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Favourite Releases of the Year

  • Drake - If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late
  • Future - DS2
  • Donovan Wolfington - How To Treat The Ones You Love 
  • Grimes - Art Angels
  • Quarterbacks - Quarterbacks 
  • woolworm - everything seems obvious
  • Diet Cig - Over Easy EP
  • Metz - II 
  • Open Letters - 10-23
  • Weed - Running Back 
  • Braids - Deep In The Iris 
  • Father - Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First?
  • G.L.O.S.S. - Demo 
  • wormwood - wormwood
  • Kelela - Hallucinogen EP 
  • Speedy Ortiz - Foil Deer
  • D’Angelo & The Vanguard - Black Messiah
  • Sleater-Kinney - No Cities To Love

Favourite Local Releases

  • Faith Healer - Cosmic Troubles
  • Weird Year - s/t
  • Cold Lungs - New Pictures//Old Frames
  • Doug Hoyer - Dream Life
  • Tendencies - Waterbed EP
  • Diamond Mind - Blank Tape
  • Pyramid // Indigo - s/t

Local Releases From 2014 That I Wish Came Out This Year Instead

  • Housewarming - Everything is Made For Everyone Else
  • tuques - slushpuppie
  • Wares - City Kids
  • Black Dracula - s/t tape 

Best Edmonton Band/Act/Whatever

  • Wares

Worst Local Music Subculture of 2015

  • Emo

Best Venue That Didn’t Close Down

Best Show I Saw This Year

  • Lighting Bolt @ Sled Island 2015

Things I Didn’t Need in 2015

  • The Beatles
  • South Park 
  • “political correctness is so lame”
  • Drake, post-Meek Mill beef

One Twitter Hashtag That I Thought Was Funny

  • #popebars
City of Edmonton approves funding of 46 artistic projects

Today, the City of Edmonton invested in a documentary that captures the dying art of aural piano tuning, a photographic series exploring our urban landscape using a historical process called Bromoil photography, and one local musician’s participation in a viola master class in Austria. These are just a few of the 46 total projects the City of Edmonton has approved to support artists and their work in our community.

The Vaughan String Quartet: Mattia Berrini, Silvia Buttiglione, Vladimir Rufino, and Fabiola Amorim. Image supplied.

The 46 projects encompass a variety of disciplines including music, visual arts, literature, theatre, media arts, and interdisciplinary works. Recipients represent the broad spectrum of Edmonton’s arts community, including artists from a variety of backgrounds and in different stages of their career. 

“We are sincerely grateful to the Edmonton Arts Council for selecting our project for the individual project grant” said Silvia Buttiglione of the Vaughan String Quartet. “Receiving the grant is making a huge difference in the organization of our work – now we are sure we will be able to accomplish the full project. As musicians, the grant allows us to concentrate on musical quality and offer the best possible performance to our audience. The grant also allows more people to access to our concerts and enjoy chamber music, due to the more affordable ticket price.”

Tololwa Mollel, writer, dramatist and performer. Image supplied.

“Individual artists and their work are the foundation of our arts community,” said Paul Moulton, Edmonton Arts Council Executive Director. “Through the development of their individual practice, and their collaboration within and across disciplines, artists in Edmonton grow the collective knowledge of the arts community while entertaining and inspiring Edmontonians.”

Project Grants for Individual Artists are intended to support the activities of individual, professional, Edmonton artists for a specific time towards a specific project. Projects can be individual or collective and could include creation, development, curation, exhibition or production of work in any art form as well as professional development. 

Betrayers in Edmonton, 2015. Photo by Levi Manchak.

2015 Project Grant for Individual Artist recipients:

  • Trevor Anderson - to write a full-length screenplay and develop accompanying graphic novel.
  • Chenoa Anderson - to commission and collaborate on a new piece for piccolo and interactive electronics.
  • Wayne Arthurson - to complete the fourth novel in the Leo Desroches mystery series.
  • Jalal Barzanji - to write and translate a new book of fiction.
  • Devon Beggs - to make a large weaving for an upcoming show at the Enterprise Square Gallery.
  • Paul Bernhardt - to create a new installation/painting comprised primarily of mirrors.
  • Betrayers - to record a full-length LP. 
  • Amber Jane Borotsik - to create a new interdisciplinary piece titled The Moon at Midnight.
  • Timothy Jon Bowling - to write a combination prose and poetry manuscript. 
  • Jocelyn Brown - to write a new Young Adult novel. 
  • Nathan Cuckow - to produce and perform in the World Premiere of his new play The Conversion.
  • Kat Danser - to create new musical works honouring the influences of our First Nations musicians.
  • Amy DeFelice – the production of play In The Next Room or “the vibrator play.”
  • Rosvita Dransfeld - to produce a film for rear projection use in a one-man theatre performance.
  • Jerrold Dubyk - to attend a professional development jazz saxophone workshop with David Liebman.
  • Maria Dunn – to produce a new musical recording.
  • Allan Nimmo Gilliland - an original composition for the brass quintet Bok Brass. 
  • Marie-France Guerrette - to produce a documentary film about Bruce Bischoff, an icon in the music community who practices the art of aural piano tuning.
  • Usha Gupta – choreography of a new piece based on the foundations of Kathak dance.
  • Kristi Hansen - to produce the Alberta premiere of Jill Connell’s new play The Supine Cobbler.
  • Justine Hartlieb-Power - to curate an art exhibition at dc3 Art Projects.
  • Dara Humniski - to attend a residency at The Banff Centre
  • Christina Ienna – a collection of artistic portraits on local musicians, craftsfolk and food enthusiasts.
  • Bridget Jessome - to research a new solo dance work.
  • Kristen Keegan – creation of a hot springs watercolour series, Norway Residency.
  • Sima Khorrami - to photograph the Journey of Urban Garbage to Land Landfill.
  • Frederick Kroetsch - to film a short documentary. 
  • Margaret Macpherson - to complete a final draft of a novel and attend a master class at the Banff Centre for the Arts.
  • Candace Makowichuk - to produce a series of photographic prints using a historical Bromoil process.
  • Lisa Martin - to develop a new manuscript of poems.
  • Jennifer Mesch - to present a new installment of a site-specific dance, music, and spoken word piece.
  • Tololwa Mollel – continuation of the Story House project.
  • aAron munson - to travel to arctic weather station and capture imagery for a film and video installation.
  • Hilary Mussell - to research a new series of sculptures. 
  • Matt Nickel - to bring bassoonists from across Alberta together for a day of collaboration.
  • Charles Pilon – to attend a viola masterclass in Bad Leonfeldan Austria.
  • Scott Portingale - finish post-production, create an installation, and market a short film called Infinitude.
  • Kathryn Ryan - to research, develop and direct Wish You Were Here - The Ultimate Guide to the World.
  • Nicole Schafenacker - to present a new interdisciplinary piece followed by a showing of the piece in Edmonton.
  • Leslie Sharpe - to curate a transitory outdoor art exhibition.
  • Heather Shillinglaw - to produce a body of artwork for her exhibition Dreaming With My Great Mother, Dirinę́ne, Nikâwînaw Askiy.
  • Vaughan String Quartet – to produce and perform Canadian Journey their 2015-16 Concert Series.
  • Whitney Leigh Sloan - professional development focused on advanced singers (Art Song and Opera).
  • WindRose Trio – the third concert in their 11th season.
  • Lisa Turner - to create print works that examine consumerism.
  • Cat Walsh - subsistence costs to research and write a new play.

For more information on the Edmonton Arts Council grants programs, please visit


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