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Have you ever seen those videos of babies eating lemons for the first time? Could you imagine Harry and the missus giving one of the baby's a lemon and seeing their cute little reaction? Uh I just want to have Harry's kids.

This would be something Harry would do in a restaurant, for sure, when he’s surrounded by his loved ones. Maybe the night of his birthday and the missus has booked out a room for them to have for a few hours, dining and wining and catching up with the friends and family who were able to make it to celebrate his big night. And he’d be sat with a 5 month old Persephone on his lap for the majority of the evening, passing her over every so often for a feeding, bouncing her up and down and feeding her pieces of his dessert. Occasionally, allowing people to coo over how precious she was with chocolate smeared around her lips and to hold her whilst he went for a wee or popped over to the other end of the room to see his mother.

And as the guest number would start to slowly decrease and a few of his closest friends and his family were left behind at the table, he’d slouch back in his chair, a little tipsy from consuming a couple of beers and a few G&T’s, and coo softly as Persephone suckled on his finger. Grinning when her tongue would engulf his pad and cringe gentle when he’d feel the saliva dribble down and trickle down his palm.

“Daddy’s fingers don’t taste THAT good, baby,” he’d gently slur out, the missus settled beside him as she sips from her coke, “probably tastes like something nasty. Yeh can’t eat ‘em though. Daddy needs ‘em for important things like writin’ and pleasin’ mummy.”


“What?” He’d smirk, looking at her, as she shook her head in disbelief.

“You can’t say stuff like that to a 5 month old baby, you idiot. Especially not when you’re family are around,” she’d sigh, squeezing his knee and kissing his cheek, “save it for when we’re in the bedroom, yeah?”

“Because that’s where the magic happens,” he’d chuckle sweetly, dipping his free hand into your glass and retrieving the lemon slice that was floating around.

“Excuse me, that’s disgusting,” she’d frown, pushing her drink upon the table and folding her arms, watching cautiously to see what he does with it. Her eyes widening when he’d settle it between Persephone’s lips, “what are you doing?”

“Watched a video of a baby eating a lemon slice,” he’d smile, and laugh when his daughter’s face would scrunch up at the bitter taste, “and they give the cutest faces.”

“That’s so cruel,” she’d giggle, watching as Persephone continued to eat and contort her face up at the lemon, “she seems to love it. Another little healthy Styles in the family who loves a bit of fruit, huh? Takes after daddy, for sure.” xx

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Just imagine sucking Harry's fingers while making direct eye contact with him. Like 'if I do this with your fingers imagine what I'd do with your cock. "You so nasty babe" he says out of breath. "Might have to keep ya fo' me."

Well. *coughs*… This… this is a dream.

I don’t even remember who I mentioned this to, or someone said it to me or something. But it’s… oh Jesus, it’s a dream.

Nothing sexual could be happening but you knew how to make harry get in the mood in various ways. And this was one of them, one you’d discovered recently, by sucking your own fingers clean of cake icing last week at a mutual friend’s party. It wasn’t your intention to look straight at him but your eyes had collided with his and you just stayed there. It all clicked in your head when short after, Harry had said goodbye and excused the both of you, rushing you to his car and not being able to go past the entryway of his house when he had you climaxing. You figured if this is what happened if you licked your fingers, what would happen if you sucked his. The opportunity finally arrived, you were making some pasta and he had dipped his fingers into the salsa you had stowed in the fridge, making a mess. You grab at his hand, about to jokingly scold him when you saw it clear as day. You could experiment. So after you give him a stern look and a quick “Calm down Harry, you’ve made a mess” you lower the fire and sigh, turning to his fingers and slowly placing one of them in your mouth. As you suck gently on it, you make sure to keep eye contact and you can physically see his chin tremble and his shoulder slump, his eyes turning darker in a matter of seconds. “Oh, fuck me” he says under his breath and you grin before taking the next finger. “Yeh a nasty one babe. Is that what yeh want?” he asks smoothly. When you’re done with his fingers, he traps you in between his hands before you can turn to the stove and whispers in your ear “Turn it off.” he breaths in looking at you “ ve’got something else for yeh to suck on”

i am shaking. I am SHAKING.