queens of the stone age

the quotes-a man: [bleedley deedly dee] im brooding and dark [doodley doodle dee] im very moody and a sinner whose up to no good [ding ding dong] but i also want to make love on top of a velvet rug over a piano strewn with roses and me and/or my partner is also werewolf [drrrrrrrrnnnnnggggg duuuunnn dooooooooommmmm] how did i get my guitar to sound like a blown out chiptune synthesizer that was also stepped on several times [4 solid hours of lap steel and josh homme plucking random notes on the highest point of the guitar neck] [elvis presley grunts] hooOooooo yeEEEeEaaAh

agentbtiger  asked:

Hiya! I think your othertale project is looking super cool so far! I was just wondering if English was your native language. Your blog says you're from Egypt? (which sounds super cool to me!) I only ask because some of the dialog in the "caring" short and the undyne & papyrus story is worded confusingly.

yeeeeeeaaah you are right english isn’t my first language and yes the dialogue in that animated short was written poorly because of me my bad XD
i didn’t ask idariddle for any help writing it because i thought i’d be fine doing it alone sorry qwq

also the undyne and papyrus story i think i’ve done quite fine? and it’s going to be animated too of course i won’t let it like that if there is any mistakes i’ll ask her to correct it when she can :D

high school orchestra aus are still hilarious to me

im not talking the orchestras that have woodwinds and brass and shit, im talking the kinda small string-only ones

where a kid from the first violins and a kid from the second violins kinda fucking hate each other and every goddamn practice is a battle to get them to not murder each other

and one day things become pretty extreme to the point where the first violins are all camped on one side of the room and the second violins are on the other and there are barriers of chairs and music stands like we’re talking musical warfare with these two kids as the ringleaders of their sections

the conductor has lost all hope and probably left the room like half an hour ago but nobody noticed because someone from the first violins stole the leader of the second violins’ bow

the violists and bassists are looking on in horror from behind the only desk in the classroom

one of the cellists starts quoting the prologue of romeo and juliet because this is just as fucking childish as the montagues and the capulets and if thats not sexual tension between the two leaders then they dont know what the fuck is


high school orchestras are my favourite fucking thing ok