Everyone gets healed by Josuke’s Crazy Diamond except for him, and it MAKES ME SAD! Every time he needs a hospital visit after a battle and then healing his buddies, I imagine they would show their appreciation and support! JOSUKE!!! :’0

Updated Safeguard reference sheet


       “Do you have a map?” You asked the older Holmes with nearly wiggling eyebrows. A sigh would pass his lips before he turned his attention toward you. Somehow he knew what was coming next, for whenever you were in such a mood as this, it meant something odd was in the making. “Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”
       As much as a smirk tempted to play at his lips, Mycroft tried to act as though he wasn’t amused. He’d merely sit there and stare at you with a tinge of disappointment in his eyes accompanied by another large sigh. Though, deep down, he was pleased that you would even attempt such a line on him.
       “Surely you haven’t had that much to drink, Y/N…”

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Part: 1/7

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“I have this best friend Dan. He is tall and very funny.”

Guess what I’m not dead. I’ve just been studying for my ap tests (next week, yeeps.) As a quick thing to show y’all I’m not gone, here’s Dan and Phil in the style of that old cartoon, Charlie and Lola, which I loved when I was a smol child.

I’m thinking about animating a few short clips from the show with Dan and Phil (once I’m done with testing of course), It’d take a while to do as I have other things to finish (college essays and whatnot), but I’d get it out eventually. Would any of y’all want to see these two animated in this style?