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rec me some hannigram fics! I feel like you know where to get the good stuff if you know what im saying Izzy

im not gonna link you because im trash but if you’re looking for something that’s smarter and more cerebral and more beautiful than 95% of what you can buy in a bookstore go with zeldazonk’s Songs of Innocence Series it reads like a painting of a bouquet of flowery language the murders are really interesting and the sex is baller 

i asked for sugar daddy hannibal fic and emungere is the only one of you ingrates that listened to me that jawn is called consenting to dream its perfect 

i don’t like fic where hannibal is not human, kind of for the same reasons I didn’t like in the count of monte cristo anime because edmond dantes was made to be possessed by a space demon (or something i dont get anime man) instead of a man possessing incredible will. However, if I don’t like a thing and you make me like the thing infinite points for you. Rhiw invented a new breed of creature in To Court A Monster AND IT IS HOT AND SUSPENSEFUL AND INTERESTING AS FUCK   

Firenze by eatthebunny and whiskeyandspite is very important i love renaissance art (northern more than southern tho bosch 4 life) and i love unresolved sexual tension and so this fic is actually just porn for me its very spiritual i kind of dont want to talk about it  

these my fave