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Top five phonemes


So for people who are wondering, a phoneme is an individual sound in a language. For example, the “w” sound and the “v” sound are phonemes of English. Each language has its own unique group of phonemes, and these phonemes combine to form every word you hear in that language.

I will have to direct you to this beautiful interactive International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) chart because my favorite phonemes are not heard in English.

1. [ɮ] Voiced alveolar lateral fricative.
2. [ɗ] Voiced alveolar implosive.
3. [ɬ] Voiceless alveolar lateral fricative.
4. [t’] Alveolar ejective (it took me forever to learn how to do).
5. [r̼̊] Voiceless linguolabial trill. Also known as blowing a raspberry.

I’d also really encourage people to check out the bilabial and alveolar clicks, the retroflexes, the voiced pharyngeal fricative, and the voiced postalveolar fricative.

Basically, sounds you can make with your mouth are freaking cool.

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Yeeeeessss! WOO!!! Lol


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