“I bet a lot of me was lost, t’s uncrossed and i’s undotted”
I know it’s little and doesn’t look all that meaningful, but to me it means (in short) that I’m still working on myself; that there are still things about myself that I want to change, and that’s ok. Lyrics from my favorite band reinterpreted on me, done by one of my best friends |-/

The signs as things people I know with that sign have done
  • Aries:bought 100 chicken nuggets at once at burger king
  • Taurus:took her senior portrait with her cat
  • Gemini:upon being asked what she does for fun, replied "sometimes i go to target"
  • Cancer:said "im only gonna take one shot" before downing much more than one shot's worth of a bottle of vodka
  • Leo:while playing online Stratego, sent an opponent the message "You fool" at their first mistake and then promptly lost the game
  • Virgo:answered a phone call from his mother on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland
  • Libra:got hit by a Prius (message me for a more comprehensive list of things this person has done, including sticking explosives to a well-dressed mannequin and climbing on everything)
  • Scorpio:drunkenly started hooking up with a girl at a party and then stopped to look for her friends because she thought they were lost
  • Sagittarius:has written songs entitled 'Love of the Fatherland Through Gymnastics,' 'Are You the Kid Who's Gonna Sell Me Drugs?', and 'I'm Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome'
  • Capricorn:got a Pepe painted on her face at a fair
  • Aquarius:broke into a redneck's truck at a horse show
  • Pisces:was in the musical sugar babies
You’re Just So Far || Closed

Rhythm lay in her bunk at a quarter to one in the morning, sleep wasn’t an option. She clutched her cell phone to her chest, trying to breathe through the thin air. She wanted to hear her loves voice, that would probably be filled with sleep when she called, which was why she hesitated. She missed her, her scent, her touch, her eyes. Her. God, she was so in love. She never expected this to happen. Unable to bare the sinking feeling in her stomach any longer, Rhythm turned her phone on and searched for the name with hearts next to it.