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* Chairs at SM Coex, you can read: Ye-neu Solo. Ye-neu = Ye-neunim, it means God Yesung. (c)

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140101 Yesung in MRC

about 23:30 on Dec 31,2013, Yemom asked fans to leave cos they had to clean the coffee shop. 

However, most fans still waited outside of MRC, looks like everyone want to have a new year with Yesung kekeke 

Yesung and JJ came back to MRC from outside after we left MRC 

Bout 23:55, Yemom came out and wondered why fans still waited outside, “ it’s cold outside, go home quickly” she said, and repeated 2 or 3 times. But we want to say happy new year to Yesung ㅠㅜ
And then JJ and Yemom came out again, Yemom said Yesung won’t come out….but still no one wanted to leave

After 12 o'clock, we said Happy New Year to each other LOL 
a few minute later, Yadad and his friends came out first, 
then Yemom, Yesung and JJ

Yesung went to the left at first, but donno why he turned around suddenly and walked to the way we stood, so we can said “Happy new year” to him and can heard he said Annyeong to Yemom(maybe) clearly >~< 

After Yesung left, Yemom waited until all the fans left then went back to MRC, 
in such a cold weather, she is really considerate ㅠㅜㅜ 

cr: @hibabyjelly