Now hurry!”

Arthur’s about to protest and tell Alfred that it will be relatively safer to just sneak out the front door rather than climb down the pipe beside Arthur’s window, but before he even knows it he’s half way down and Alfred’s shutting his window close before quickly jumping down, not even wincing in pain when he loses his balance as he falls down the newly trimmed grass.

“Let’s go?” He offers a hand to Arthur like the gallant knight he proclaims himself to be, he even kisses the back of Arthur’s hand, and Arthur accepts, lets Alfred lead him towards bicycle. At four in the morning there are two teenagers riding pass the silent neighborhood to get ice cream from five blocks away.

And on their way home Arthur silently wonders why he fell in love with someone who crawls through his window at four a.m. to go for ice cream, not that he’s complaining.