i have this headcanon where mcgonagall gives sirius a detention on the night of quidditch practice or something and he goes ‘are you fucking serious’ and mcgonagall goes ‘no mr black but i think youll find mr lupin is’ and sirius and remus go bright red and james cannot control his laughter and probably gets sent out of the classroom for disrupting the lesson

No but can we do other elsas like
  • Snow!Elsa: LET IT SNOW *creates a snowman*
  • Fire!Elsa: LET IT GLOW *creates calcifer*
  • Earth!Elsa: LET IT GROW *creates a tiny vine friend*
  • Windy!Elsa: LET IT BLOW *creates a tiny tornado friend*
  • Water!Elsa: LET IT FLOW *creates a puddle*
  • Hair!Elsa: LET IT 'FRO *creates Rapunzel*


The Jamaican Academy for Sorcery Studies is hidden in the low, rolling mountains of Montego Bay, with a sprawling village surrounding the campus that is hidden with spells that render the space collapsible and, therefore, virtually non-existent to those who do not know how to access the magical realm. Much like Hogsmeade, students are permitted to visit the village on weekends. There is a particularly popular local sweets shop that is frequented by students for its candied pineapples that are made with a euphoria-inducing syrup (it is especially popular around exam time), and plantain and cinnamon ice cream that never melt in the tropical heat. On the first of every month, the shopkeeper, along with other volunteers from the village, visit the academy and host classes on practical magic application, with topics ranging from cuisine and potions to divination in weather forecasting. The academy boasts a large focus on music studies, with classes that teach the art of oral spellcasting through song, and the magical influences of certain beats and rhythms on the natural world. A little over five years ago, a student caused quite a stir when he claimed he found the discarded skin of Ol’ Hige, a malevolent witch who sheds her skin and assumes the shape of an owl. The “skin”, however, merely turned out to be the badly mutilated robe of a student who had discarded it after a prank spell went wrong.