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Can we send you ideas so that others might be able to see them, or is that too confusing/uninspiring for you?

Okay, so this is a bit difficult for me to respond to, and I apologize if I end up sounding a bit harsh, I’m not at all mad.  But here goes! ^ ^;

So the thing is, this is my personal blog.  It’s not an art blog, or fandom blog.  Scroll back past November 2014 in my archive, and there’s no BH6, and significantly less art overall.  I’ve had it for 3 years now, and it’s seen a lot of different phases go by.

Trying not to sound too snobby, but I do have a decent number of followers now, and a good number of you are from the BH6/hidashi fandom.  I know that if I reblog something, or publish an ask/submission, it will get a decent number of views regardless of whether it’s not in the tags.

Little story time, but you may have noticed that I rarely reblog anything at all.  There are very rare exceptions; a gift fic specifically meant for one of my AUs and written in careful detail to fit in with my headcanons (THANK YOU HOSHI), important notices about my friends, some very occasional news things that I for some reason feel compelled to put on my blog. But that is very, VERY rare.

One of the reasons is because way back when I first started this blog, the first people I followed were my rl friends, which makes sense.  The thing is, almost all my rl friends are super talented creators.  Talented cosplayers, artists, writers, etc. And a lot of the people I started following first were artists and writers.  This gives me a situation where my dash is filled with original content from my friends.  I used to want to reblog, to give some visibility; but then I started feeling guilty.  I started feeling so incredibly bad when I reblogged something from one person but not another; I like them all equally, all my friends are hella talented yeah? But sometimes I’m not in one fandom, or I feel like I’ve reblogged too much for a day. 

Everyone has their own reasons for running their blog.  Some people run fandom/theme blogs, where they both post and reblog things about what they like.  Some people just reblog/like as they will.  Some people use it to archive certain things.  For me personally, I treat my blog as a personal diary of sorts; I dump my creations on it, including art, cosplay, or makeup. I rant about things that are important to me.  Relatively recently, my lovely followers such as yourself have begun sending me asks, so I’ve begun interacting with you all too, which is a great privilege.  (I also use my blog as a portfolio of sorts; yes, I’ve given my tumblr url to possible companies, when they specifically were fandom/social media companies that wanted to see how I interacted with fandom.)

So taking this into account, I started getting really antsy when I realized I couldn’t reblog one of my friend’s works without feeling guilty about not reblogging anyone else’s stuff, but also getting uncomfortable with seeing my blog getting swamped with things I didn’t make.  When you only post original content, posts tend to be slow in coming.  For me, my blog is a place to express who I am through things that I personally barf out, instead of share wonderful creations made by others. 

So I don’t reblog.  I like, and comment, and send encouraging asks to my friends when I can, and I feel bad, but I hope people understand that I don’t reblog specifically so I can feel like I’m treating everyone equally.  This became more important to me the more followers I got; my friends are good people, and I doubt any of them would think this, but there was also an ugly part of my mind that wondered whether new friends only wanted me to be a mutual so I could reblog and publicize their work.

And to return to your question about submitting ideas to me–same thing applies there.  I’m sure your ideas are fascinating, and I’m sure tons of people would be interested in reading them.  Usually, the tags are where you’d post these–unfortunately, I’m more than aware that the hidashi tag isn’t a very happy place to be most of the time.  I feel like I used to see a few archive-type blogs that specifically collect these types of ideas–you can try there?  I also know that a lot of other really amazing bloggers are super open to posting ideas by other people…but unfortunately, that’s not how I run this blog ^ ^;

If you have questions about me, my work, or anything else, I’m more than eager to answer.  If you want my opinion on something you think could be relevant to me based on my blog, I will do my best to answer. If you’re not sure, and you want to send an ask anyway, I’m more than happy to chat with you!  ^ ^;  But please don’t use my blog, and me, as a publicity platform; there are other places to do that, and this is the personal blog of a person.  >.<

Sorry for making this a huge response, but I also kinda used this post to explain why I don’t reblog ^ ^;  Thanks for your understanding! m(_ _)m


aight. so I have some explaining to do before y’all jump into my inbox.

So during my current stream, I hallucinated again but he seemed really really longing this time. He got a little aggressive but in the end he started crying. I used the tactic last night and he was tearing up while strangling me and let go in the end actually. -now even his hallucination is crying.

Then my brain made him actually have a conversation with him and explained it all properly, like this;

I was made to be a horrible character and I was doing my job. I thought I made you happy when I was doing my best at being the character I’m supposed to be but then you blamed me for a lot of things and started hating me as a whole. When you incorporated others to your new world you left me behind and I felt abandoned because all I was doing was being the character you made me to be.

So that sort of hit me hard and now that I think about it, he is actually right. Vendetta and him ain’t the same at all. Like, at all. He ain’t in piece and my subconscious will keep on reminding me of that.

So..I brought him into the Pilot realm. As in, him him. Vince.

DRAW YOURSELF AS A MARIO KART RACER!!!!!!!!!!! are u a plumber or a koopa or a toad or a bowser or a shyguy OR WHATEVER THE CHOICES ARE ALL WONDERFUL IN THE MARIO WORLD

originally i was just gonna bring back the “draw yourself as a bowser/koopaling” art meme but i wanted to give karts an option and also not cage people with design choices outside of “mario universe design”

maybe not even draw a kart and just doodle yourself as a character from the mario world cause not everyone likes to draw cars!!!! just have fun

i guess tag it as “tumblr kart” or something cause i wanna see what people come up with

I know
you used to get punished
for speaking. 

Quiet nods
stifled whimpers
were all
they knew
about you.

You were silenced
with clenched fists
words that somehow
managed to hurt even more.

But you,
you have always been
and wildfires, 
so very beautiful 

Your words 
could move mountains, 
the tip of your tongue 
could shake the whole world, 

So speak up. 
Tell them.
Tell them how many years it has been
Tell them how it still hurts, 
how it never really stopped 
Never let them silence you again

—  Milla S.