A user from baidu uploaded images containing summaries of the first episode for Tokyo Ghoul √A. Basically, it’s going to continue off from where S1 ended; in the middle of the Aogiri Raid. Here’s a rough translation for it.

Beings that devour humans called ‘Ghouls’ lurk in Tokyo. Currently taking place in the hideout of the hostile and aggressive Ghoul organization called the 'Aogiri’s Tree’, is a fierce battle between the Aogiri, the CCG and Anteiku.

CCG’s Shinohara Yukinori and Kuroiwa Iwao struggle and fight against the SSS-Rate Ghoul, Owl. In the Anteiku’s side; Uta, Yomo Renji, and Tsukiyama Shuu have a showdown against an executive from the Aogiri named 'Noro’. On the other hand, Touka confronts her younger brother, Ayato, but is driven to a corner due to Ayato’s display of sheer power.

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これリップ音入ってないか? #infinite #sungkyu #musical

J a i n a - stubborn, beautiful Jaini-girl with her braids half-undone and her quick-coming grin and the nimble movements of her fingers, taptap against the arm of the pilot’s chair in an arrythmic pattern, greenbrown eyes flashing like starflares and her lips decidedly crooked.” (x)

I procrastinated writing the jacen fic by doing a mediocre jaina edit bye