• 2p France: *laying on the couch drunk as hell* Matt...cmere
  • 2p Canada: *walks over*
  • 2p France: Pull down your pants
  • 2p Canada: uh.....what?
  • 2p France: Are you deaf? Pull down your pants
  • 2p Canada: uhh. ok *pulls down pants*
  • 2p France: ....Those boxers Ollie bought you fit well
  • 2p Canada: .......Thanks..?
  • 2p France: You can go back to whatever you were doing now
  • 2p Canada: ....ok *while walking away* what the fuhhhh
In the choregraphy of YOI!!! (longpost!)

We see Yuuri K and Yuri P, each of them facing a straight direction when they do the program, not looking at eachother

But when Victor comes

He just looks at Yuuri the hole time, till the very end …

I don’t know if Im imaging things, but boi, thats gay and i love it