yeh nasty

“yuuri you ruined the diet i assigned you;;;”

a few days ago, @coffee496 came over and we made katsudon *Q* the first plate tasted delicious but the second plate was nasty because sOMEBODY kept telling me to add more soy sauce

Harry, you’re drowning!

So remember last year when the first trailer of Dunkirk came out and there was a glimpse of Harry drowning and we were all freaking out? I had this small piece in my drafts since then haha xx M

It was just a regular Sunday. You were at your boyfriend, Harry’s house for the weekend. You had a whole month off from Uni, which you were so grateful for. You had been coped up in school that you couldn’t spend enough time with Harry ever since his hiatus started. But now that you were free, you planned to spend as much time as possible with Harry. 

Currently, you were sitting in his living room, scrolling through twitter on your phone while Harry was doing something in the kitchen. 

All of a sudden, your phone blows up with notifications in your twitter mentions. You furrow your eyebrows, wondering why so many people were tweeting you all of a sudden. You look through your mentions and see a certain video in the tweets. At the top of it was written DUNKIRK TRAILER #1 and just from reading that your eyes are as wide as saucers, your heart lodging in your throat. 

The trailer is out! The trailer of the movie that your boyfriend starred in. The trailer of the movie that was directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie that your fucking boyfriend starred in that was directed by Christopher fucking Nolan! Did he know it was being released? He didn’t say anything to you about it. Not once did he even hint at it. 

Oh if he knew, he was going to get it. You thought.

You weren’t prepared when you clicked on the link. Ignoring the tweets that mention any spoilers, you bring your legs up on the couch and sit criss cross with your phone turned horizontal so you can see the video in full screen. You give a quick glance towards the kitchen, seeing that Harry still wasn’t back yet. 

You clear your throat, your full attention solely focusing on the screen of your phone. It starts off calm before things suddenly get intense and your eyes widen, watering with tears. Your mouth is agape, the small tears streaming down your face this time when you see your boyfriend drowning on the screen with a terrified look on his face. You pause, putting your hand on your chest because your boyfriend was fucking drowning. And you weren’t there to fucking save him!

You rewind again to the part where he was drowning, watching it a few more times because you couldn’t believe how overwhelmed you felt. You didn’t know if the tears on your face are from pride or because you just had to witness your boyfriend drown with a helpless look on his face.

After re watching your boyfriend drown three or four more times, you finish the rest of the trailer. You close out the video, your mouth still agape as you read through the tweets. 



And you thought, same

Many of the tweets are incoherent and you couldn’t understand half of them but you didn’t mind because you totally understood why. You still felt shocked and overwhelmed. Your heart was bursting with so many different emotions. Quickly you exit out of the app and throw your phone on the couch next to you.

“Harryyy!!” Your voice cracks as you call out his name from the living room. You hear a loud BANG followed by his voice groaning Fuck! And your eyebrows raise up in concern, wondering what just happened. 

The sound of your voice cracking and on the verge of crying immediately made him drop everything he was doing and quickly rush out of the kitchen. Not before accidentally stubbing his toe against the wall. 

He sees you sniffling, wiping the tears off your face with the sleeves of his oversize sweater that you stole from him. He ignores the throbbing pain in his toe, kneeling on the floor in front of the couch so he can be eye level with you. He cups your face in his humongous hands, thumbs wiping the excess tears from your face. 

“Oi! S’wrong? Wha’s happenin’ love?” He asks worriedly. 

You shake your head, a frown on your face, wrapping your arms around his neck tightly. He was okay. He was okay. You don’t say anything and just bury your face into the crook of his neck, sniffling against it. He ignores the fact that your runny nose from your tears is touching the skin of his neck. He wraps his arms tightly against your back tightly, rubbing his hands up and down your back in a soothing manner.

He holds you for a few minutes before pulling back and cupping your face again. “Wha’ happened?” He asks you in concern. 

“I-I was on twitter a-and–” He interrupts you with a stern look on his face.

“Were yeh readin’ those nasty an’ mean tweets, love?” He accuses, not letting you finish. “Told yeh not t’read those!” He scolds. “They’re just jealous of–”

You roll your eyes and huff, bringing your hand up to pinch his lips together to shut him up. He crosses his eyes to look down at your hand pinching his lips before looking back up at you.

“No, I wasn’t reading those mean tweets!” You tell him.

He taps his finger against your hand, urging you to let go see he could talk and you do. You look down in your lap and intertwine your hand with his, the one that wasn’t holding your face.

“Then why yeh cryin’, love?”

A sigh emits from your mouth, “I was on twitter and all of a sudden I’m being mentioned in these tweets and I look and I see that the trailer for your movie comes out and I–” Harry’s face quickly turns from understanding to disbelief, “I just watched it and you were drowning! Harry, you were drowning!!” You wail out.

“’s tha’ why yeh were cryin’? ‘Cos I was drownin’ in a film?” You nod, pouting sadly and he wants to kiss you but he holds himself back. 

All of a sudden he laughs out loud, his hand letting go of your face to land on his chest. It was the kind of laugh that you thought was cute and obnoxious at the same time and usually it’s when he really thinks something is funny. 

You glare at him, crossing your arms of your chest. “That’s not funny!” 

Harry ignores you, continuing to laugh. “’course it is! I was just actin’ , love. See, ‘m here aren’t I? Was just makin’ tea in the kitchen, you nugget.” He scolds softly, chuckling at your angry glare.

You let out a shaky sigh, breaking your angry facade. “But you looked so terrified!” You instantly forget that you’re suppose to be angry with him and bring him close to you again by grabbing either side of his face and pucker your lips against his a couple of times in short kisses.

Harry smiles, loving the sudden affection and responds to each kiss.

 “Love,” Kiss. “Yeh,” Kiss. “Pet.” Kiss. He halts you from giving him another kiss, holding your face in his hands and rubs his thumb underneath your eye. “Can’t get rid o’ me unless yeh tell me to leave yeah? Even then, ‘m gonna have a hard time leavin’ yeh.”

You shake your head in rebuttal. You’re never going to let him go. “I’m never gonna tell you to leave.” You say firmly. “You’re stuck with me.”

Harry fake cries in misery and you push at his chest again. He quickly grabs your wrists in his, holding your hands against his chest and leans in to kiss the side of your nose and under your eye.

 “’m glad. No one else I’d rather be stuck with.”

You beam at him, kissing his lips again. This time it was a long kiss. The one where your lips would move in sync and he would tease your lips with his tongue, nudging it against your bottom lip to open your mouth. You would part your lips to grant access and he would immediately let his tongue roam in your mouth. Your sweet kiss turning into a hot make out session. You pull back with a loud POP to take a breath and look into his eyes, him doing the same, his chest heaving slightly. 

His lips are wet and super red from your kissing and you were about to lean in again but before you do, you say something. 

“You actually still managed to look good even when you’re drowning.” You tell him honestly and he cackles loudly, green eyes brighter than ever. 

“‘m I suppose t’say thank you or summat?” He questions and you nod, making him chuckle again.

You pecks his lips again and say, “And I really love you.”

He gives you his cute dimpled smile, “I love yeh too, yeh goof.”

He lean in to kiss you again, your hands tangling in his hair while his grab the sides of your neck softly. You press your lips against his harder this time, immediately opening your mouth again for his tongue but pull back as soon as it happens. 

“Pet!” He whines like a child who’s just been told he isn’t allowed to have ice cream. “‘m tryin’ t’kiss yeh but yeh keep interruptin’! Wha’ have yeh got to say now?”

You pout, brows furrowing in annoyance. “Was just gonna tell you I wanted to give you a blowjob,” You grumble.

His eyes quickly widen, mouth agape at your blunt words. He wasn’t going to complain about that. If this is how you were going to get whenever he stars in a movie, he should really consider an acting career. 

“‘M sorry, love!”  He quickly apologizes and you shake your head in denial. 

“Too late,” You tell him sternly, causing him to quickly pout, knowing you won’t be able to resist for long with his eyes and lips. 

“Pleaseeee,” He begs, fluttering his eyes and you sigh, hating him for being so cute. 

“Fine. Since you deserve it,” You give in and he beams happily like a child on Christmas. 

He stands up from the floor, his bones crunching in his knees from the sudden stretch. He raises his arms above his head, letting out a loud content sigh. You notice his shirt ride up, the ferns on his hips being displayed and the small trail of hair that leads to place where you were about to put your mouth. 

You wrap your arms around his waist, pushing his shirt up to touch his smooth muscle with your hands. You kiss around his tummy, making him giggle cutely. You look up at him, your head resting against his hard abdomen.

“Hey,” You say, making him look down at you. His hand tangles in your hair, massaging your head. 

“Hm?” He hums, brow raising in question.

“I’m really proud of you,” You tell him, gazing at his face that brightens, his heart shaped lips turning into a soft grin. 

“Know yeh are, pet. Know yeh are.” Because he really does. And there’s no one else he’d want more proud than you.

And in that afternoon, you really show him how proud you are of him.

I hate myself for doing this. 

polkadotc  asked:

i get so fuckin weird sometimes bc im super aroace but like sometimes my brain will b like "that is sexual" when i look at somebody and i just. why. its not even to do w a specific person my brain just wants me to b sexual & every time i just "no wtf" bc im mildly sex repulsed and im lowkey worried abt it when i depression swings bc "what if im faking" bc i know damn well im not, but my fuckin teenage hormones and sex drive r like "fuck everything. rn" like no thats nasty af

yeh i get that, although my aroace self is a little different where i have 0 sex drive, 0 sexual attraction, 0 sexual response to things.

but i get how that can be extremely frustrating yeah


anonymous asked:

Just imagine sucking Harry's fingers while making direct eye contact with him. Like 'if I do this with your fingers imagine what I'd do with your cock. "You so nasty babe" he says out of breath. "Might have to keep ya fo' me."

Well. *coughs*… This… this is a dream.

I don’t even remember who I mentioned this to, or someone said it to me or something. But it’s… oh Jesus, it’s a dream.

Nothing sexual could be happening but you knew how to make harry get in the mood in various ways. And this was one of them, one you’d discovered recently, by sucking your own fingers clean of cake icing last week at a mutual friend’s party. It wasn’t your intention to look straight at him but your eyes had collided with his and you just stayed there. It all clicked in your head when short after, Harry had said goodbye and excused the both of you, rushing you to his car and not being able to go past the entryway of his house when he had you climaxing. You figured if this is what happened if you licked your fingers, what would happen if you sucked his. The opportunity finally arrived, you were making some pasta and he had dipped his fingers into the salsa you had stowed in the fridge, making a mess. You grab at his hand, about to jokingly scold him when you saw it clear as day. You could experiment. So after you give him a stern look and a quick “Calm down Harry, you’ve made a mess” you lower the fire and sigh, turning to his fingers and slowly placing one of them in your mouth. As you suck gently on it, you make sure to keep eye contact and you can physically see his chin tremble and his shoulder slump, his eyes turning darker in a matter of seconds. “Oh, fuck me” he says under his breath and you grin before taking the next finger. “Yeh a nasty one babe. Is that what yeh want?” he asks smoothly. When you’re done with his fingers, he traps you in between his hands before you can turn to the stove and whispers in your ear “Turn it off.” he breaths in looking at you “ ve’got something else for yeh to suck on”

i am shaking. I am SHAKING.