noizweek​ day 6: friends / lovers

I want to become someone who can take care of him.

I want to help him walk in the light to make up for all the time he spent locked in that dark room.

I want to help him enjoy the warmth and fun of this world, so we can keep moving forward.

So that I can spend even more time making him smile like this.

I’d like to watch over him forever.

remicone  asked:

cotton candy and coffee :-)

cotton candy: three places you want to travel to?

I want to go to one of the places where they say have the clearest waters I think that is so fucking cool because I went swimming @ one of hk’s beaches n it was so fucking nasty I almost died. I also want to go to the kakslauttanen artic resort which rents out igloo shaped rooms for you to see the northern lights through they are so pretty I would pee. lastly, as generic as it sounds I want to go to japan because I’ve only ever been to their airport for layovers. I want to go to the streets with all the claw machines n win myself something then go to the corner shop n eat all the triangle sushis hahahahahahah 

coffee: favorite cosmetic brands?

I used to be really into fancl but their shit is way too complicated for no reason, then I switched to liking laneige which is GOOD but still expensive. for a while I’ve really liked skinfood because I like how their products feel on my skin but I don’t know if they’re really doing anything. I always use really low key no name brands from sasa aka the hk sephora n I also like white brands that sell asian shit back in hk like neutrogena I love their hydroboost pre-essence I’ve used it for soooo long.