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"So what's my prize" w/ nerdy luke pls

“How the fuck does x equal pi over 6?” You huff out and run your fingers through your hair with maximum frustration. Luke lets out a small chuckle next to you, pushing his glasses up further onto the bridge of his nose. He takes the paper that has your work on it, checking it over to see where you started to go wrong. Trigonometry was the bane of your existence and you hated the fact that this was going to be the class that legitimately ended you.

“Ok babe look, you have to see that it’s restricted so you don’t have to write the 2n pi first of all..” His voice begins to fall on your deaf ears because every time his tongue pokes out over his lips, and his hand finds its way to the fluff that is his hair- you find yourself becoming more interested in what it would be like to have this boy ontop of you. Luke Hemmings was the top of the class, in every fucking class. You had the luxury of calling him your boyfriend, and now he’s tutoring you in a class that you just want to give up on and just fail.

“Do you understand? Try the next problem.” He gives you a lopsided smile, and you can’t help but have a newfound challenge arise in you.

So what’s my prize if I get it right?” You hum to him, letting your hand fall onto his thigh. Luke’s eyes flicker to where your hand was resting, and his lips turn from an innocent smile into a devilish smirk. You love it.

“I guess we’ll just have to see won’t we, princess.

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whenever I try to take a photo with the squad we end up looking like the spn cast