yeh ek text post hai

this aunty’s at my house rn talking to my mum in another room but i can kinda hear everything and akjdhfgfjdsk i just want to punch someone rn bc of some comments she just made. there are photos of me as a kid hanging in that room and i was pretty ‘light-skinned’ as a kid and got darker as i grew up and she’s like to my mum

yeh yesha toh kitni achchi lagti thi pehle. iss ka rang yahan aa kar kharab ho gaya kya?’ (she used to look so good before. did the colour of her skin go bad after she moved here)

KAJDHFGVJKSASDC kharab???!?!? did you really just say that.


K H A R A B pls tell me alllll about how being darker is 'kharab’/'bad’. PLS TELL ME I REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU THINK MY SKIN TONE IS DIRTY NOW.

stfu it’s comments like these that are the reason for my extremely low self confidence ok and the worst part is that I ACTUALLY LIKED YOU BC I THOUGHT YOU HAD A PROGRESSIVE MINDSET. i guess i was wrong.

go eat some fair and lovely bye.