a list of things you don’t necessarily Need in college but they might make your life much easier

1. a portable charger - i have this one and it has saved my ass at least three times. it’ll charge an iphone up to full capacity once and still have some charge to spare, so it’s great to have one in your bag if you’re not going to be near an outlet soon.

2. netflix - netflix is a little strange because i’ve been required to have it for some classes, but it is honestly just such a nice thing to have. yes, i’m aware you can stream pretty much everything for free now, but not having to hunt for working links is worth the less-than-$10 monthly.

3. a travel mug - i’ll admit that i am a Needy Caffeine Person, it is sort of out of control, but it’s also really nice to be able to fill a mug with coffee or tea on my way out of the dining hall and have it for class without needing to drop $3.50 at starbucks. 

4. meds - you will get sick at college. i made it through 12 years of public school with a grand total of 2 sick days and caught no less than 4 colds my freshman year. it’s a new environment that your body isn’t used to, you’re stressed, it’ll happen. have a kit with emergen-c tablets [link leads to a free sample!], a mini pack of tissues, tylenol/advil/your preferred headache medicine, nyquil if that’s your thing, whatever. just don’t go unprepared because you don’t normally get sick. also, bandaids.

5. a snow day kit - snow days in college are SO NICE because you can go sledding at midnight and then stay up watching movies with your roommate (or, in my case, your entire freshman hall) and nobody will yell at you! just make sure you’re ready. have microwave popcorn, a couple packets of hot chocolate, a fuzzy blanket you don’t mind sharing and some thick socks. (if it doesn’t snow where you are maybe prepare a frost day kit instead)

6. an alarm clock - maybe a really annoying one, if you’re hard to wake up. it’ll be annoying when you have to hear it every morning but being on time to class is worth it.

7. a planner/organizer - write down everything. homework, meetings, your professor’s office hours, someone’s phone number, just have it written down. make it a habit to check your planner every morning, at lunch, and before you go to bed just to make sure you’re ready for things. semper paratus and all that, right?

8. a book - sometimes it’s just really nice to read something that isn’t an assignment. i like harry potter, but whatever floats your boat is good.

9. a mini sewing kit - now is the time to learn how to sew. have your mom or dad give you a quick lesson if you don’t know yet, but it’s fairly simple and when you’re the one person who can fix holes in shirts, you will be the hero of your hall. also it’s really nice because when you’re already panicking about everything going wrong before your formal, being able to fix the hole in your skirt might be the one thing saving you from a total meltdown.

10. rain gear - yes, you might go somewhere it doesn’t rain, so this doesn’t apply to you. for everyone else, there is nothing more miserable than being late to a lecture and also having to run there in the rain. i prefer raincoats over umbrellas, but rainboots are a must either way. 

bonus: bring things to make your dorm room feel like home! they’re small, poorly-lit areas and they can be very sad if you don’t do anything to them. i like posters, a couple small plants, christmas lights, some pictures of my friends and family, a bright rug things that make your room feel less like a dorm room and more like your room.