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Harry wasn’t the only one who needed to stay away from home for some months… At least, he was able to watch the League’s matches and escape from his own work to get back in touch with the Holyhead Harpies’ Chaser around the world.

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@cryptidsp00n I couldn’t help but think of Michael saying this asdfh

the audio came from here


13 Reasons Why AU Part 3

Perdone la falta de actividad reciente, pero la u me tiene mal hahaha he estado con exámenes los últimos dos meses, hasta el momento me estoy echando dos ramos y ya no recuerdo la última vez que dormí de forma decente, yeeey, pero es la life.

Se que son un montón de escenas random, pero en las vacaciones tengo pensado hacer algo más elaborado, hasta el momento con suerte estoy respirando :’)

PD: no recuerdo como era el informe del cine, así que salió algo como esto xD

Sorry for the lack of activity but…. complains in Spanish….. so, something fluffy before the storm (?) muahaha

I know that they are a bunch of random scenes, I was thinking that during holidays I’ll do something more elaborated, until then….

PD: I don’t remember the cinema uniform, so this came out sorry jaja

Hasta la próxima!

I got you, anon! I’ve been having a rough time myself lately.. so after doodling a ton of reaper76 fluff, I figured I’d do a bit of good. It was actually very fun to do cus’ I did experiment a lot with linearting, shading and black n’ white techniques to get my mind of things. 

But good news! I’ve got a head start on the requests I said I’d start (and hopefully finish) during summer, but I woke up this morning with a bit of a inspirational boost! yeeey!


happy june! made a speedpaint. (●´∀`●) 

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IT fans Discord Channel

Yes, you read it well. Pennyfans, clownfuckers, losers…we created the non official Discord Channel for all of us! 

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Credits to @helloplanetpack for this awesome fanart! 

If you want to enter just please contact me in message so I can send you the invitation link. I prefer to do this because I want to avoid people just clickin’ without anything to do there. 

¡We are waiting for you!