[Fanacc] 130527 Mouse & Rabbit - 

When we were leaving Mouse & Rabbit, YeMom asked if we had tried the strawberry bingsu and if we liked it. We said we did and it was good. YeMom then asked us again saying we need to give an honest opinion. So we told her that the strawberries actually tasted a bit strange. Then YeMom spent about 5 minutes explaining to us that it’s because the strawberries are not in season so they are using the frozen ones for now. She said Jongjin had thought really hard and did many experiments on the new drinks. YeMom acted out the scene where she asked Jongjin, ‘hurry up and think of some more new drinks. Your hyung is coming back soon and you still got nothing yet!’ So far Jongjin has only come up with two new drinks and nothing else yet.

Cr. YSharon_ | Tran: @siohappy

Letter from Jongwoon’s father to Jongwoon Trans-

Son, are you doing well?
I should have written you a letter earlier to let you know how I am feeling. Sorry for being late..
It’s been 2 weeks since you have gone to 35th Division located in JeonJu. Time passes quickly.
On the day before enlisting, when I saw you with short hair, your precious hair cut so short, I felt sad.
I worried if our son would be able to endure the trainings, and also if you would get along well with other soldiers who may be much older than you…
With all these thoughts, i worried more about you and felt even more sad. But I also felt proud that my son would participate in what every Korean men has to do. Your back isn’t in good condition, are you able to endure it? I do worry a bit about it. But I believe that our son will do well. And your mother and I are doing well so you do not have to worry~
You and I both know well that on the day of enlistment, many foreign and Korean fans waited under the sunlight for hours. How much would it have pained you to go in without being able to greet them? Majority of fans probably can understand how you felt. So don’t be pained too much and receieve the remaining 2 weeks of training well, and i hope to see you again, looking good.
Son! Fighting~~
I love you son!!♥♥♥

-From Your Dad-


Letter from Jongwoon’s mother to Jongwoon Trans-

This is your mother !! Fighting, our son~~♥
Fighting!!! I love you~^^♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

trans cr: @ NKSubs

[Fanacc] 130508 MR - Today is Parents’ Day in Korea. Jongjin was going to close the cafe for the day because he doesn’t want YeMom to work. Even though Yesung is not here, Jongjin is a very thoughtful son. 

The cafe is back to a peaceful atmosphere now. YeDad brought Kkoming and Melo to the shop today. Kkoming was still very playful today. 

I talked with YeMom about Yesung’s menu in the training center. YeMom was quite relieved and said that Oppa likes eating this and that. And that he should be eating well there.

Cr. Woonbar | Tran: @siohappy