yeezus rant

Thank Yeezus

Personal rant because Kanye’s under fire. I love Kanye. Not entirely him, but what he stands for. Not what he publicly stands for, not the shit that gets him in the news, but the few words embedded deep between meaningless lyrics that overpower the rest. The stories he tells. The heartbreak he’s felt. If I’m sad, I’ll listen to “Everything I am” or when I’m heartbroken I find myself listening to “flashing lights” because there’s a specific verse that makes me feel like I’m not alone. “Blame Game” has a bit of the same affect for me when I’m in emotional pain. When I’m feeling like I’ve messed up, but no one else knows and it’s only relevant to me I go to “FML” by Kanye and The Weeknd because “even though I always fuck my life up, only I can mention me.” Those days where I want to go out and feel above everyone and power trip I blast “Black Skinhead” on full volume. From that opening lyric “for my theme song, got my leather black jeans on” im ready to go. Untouchable. Anytime I just need a touch of nostalgia to put me in a better mood I go right to “Gold Digger”, of course. Then when I’ve got a morning shift… Nothing’s gunna get my day started as smoothly as Kanye’s song “good morning”. If I’m lowkey angry and don’t feel like putting out my own flames right away, I’ll put on “send it up”. The point is, I tend to drown in my emotions and thoughts. Part of that drowning has to do with me feeling that I’m alone in it, so time and time and time again Yeezy’s music has built me up. It sounds silly, perhaps- but that dude gets me through my worst days. So yeah, that’s my personal lifeline on the news and in the negative light. Yeezus is my savior, and Yeezy taught me well. ✌🏻️

If I say something that is completely stupid as fuck, it don’t matter. If I say something that’s completely inspired and you like it, take that with you, apply that to your life; If I say something that’s dumb as fuck, don’t apply it to your life, that’s not for you. You know what I’m saying: You leave that piece of clothing in the store. Only take what applies to you because I’m not you, I’m only me.
—  Kanye West, Yeezus Tour 12/22/13
I think I get misunderstood sometimes, if you ever think about anything I’ve ever done to get in trouble its really like, I’ve put myself in the line of fire. Maybe I put myself in a position that most people wouldn’t put themselves in, like they too protective of their image or some shit, they too scared that people gonna talk shit about them. I don’t think you understand that this is the way that I show ya’ll that I love you. Whatever it is, if its me getting on stage saying ‘this is the best video’ anything I might have got in trouble for. Because if you love someone, you want them to have the best. You don’t want them to be lied to. You don’t want them to be beat into submission. You don’t want them to be told whats cool or not. Processed, manufactured.
*You would love them even if it hurt you*
You know like, even if people don’t understand. Maybe in 10 years from now, 20 years from now, 30 years from now they’ll understand, that these times when I would talk in the middle of my shows when people think they went on for so long, they would actually wish that they went on longer. Just a moment to soak in, a moment of truth to say I was there and I saw it, in real life. In this processed, manufactured world I saw this… moment. Moment of kindness, moment of selflessness. Because whats real or whats fake anyway. Because thats the difference between, you know, I think I’m maybe one of the first of my kind as an artist, and there will be more, but I realise that just as much as the press has expression, just as much as the media has expression, me as an artist I have expression too, I let no body ever take my voice away from me. They try to control me, I never let them take that away from me.
—  Kanye West, Melbourne, September 10, 2014.