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For your feral!Adrien AU, what does Adrien typically eat, and how does Mari react to his diet? Is there anything that freaks her out?

This ask came in when I was writing about Adrien’s hunting, so I guess it’s kind of related? I mentioned before that Adrien wasn’t a newborn when he ends up in the jungle, so by that time he had already developed some food preferences. He eats fruits, and Plagg helps in figuring out which plants are edible and which are not. But a boy needs his calories, too, especially if that boy is trying to survive, so Adrien hunts fish to roast, and Plagg also shares part of his catch of bigger animals. When Plagg is feeling lazy, Adrien catches smaller animals for them to snack on. (Never anything with feathers, though!)

Marinette isn’t grossed out by anything much, though she freezes the first time she sees Adrien pop an aphid-ridden leaf into his mouth.

“You…“ she starts, “you just…ate aphids.”

“Aphids?” Adrien echoes. He takes another infested leaf and extends it towards her in question. “Aphids?”

“Yeeeeep,” Marinette says, slightly leaning away. “Those are aphids.”

“Aphids,” he repeats, staring at the insects as he commits the word to memory. Then, he turns to Marinette. “Would you like aphids, My Lady?”

“Ahahaaaaa no thank you, mon minou.”

Adrien shrugs and tosses the leaf into his mouth. Marinette tries her very best not to blanch.

“Do you…uh…Do you usually eat aphids?”

Adrien nods, plucking at the red spotted handkerchief tied to her wrist. “Ladybugs eat aphids!”

“Sorry to disappoint, but this one does not,” Marinette tells him. “What do they taste like?”

“They taste-” he pauses, tilting his head for the words, “they taaaaaste…”

He makes a face to illustrate, and Marinette prompts, “Disgusting?”

“No!” Adrien laughs. “Ah! Bitter! They taste bitter. And sweet, sometimes…”

Marinette makes a face, herself. She knows that some bitter foods are good for the body, but she’ll choose a bitter gourd over aphids anytime. As fascinating as it usually is to learn about Adrien and his life in the jungle, it was time to change the subject.

“Well,” she says, turning back to the fruit in her hand, “I prefer to have this really sweet,” and definitely not insect-covered, “gift that was freshly picked for me. Thank you, mon minou!”

She scratches his chin as she says it, and Adrien leans into her touch, delighted. They continue to eat in comfortable silence, though Marinette discreetly makes sure that none of her fruits have anything crawling on them.

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For me, the ReyS theory took a big hit when immediately after the news struck that JJ announced Rey's parents aren't in TFA, Daisy commented "what can it all mean" on an Instagram post of Reylo shippers celebrating. She wasn't tagged or mentioned (correct me if I'm wrong), so for her to quickly comment on a Reylo post seemed interesting. There's no way she'd be ok with Reylo if her and Kylo were related. She'd find a way to subtly speak against it and let the fans down easy, but she never has.

yeeeeep. it was suspicious that mark didn’t say anything when there were reylo jokes in the bad lip reading that he did, too. you’d think he would warn them off from making jokes like that if the two of them are related.

and man speaking of jokes that theory was basically being mocked to high heaven at the last jedi panel. there were so many jokes about it and STILL people are taking it as confirmation. daisy looks so done with the whole thing tbh

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Tolerance and acceptance are key words. Philippines may tolerate the gay folks but they don't accept nor approve of their lifestyle. Just saying. :x


they’ll politely nod and smile at u but then talk about u with their neighbors behind ur back

and ur mom tells u how much she’s disappointed and sad because of what the neighbors tell her :))

Kilowatt Smile

Pairing: Cisco x Reader

Words: 1658

Warnings: none

You’d felt it the first time you saw him, standing beside the new releases rack at the comic shop. Something deep within your stomach began to churn, warmth welling up within you. He was something special. His smile—god his smile. When it was cast your direction, you’d nearly fallen over, like someone had swung at the back of your knees with a bat. And you didn’t even know his name.

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Bar dancing

Get down off the bar - featuring Happy Lowman (SOA) x Reader
 A prompt from Prompt List that I’m doing on my phone while I wait for my internet to be fixed. If you want a drabble Prompt then search the #prompt list on my page and send me a message :) Sorry about the spacing before! 

 Being Happy Lowman’s Old Lady meant a lot of pressure, drinking, late nights and occasionally, being kidnapped. But this was a happy occasion, you and Happy had recently welcomed a small bundle of joy into the world. Your son was almost eight months old now and the light of both of your lives. It had been hard to adjust at first, Happy was still a key member of the Sons and as such had to attend all social gatherings as a show of the main charters strength. You attended the child friendly events but tonight was the first time you felt confident enough to leave your son with Reeta so you could attend the Friday night party at the garage.

And you were fucking wasted. 

 Every time you had reached for your phone with the intention of phoning Reeta, one of the Sons had appeared and replaced your phone with a drink.
Twelve drinks in and you were having a cuddle with Tig as he lent on the pool table.
 “How are you this drunk?” He giggled and put his smoke to his lips. Happy, who was playing doubles pool with Chibs, Bobby and Juice, rolled his eyes at you both, “She’s not really been drinking since she was pregnant.”
 Chibs’ eyebrows shot up, “That long?!“ 
“Yeeeeep.” You grinned as Tig rocked you back and forth playfully. You laughed as he rocked you and struggled to get away from him. Once he let you go you stumbled towards Happy and snuggled against his chest contently while he waited for his next go.  Happy would never be touchy feely but he found you undeniable, so he slipped one arm around your waist as you snuggled into his side. It kept you happy and it also meant that visiting Sons from the other charters knew that you were with him. 

 After watching Happy and Bobby whoop ass twice, you kissed Happy’s scratchy cheek affectionately before wandering off with Tig towards the bar.  As the second most psychotic Son, after Happy, Tig had taken to you quickly and you’d become fast friends with Tig always guarding you and your son when Happy, for whatever reason, couldn’t. Tig led you to a free bar stool and took the one next to you.
 “Whaddya drinking doll face?” He gave you a playful grin and gestured for the Prospect behind the bar to leave the crow eaters alone and come to you both. “Water.” You decided.
 “Water?” Tig’s eyebrows shot up.
 “Yep.” You popped the ‘p’ and gave him a dramatic drunk nod.
 “Doll you know nobody here gives a shit about how drunk you get, you deserve a night out.” Tig explained as he gestured to the Prospect to get two glasses of Jack Daniels.

 “I knoooow,” you grinned, “But if I’m too drunk I can’t drag Happy to bed.” You gave Tig your most suggestive smile and he threw his back with a mad laugh and shouted to Happy across the loud noise of the room that he was a lucky man. The song changed to an AC/DC song that you loved and you jumped up ready to dance with Tig who caught your hand and spun you around laughing.
 “I want to dance!” You laughed.
“You are dancing.” Happy’s voice came from behind you. You turned to give him a cheerful smile and threw your arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him deeply.
 “Dance with me?” You kissed his nose playfully as you pulled him towards the bar.
 “Y/N I don’t dance, what’re you doing?” He asked as you stepped up onto the bar stool before stepping onto the bar. 

 “Y/N get off the bar.” Happy told you but you could see him struggling to keep the amused smirk off of this face. Tig and Chibs cheered which caused the other Sons to turn and cheer. You danced on the bar to the song and ignored the Prospect who was trying to get you down. Tig and Juice joined you and you shouted to Happy to come up too.

He had no intention of joining you. Until the prospect made a fuck up he’d regret for longer than it would take his face to heal.

 As you were pulling Happy’s hand to try to convince him to join you, the Prospect pushed you harshly from behind the bar so you crashed to your knees on the bar and caught yourself before you fell off all together. Happy was on the bar before you could fight through the drunken haze of your mind to figure out why your hands were hurting.
 Juice helped you up while simultaneously checking you were uninjured. Without a word Happy stood straight and stamped his foot straight down onto the Prospects face.
 Tig threw his head back laughing and leaned down to mock the bloody passed out man, “You asshole. You should know not to mess with his Old Lady.”
Happy scooped you out of Juice’s arms and held you close. “Did you come up for a dance?” You grinned up at him and pushed your lips to his.
“I’ll just watch.” His hands ran up and down your sides and his lips kissed your neck.
The last time that happened I ended up pregnant.” You reminded him. He chuckled darkly and nipped at your neck and you almost melted into him. Oh well, another baby wouldn’t be so bad.

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oof that post about 6x20. "where were you when i needed to hear it?" [Cas' pov: with Lisa] "i was there, where were you?" [Dean's pov: probably wondering why Cas hasn't come back for him] me: dead over an episode i've seen a million times.


these star-crossed idiots will be the death of us I think >.>