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Viktor starts sneaking in little terms of endearment when he’s talking to Yuuri (Russian is such an emotionally expressive language!!), and Yuuri is confused until he gets his hands on a Russian dictionary…. and then he obviously has to surprise Viktor by returning the favor. :^)

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Karasuno after exams
  • *everyone fresh out the exam room*
  • Daichi: *stone-faced* i'm alive
  • Suga: *smile* did everyone do well???
  • Asahi: *smiles and faints*
  • Tanaka: *crying*
  • Noya: *tears roll down cheeks* thun...der... *falls to knees*
  • Ennoshita: lmao
  • Hinata: what's happening?? why did the bell ring what's going on???? what
  • Kageyama: finally it's time to volleyball without guilt
  • Tsukkishima: lol...LOL!!!11!!1
  • Yamaguchi: laugh out... *tears up a little bit* loud