So since one of the things I get asked about the most is ‘which other blogs do you recommend?’ I decided to make a post again with some of my favorites. Also works as a thank you for 6k and the 2 month birthday for this re-made account! I’ll split these into categories and please be sure to check them all ♡

♡ Fashion / Pastel / Photography ♡

nommi, milktu, molangg, hitchae, yuneji, coexistl, 13lhg, yuffii, ryeou, dollyys, kurimisan, eggai, teaue, ip-soo, peachuii, peachilu, polarizu, princesskealie, mirukei, mirukeu-senpai, 27kb, amekori, starieu, pinkvlvt , sehtyle, helloteaparty

♡ Pastel Anime ♡

miuroko, kuranossuke

♡ Color Coding ♡

yumekiko, hoshikari, gaechi

♡ Aesthetic ♡

haiiqu, baechys, milait, fxwa, rnirae, 22ao, huneybun, 99milk, jxpan, valdiety, kkaepop, mio-miu

♡ Kpop ♡

baekhny, yeolait, taeskai, tipannies, seokm-n, nutellk, jungkoohk, xiupng

This is just a really small list, but I hope it helps. Please feel free to check my actual blogroll for all the blogs I follow!


♡ Following Spree ♡

Ok, since I was finally able to clean up my dash from everything I didn’t need, I now only follow a lil bit over 100 blogs and I’d like to follow some more! I did the post with the colors because everyone is doing it and I want to be cool so that your archive won’t look too bad ;;

So, please reblog/like if you post:

  • Pastel aesthetic!!
  • Typography
  • Architecture
  • Pastel Anime
  • Flowers (mostly pink/blue)
  • Pastel Kpop: infinite, aoa, uniq, block b, exid, 2ne1 , exo, bts, 17 (multifandom blogs will probably be followed)

The main reason I unfollowed people was to clean up my dash from the overwelming EXO spam so if you’re an ONLY EXO blog, there are almost no chances of me following you, I’m sorry. 

Check out my blog if you want because MUTALS ARE COOL *throws glitter* If we are already mutuals, it would mean a lot if you could also reblog this! Have a nice day ;;